About the Love Small Penis Blog (LSP)

The purpose of this blog is to provide a forum for men (and the women who love them) to able to openly discuss “their” small penis in a mature, responsible and thoughtful way. Most of those who participate on this blog are in long-term, committed relationships and have learned to have fun and excitement in their sex lives.

Regrettably, as most of you probably know, there are very few places on the Internet where you can find any useful or helpful information at all on the small penis. To be clear, this blog is NOT a small penis humiliation site.  We do not condone, encourage, promote or advocate the degrading or emasculation of ANY man.  Instead, what we do here is celebrate the small penis, and openly discuss the challenges and advantages of being in a small penis relationship.

If you are new to this blog, and you’re a guy who has not yet fully accepted your small penis, or you’re a woman who is married to a guy who is struggling with this issue, we suggest you go to our home page and read the articles in the Category, “Small Penis Acceptance.”  These articles were specifically written from our point of view and may help you understand the importance of accepting, celebrating and loving “your” small penis.

Of course, there are many other categories too, but these categories are more of what we would call “advanced topics,” in that they assume that you have already accepted your small penis, and are now looking for ideas or information on how to improve your sex life.  We talk openly about sex toys, compensating for the small penis, small penis sex positions, male competition, small condoms, etc.    We also cover a variety of topics that some may consider “taboo,” such as small penis teasing, tease and denial, outing, cuckolding, Dom-sub relationships and many more.  But we try to treat all topics in a straightforward and honest way.  We don’t promote or encourage any sexual practice, but we enjoy reading the responses from other small penis couples who share their opinions on virtually all subjects.

Of course, we always want to encourage you to share your ideas and thoughts with us on the blog, but if you feel uncomfortable in doing so for whatever reason, please feel free to contact either or both of us via email too.  We are always interested in hearing your ideas, observations and of course your suggestions for future articles.  Again, thanks to all of you who inspire us to continue our efforts.

Please feel free to comment on any article that we post.  Or, if you would rather contact us via email, please feel free to do so at:

Steve:  play613796@aol.com

1Hotwife:  hotwife2013@aol.com


47 Responses to “About the Love Small Penis Blog (LSP)”

  1. source Says:

    This site has got a lot of extremely helpful information on it. Cheers for helping me.

  2. Hot Kiss Award « mysexlifewithlola Says:

    [...] Love Small Penis – A fun little blog. [...]

  3. H.H. Says:

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  4. Neil Says:

    For many years I never knew any difference in my penis size. From the very beginning I have kept it shaved and somewhat hidden. Married a long time and now divorced but in a new relationship with a girl I grew up with and was in my wedding party…that is another story. She calls my Penis Tim after tiny Tim. She has done nothing more but the odd glint in her eyes on the size. I am so at ease with my Penis and have no hang-ups. It is small at 2.5 inch soft as well as uncut (Lucky Me) The Ex never knew what to say about it and I had a hard time getting her to acknowledge that it is small. Having fun with it is special…so one day I will get to live my dream of maybe showing it and seeing the reaction.

  5. ngenghou1962 Says:

    Small penis is not the end of the world. Big or small, black or white, what matters is when the moment comes, it can rise up to the occasion to get the job done and retreat gracefully. Don’t you agree? Would love to link up to you to get your blog updates. Wish you a Happy 2013.

  6. BlijfBeminnen Says:

    Hi, nice blog and good writings!

    Inspiring reads for every sice ;-)

    • play613796 Says:

      Welcome to the Blog! And thanks for the nice comments! :)

      • BlijfBeminnen Says:

        Thank you for welcoming me and sorry for my spelling mistake, of course I meant size. I’m no native English speaker – I’m from The Netherlands – and unfortunately there isn’t much to find in my own language. It might sound strange that in a country that tends to be so open about sex there is so little spoken about sexuality. Your articles about cuckolding, competition and especially fantasy play are very interesting. I learned a lot from them. I started a blog collecting interesting materials or making translations of articles I’ve found to make them available. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to make more work of it, so I go in small steps.

  7. Jay Anthony Says:

    Do I need to have a website to comment?

  8. Jay Anthony Says:

    Like Aaron I also have a 3″ maxed out dick – tho’ a bit smaller than a credit card – and less than 1″ soft. Like many other LDL’s who love SPH I don’t quite understand the psychology behind my fetish. Maybe, it’s just the only way to garner some attention to our tiny dicks which would otherwise be ignored.

    • Jon Says:

      Wow-3″ is VERY small! Have you ever seen a doctor about it like for testing? I’ve heard that some very small penises like yours are due to a lack of testosterone in the womb. Maybe some testosterone injections may help.

  9. Davidcase Says:

    I have a very small penis it is 3.8 inches long erect. My girlfriend Brenda will not have sex with me so I masturbate a lot or she lets me perform oral sex on her.

    • jay anthony Says:

      Your Brenda of course has the right to refuse sex with a tiny dick wanker like yourself. You should thank her for letting you perform oral sex on her; she is a very charitable lady. Speaking from 20+ years of experience, if I were you I wouldn’t expect much more of a sex life than you already have. As JFK said “life isn’t fair” and tiny dick guys like us will never enjoy a “fair” sex life. We are the bottom of the barrel. Enjoy whatever you can get. Cheers

    • 1hotwife Says:

      I cannot imagine ever refusing my husband or boyfriend sex. My husband has a small penis and though I love it and am totally satisfied by it, if it were for some reason unsatisfying I would still want to have sex with him to pleasure him! Are you really okay with this?

  10. Gillbert Says:

    I also have a small penis as its 4″ at its full. My wife no longer lets me have sex with her and thats just as it is.

  11. jay anthony Says:

    Me? Married 3x, #1 Patti – we were both virgins at marriage. She divorced me and I was cuckolded (and divorced ultimately) by my next two wives, Debbie & Inez. Presently, I’m single (over 8 yrs now) and am a chronic masturbating solo sexual. The over-riding issue with my previous relationships was my tiny dick, my inabilty to penetrate pussy and my masturbation fetish. I’m barely 3″ hard and <1" soft. I've only tried fucking 3xxx – utter disasters: 1x with Patti, 2xx with Debbie, 0x with Inez. After Patti I accepted my omega sexual status and embraced the life of a cuckold. I really did enjoy watching, "assisting" and wanking while my wives enjoyed big cock. Now I enjoy the pleasures of solo sexual chronic masturbation but the desire for live SPH and "clean up" duties persist.

  12. Jon Says:

    I have enjoyed reading all of this. I am working on being happy with my smaller size. Stuff I’ve read in the past has usually been along the lines of SPH. I can understand the aspect of having others acknowledge how small your penis is-and there is some satisfaction/thrill to that. But I’m not really comfortable with the cruelness of so much of the SPH. I do like your term “teasing”. I guess I’m looking for small penis acknowledgement from my wife, then acceptance, then all out LOVE of my little guy. That would make me a very happy (little) man! 😄

    • play613796 Says:

      Thank you Jon. I will have much more to say about SPH/SPT and the differences between the two. Have you discussed your “little” situation with your wife?

      • Jon Says:

        No, not really. We are currently in therapy. I did mention it in therapy and she said it was a “non-issue”. Which means to her of course, but it isn’t to me. Even the therapist in private basically told me if my wife was happy with it I would just have to learn how to get over it. I think they are both missing the point and the deep effects being (or feeling like) a small-dicked man who doesn’t measure up. But I’m not giving up!!!

      • jay anthony Says:

        Play61… I of course know what SPH stands for and CBT stands for but I’ve not seen SPT. What does it stand for?

      • Jon Says:

        Small penis teasing.

  13. Jon Says:

    I want to personally thank you for this blog, your honesty and insight. I have only been reading it for a few days but it has helped me SO MUCH! I am trying very hard to accept, love and celebrate my little guy! I do have a question however-in broaching this subject with my wife, would you recommend just giving her this blog to read, think about, then the two of us discuss the contents? Thx!!!

    • jay anthony Says:

      Jon, I think asking her to read this blog would be a good way to start the discussion. But try to redact my posts as they give a very “perverse” and personal perspective!! Unlike you, I stopped being interested in forming sexual relationships with others when I discovered how sexually inadequate and dysfunctional I was. I love having a tiny dick – I wish I was a microdick even – so I won’t be seeking enlargement hormones as you suggest above. I loved my life as a masturbating, sexually useless cuckold, gooning and servicing my wives and their big cock bulls/boyfriends. Presently I love my sexlife as a chronic masturbating solo sexual. My tiny dick defines my beta status sexlife as I believe it should. As such when I hire sex workers or enter web cam chat rooms I ask for SPH (teasing or cruel) because it simply “gets me off” like nothing else can.
      I don’t think this is the kind of stuff your wife would find very therapeutic to read but this is how one tiny dick guy has coped with small penis syndrone. Cheers

      • Jon Says:

        Well Jay I certainly respect your decision to live your life in a way that makes you and your wife happy. While the thought of a guy with a big cock pleasing my wife can be a turn on, I’m not sure I could handle it in reality. I would feel such deep humiliation and shame-especially him seeing how small I was and laughing. I would want to die. But the thought gives me a boner! :-) Maybe if I was as small as you I would feel differently. May I ask, do other people in your life know how small you are-like friends and family?

      • Jon Says:

        I can “get” you wanting to be even smaller-micro. I have had those fantasies as well. I have experienced having an “innie” when soft. I have mixed emotions of surprise/embarassment/thrill. The ultimate humiliation would be an erection very small and thin and viewed by other’s. Wow! And this is not to be confused with a boys penis-the thrill is a full-grown man (30′s-40′s) with a very tiny erection. 😊

      • Jon Says:

        PS-you could introduce estrogen to make it shrink but this most likely would affect your ability to be erect.

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Jon,

      Your welcome Jon! This Blog is for guys like you, me and all of the others that have struggled with our small penis “issue.” And as far as your earlier comment, that’s the spirit… don’t give up! The problem with therapists is, many times they just don’t get the issue… especially if it is a male therapist with a normal sized penis himself. You will never be able to “get over it” until you really accept your small size and the limitations that come along with it. Even then, if your wife doesn’t “get it” it can still be an issue in your sex life. Stay the course… can you talk with her in more depth about this sensitive issue? What you both need to understand is a sexual issue/problem for one of you is a problem for both, so it’s best to talk about it in that context.


      • Jon Says:

        I understand Steve. Yeah the one therapist is general and doesn’t seem to understand how deep-rooted (no pun intended) this issue is for me. Obviously I don’t know his penis size and don’t care to! But I would guess if he were small too he would be more sensitive. And yes, I am planning on speaking to her more about it. Possibly asking her to read this blog. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  14. play613796 Says:

    Hi Jay,

    It stands for “Small Penis Teasing” – and I actually coined that phrase because so many guys have expressed a desire for the teasing, but not the humiliation. I believe there is a difference and have written about it previously and there is more to come, so stay tuned!

    • Jon Says:

      Teasing sounds better to me too. I think teasing me about my “little man” could be fun and a turn on but outright, mean-spirited humiliation, telling how I’m worthless as a man would not work in my best interest. Maybe for some, but not for me. I prefer to hear that I have a small penis and it’s beautiful!

      • play613796 Says:

        Hi Jon…. let us know how it goes with your “discussion” with your wife. I’m particularly interested what she would say if she read any of this blog. I wonder if it would help her understand your desires? By the way, I have an upcoming post on the differences between SPH & SPT… so stay tuned.

      • Jon Says:

        We discussed as I shared below-but I didnt
        Have her read any or share about spt.

  15. Jon Says:

    Cool-I def will! We had a swim party with 4 other couples yesterday and as the alcohol flowed the topic went to sex/penis size. The few ladies who responded were ADAMANT that dick size was a non-issue, they don’t care, and that it’s only us guys who think about it. Now, it could be that it just would be too politically incorrect to admit they like bigge ones, or wouldnt want to admit it in front of their average/small husbands. But they are a vocal group and have never withheld their opinion so I tend to believe they were being honest. What I don’t know is what the 2 ladies who didn’t respond think!!!

  16. Jon Says:

    Oops-guess I shared in the penis size thread where we’ve had so much discussion!

  17. Brando Says:

    What is the point? Females in America have the right to their stated preference for a ‘large’ penis and a specific body profile type. Recent study conclusively provided it in Australia.
    Males in America are fools to believe when they compromise in the short run for a marriage, for kids or most importantly for money (aka security) that it will not end in frustration and pain.
    We need to face facts and get everything out in the open even before dating.
    State your penis condition and own it. Force the female to make a conscious decision to accept you or move on.
    This is the first step to uncovering both partners compromises, goals and unspoken frustration.

    • play613796 Says:

      Brando, I wouldnt say men are “fools,” but I definitely agree that you should accept your penis and “own” it. Making sure that your partner “accepts” it will indeed limit or eliminate the unspoken frustration going forward.

  18. astraltravler Says:

    Dear Play,
    I’m So Happy to have found your site through KDaddy’s23 blog by clicking on Rougedmounts site. The information You offer educates, and is invaluable. I look forward to reading more of your postings.
    Your New Friend, and Follower,

  19. Hal Says:

    I used to have a lot of frustrations being the smallest guy in the locker room. Then later when I could not make my partners cum.
    I was cuckolded by two exes and even by the woman i married. When i met her i had accepted my issue, and being teased about it was something I fantasised about. However I was afraid of telling her about my kink. She discovered it when she out of curiosity went through my browser history.(not a good way for her to find out)
    Since then she has at times driven me wild demanding that i use toys on her, or give her oral then teasing me for my size. We have great sex because of SPT. And thanks to her I found this blog recently. This blog has helped us both a lot and I look forward to future posts.

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