The “Do Over” Experience

SPT 26 - Copy

In our SPT Survey for men, we posed the question, “Prior to your small penis acceptance, did you ever experience any of the following?  (Check all that apply) “

  • Small penis teasing by male (in locker rooms, etc.)
  • Small penis teasing  by a female(s)
  • Humiliation by a female(s) (being sexually inadequate etc.)

Many of our respondents checked one or all of the above experiences.  Our first follow-up question was:  “If any of the above happened to you, what were your initial feelings (Humiliation Embarrassment, Excitement, and Arousal) Please explain.”  Most of the responses we received, not surprisingly, indicated that respondents felt primarily negative emotions/feelings at the time.

Our logical follow-up to these two questions was:  “Do you find yourself looking back on some of those experiences, and wishing you could have a “do-over”?  Please explain.”  The responses we received to this question were surprising to us.  Many of our respondents indicated they would welcome the opportunity to have a “do-over.”  In fact, many said that they have even become aroused and fantasized about having a “do-over” of some of those experiences that earlier in their lives caused them so much angst.

I have personally had all of the experiences in the first question above followed by the negative feelings and emotions described in the first follow-up question as well.  I have also discovered that the past experiences of teasing/humiliation by females to be incredibly arousing in retrospect.  The logical question is why?  I can’t possibly attempt to answer this question for all men, but I believe for me it has everything to do with my small penis acceptance.  The best explanation ever provided to me was by an amazing female sexual therapist who explained to me years ago that I was eroticizing something that had always been a negative emotion/feeling for me.  That explanation really resonated with me, and I know that’s why I now eroticize about those distant memories that at one time created so much inner turmoil for me.

So, this leads me to today’s questions:

  • Have you had an embarrassing/humiliating experience in your past that you would like to share, and if so, do you now find yourself fantasizing about it, and longing for a “do-over?”
  • If so, why do you think you now find something that was so embarrassing and provided such angst for you at the time, is now a source of great arousal?

As always, please feel free to add any of your thoughts and comments!

Do You Wish You Had A Smaller Penis?

Size Matters 4 - Copy

I think it is fairly safe to say that virtually all small endowed guys, at one time or another, have wished, dreamed or fantasized about having a bigger cock.  Personally, I know there were times in my life when I would have done anything to have a big, 9” X 6” cock.  The prospect of being able to project the raw, masculine power of a big cock in the bedroom held a great deal of fascination and appeal for me.  I no longer feel that way now, and am actually quite comfortable and content having a small one, but I can’t deny that there was a time when I fantasized about having a big, stud cock.

A few weeks ago, my wife posted the article, Would You Rather Have a Big Cock or a Small Penis (With Teasing)?”  This article was a result of a question one of our male viewers posed to my Hotwife and we both thought it was a fascinating question.  In her response, she left no doubt that she preferred my small one – with teasing.  For her, the sexual and relationship possibilities of me having a small one (with teasing) are simply far greater than if I had a large penis even though it might be more sexually satisfying.  The reality is, she simply loves all of the SPT-related activities, and the added sexual tension and excitement we have as well as my laser focus on her.  So, when I thought about her answer, it honestly didn’t surprise me at all.  Indeed, you can have a lot of fun with a little penis, and I can tell from the positive attitude of many of our “little” followers, that they know this is true too!

Recently, a number of small endowed men have indicated through comments on the Blog, and via personal emails, that they wished that they were even smaller than they were.  We both found this to be a fascinating admission.   I think this notion would thoroughly confuse a lot of people, especially women.  I believe most women would assume that if a guy had a small penis and he could change its size, he would automatically opt for a bigger one.  Interestingly enough, we have even had one woman pose us this same question, because her husband had confessed this to her and she was curious how common it was.

So why would a guy who already self-identifies as having a small penis want to have an even smaller one?   We have thought about this and can only think of two reasons why a guy might actually want to have a smaller penis.  First, let’s say a guy really craves SPT, but he has a 6”+ penis, and his wife isn’t willing to give him SPT because she thinks his penis is big enough as it is.  So, he fantasizes about being smaller so that his wife would be more willing to give him SPT.  Similarly, maybe the guy has a cuckold fantasy that involves seeing his wife with a man who is very well endowed, but maybe because she already considers him adequately endowed, she is not interested in exploring this activity.  Thus, he fantasizes about being smaller so she might seriously consider it.  The only other example I can think of when a guy might actually wish he was smaller, is if he has a huge cock, and most women he has been with considered it too large. While this is rare, I have actually heard a few larger guys admit this.

So here are the questions of the day to both the men and women out there:

  • Have you (or your partner) ever wished your (his) penis was actually smaller than it is?
  • If so, why did you (or he) fantasize about it being even smaller?
  • If so, what size are you, and what size would you like to be?

As always, feel free to add any other thoughts on the subject!


What Happens When You Can’t Feel His Small Penis?

SPT -5 - Copy

I intentionally chose this photo to make a point.  It really isn’t a woman’s fault if a guy doesn’t have a big cock.  But it also isn’t a man’s fault if a woman has a big pussy.  Why does it have to be anyone’s fault if there is a size mismatch?

Piggybacking on the article about pussy size, I thought this topic was especially pertinent and timely.  We received an email not long ago from an obviously younger, smaller endowed guy who was quite upset.   He placed ALL blame about his small penis size on women. He blamed women for having big pussies, and he actually felt a woman should NEVER use a dildo and be completely content with a small penis.  Well, some women are content with a small one, but some of us also enjoy a larger dildo too, and if we do, what’s so wrong with that?   What this young man failed to understand is, when you’re in a relationship, it shouldn’t be a “blame game.”  What it should be about is good, honest and healthy communication about all matters, including sexual issues.

So back to the question of this article, what should a woman do if she can’t feel her partner’s cock?  By the way, there can be a few different reasons why this is likely to be the case.  (1) There may be a complete size mismatch – he’s very small, and she is very big.  (2) The female partner, through age and or childbirth may have been stretched to the point where she can no longer feel her partner.  In both of these cases, the usual solution is normally to use sex toys like a dildo, a penis extension or a strap-on cock to provide the female partner the feeling of fullness she craves.  By the way, there is nothing wrong with this, and we do know for some couples on this blog, they do use sex toys frequently for this very reason, and for them, it serves as an ideal solution.

There is another way this can happen, and that occurs when a couple opts to use a dildo or sex toys first.  In our case, Steve loves the “sloppy seconds,” but when he enters me after our big boy toy, to be honest, I can hardly feel him or I can’t feel him at all, and when I can’t I tell him, and he cums in like two seconds! :-)   But, in his case, Steve absolutely loves it.  It validates his small penis size to both of us, but it really, really turns him on.  It turns me on too! :-)

So, if you are in a relationship where the female can’t feel your small penis, should she refrain from telling you?  Should she fake orgasms?  Or, should she be completely honest with you, and have fun exploring alternate forms of sexual pleasure?  My hope would be that you both have fun experimenting with new things.

Here are your questions to ponder:

For the Female Readers:

(a)  Can you feel your partner’s penis?

(b)  If not, what do you do to achieve sexual satisfaction?

For the Male Readers:

(a)  Can your partner feel your penis?

(b)  If not, how does it make you feel?

(c)  If not, do you use dildos to supplement your sexual activities?

As always, feel free to add anything else you think is relevant here and thank you for your responses!

The Appeal of “Outing”

Told Everyone - Copy

One of the most fascinating subjects my wife and I have enjoyed reading about is the interest so many small endowed men have expressed in wanting to be “outed.”  There isn’t just moderate interest in this topic; rather it seems to be something many small endowed men are really intrigued by.  I think most people would be very surprised by this idea, because I believe the prevailing wisdom is, if you have a small penis, wouldn’t the last thing on earth you would want is for others to know about it?  Yet, many small endowed men find this idea to be highly arousing.

When it comes to “outing,” there also seems to be two distinct types of this activity.  The first, and most common is where the female partner reveals the intimate knowledge that her partner is small endowed to others.  The second type is where the guy “outs” himself to others such as frequenting a nude beach or resort, or participating in clothing optional activities, etc.   Of course self-outing requires more discretion, because it would have to be done in a way that is both socially acceptable and appropriate.

We first touched on the subject of outing, in the article, “Why Do Small Endowed Guys Want to Be Outed?” which was posted on November 16, 2013.  In that article we listed a few of the possible scenarios in which a woman could “out” her small endowed partner, and we received a lot of responses.  Since we posted that first article, we have had many readers contact us or leave additional comments on the blog suggesting that another follow-up article would be one seeking specific suggestions on how to be “outed” in a way that is both socially acceptable and appropriate.

So, to that end, I have a few questions along those lines that I would like to pose to our readers.  Hopefully your comments will provide some insight into why being outed holds such a fascinating appeal for you personally and also gives some ideas and guidance to others who have expressed an interest in the subject.  So, here we go:

(a)  To get a better sense as to the WHY it turns guys on, the first question is:  What is it specifically about being “outed” that really turns you on?  (Be as specific and descriptive as possible)

(b)  Is there someone in particular that you would want to be outed to? Your wife’s girlfriend(s), a stranger or someone else?

(c)  Which type of outing turns you on the most – (1) Where your female partner outs you, or (2) Where you self-out yourself?

(d)  If you prefer being outed by your female partner, do you want to be publicly or privately outed?  For example, being publicly outed is taken to mean your partner tells someone(s) in front of you that you are small endowed – like the female clerk in an adult bookstore, etc.  Or, privately outed would be she reveals this knowledge to just one person like a close girlfriend privately without you present – but she tells you about it later?

(e)  If you prefer to self-out yourself, how do you do it in a way that is both socially acceptable and appropriate?

(f)    What is your ultimate small penis “outing” fantasy?   If you could arrange your perfect “outing” scenario, how would it happen and who would you be outed to?

In your response, please try to answer each specific question by letter, so there is a clear distinction between your responses.  Thank You!

Questions for Women (Part 4): Outing Your Husband

SPT - Copy

This is a fascinating topic, and surprisingly many small endowed men want to be “Outed” by their wives/partners, but what do the women think.  These questions are for you:

(a)  What are your general views on Outing your husband/partner?  Have you done it, or would you do it?  Or, would you like to do it but aren’t sure how or to whom?

(b)  Does the idea of “outing” your husband embarass you or does it turn you on knowing your partner/husband want it, or does it have no effect on you at all?

(c)  Along those lines, if you’re best girlfriend revealed that her husband/partner was well-endowed by comparison; would you feel embarrassed admitting your partner had a substantially smaller penis?

Feel free to add any other views you have on the subject!  Thanks!

Small Penis Convention

Michaelangelo - Copy

Recently one of our followers asked a question that I would like to ask all of you…

Would you attend a Small Penis Convention?

My answer is…YES! I would love to attend and I would check out EVERY man there while thinking, “How “small” are you?”

I think this would be the perfect “outing”! :-)

Cock Comparisons

Cock Comparison 2- Copy

Here’s a newsflash.  Guys love to compare their cocks.   Some of you guys probably already know about this site, but it’s fascinating.  It’s called “The Visualizer” ( ) and on this site you can create your own “virtual” penis and then compare it with literally any size penis/cock.  For example, I went in and compared myself with “Mr. Medium” who has, as the name implies an average sized penis.  How did I compare?  Well, I discovered “Mr. Medium’s” penis is 35% longer and 82% larger by volume.   No surprise, but it’s still interesting.

It’s a fascinating site, because you can do a “Profile Comparison” like the one in the above photo, or you can do a photo comparison next to a ruler.  You can also compare your penis to other guys who are small, average or big.  You can compare yourself with site members, porn stars; you can even “customize” your competitor.  For example, if you ever wondered what your penis would look like next to say an 8” long  X 6” thick cock, you can create your competitor, and then see how you differ in length and volume.

If you want to become a full-fledged member there is a membership fee, but there are other advantages to you.  For example, you can also go to the “Inspector Room” and have your erect cock compared with a couple of dozen other guys in a “line-up.” They also have a validation system which allows your exact measurements to be recorded.   Those guys you see with a green check mark under their names have had their penis sizes validated.

The interesting this is, you might be surprised by how many women members they have on this site.   A woman can go in and input their husband/partner’s penis size and enjoy comparing him with lots of different sized guys.  Apparently some women are curious about cock size, what a surprise!  After showing my wife how this worked, she said you HAVE to put this up on the blog.

So here you go, this might be a little fun for you and your wife/partner to do some evening.  Just be prepared for a little small penis teasing after she sees the results! :)


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