The Locker Room & Shower

Male Locker Room - Copy

The door to the Locker Room & Shower!  Fewer places have created more anxiety for the lesser endowed man than having to walk through a Locker Room/Shower door knowing you were about to be exposed as the owner of a small penis.

Though it was probably traumatic for all of us at one time or another, the locker room and shower also gave us an opportunity, perhaps our first (whether consciously or subconsciously) to do our first true cock comparison.  And though, comparing flaccid sizes is not the same as comparing erect cocks, we have all done it.  Inevitably, we will see one that is quite impressive, and we think, his cock is longer and thicker soft than any erection I have ever had.  Do any of you remember the first time you realized that?   We have all read that large flaccid cocks don’t get very much larger erect than small flaccid ones do, but that’s little consolation when we internally acknowledge that our full erection couldn’t even compete with his soft cock.

We all know what happens after we have been swimming or exercising right?  We have major penis “shrink,” and our penises are at their absolute smallest.  I remember one time in my late teens, after skinny dipping in a friend’s pool alone, a girlfriend saw me in that state and said I had a “button” penis.  Of course, I was very embarrassed, but in looking in the mirror, I realized she was absolutely right – it did look like a button – the penis head sticking straight out, very little or no shaft exposed and absolutely no hang. Normally I do have some hang, but after swimming or exercising, forget it, I have no hang.  One of the things I used to do before and even after that comment, probably subconsciously, was I remember before heading into the shower, I would always pull on my penis to try and make it appear longer, which of course never really worked.  Did any of you catch yourselves doing that?

Here are a few locker room/shower questions for you:

  • How many of you are comfortable going nude in a public place like a locker room or shower despite knowing that you have a very small penis?


  • How many of you avoid it because it’s too uncomfortable and embarrassing for you?


  • How many of you actually seek it out because of the opportunity to do more cock comparisons, and it serves as an ongoing reminder that you don’t measure up, but that in and of itself is exciting for you?


  • The first time or two we see a bigger one, we may think it’s just an anomaly, but then we see another one, and another one and another one, and soon we realize that big cocks are really not all that rare and that a lot of guys have them.  I have been in some locker rooms, where I honestly thought it must be “Big Cock Day” at the gym.  Every guy seemed to have one.   Inevitably, we will all see our first huge cock; you know, the one that flaccid would still be more than double our erect size.  What thoughts went through you mind when you saw your first huge cock?


  • Lastly, here is a very interesting question that was actually posed to me by a fellow reader of the blog, and I thought it was worth sharing.  Maybe it’s homophobia or whatever, but it seems like an erect cock in the locker room/shower is very taboo.  But, how many of you have actually seen a full erection in the locker room/shower?  And, how many of you have actually been the one(s) who have gotten a full erection?

Do you have any other insight or stories about an unusual locker room experiences you have had or seen?

25 Responses to “The Locker Room & Shower”

  1. Cornelia J. Bonner Says:

    Following are some articles written by women that have had the opportunity to be in locker rooms as male athletes are showering, walking about naked or dressing in their presence.

  2. SteveB Says:

    Here is an anomaly Steve: When you mentioned “Big Cock Day”, I laughed but when you mentioned a Small Penis Contest in another article, I was angry. So here I am lesser endowed laughing at Big Penises, the opposite of what some women do to us. I just had to mention that. To answer your questions, I am very anxious about exposing myself in locker rooms so I avoid it. I remember one time after a baseball game in College, we took showers and I actually noticed that two guys were smaller than me!! Everyone else was bigger but no one humiliated us at all even after the fact. I am not sure if my teammates were just being nice or truly did not care. I was anxious that day but somehow I actually got in the shower. Since then, I’ve never done it again. It really is a wall I just cannot scale. I figure I am adult and do not deserve any ridicule so rather than throw myself into the fray, I avoid it. It is probably not best way to deal with it but, as you know, it is so difficult.

    • Jon Says:

      I would guess your teammates really didn’t care about your size. Man, I would encourage you to jump back in there (naked around other men). My opinion is that you give your “small penis shame” power by hiding it. I bet if say in a gym shower today, yes most men would take a glance as most do size up other dudes, no one would say anything. I bet you will see even smaller guys like you did in college, some your size and undoubtedly some bigger. I think it’s part of your own acceptance and would be good for you psychologically. Let us know!

      • SteveB Says:

        I know you are right about jumping back in but I just cannot do it. I cannot take the humiliation. If someone laughed at me, I would retaliate physically. I would not care if the guy were a foot taller and 50 pounds heavier. I not only avoid the situation to save the embarrassment but also to avoid a lawsuit. It benefits me that way.

  3. play613796 Says:

    Hi Steve… well remember, the Small Penis Contest is supposed to be positive, but we will see. In the meantime, I know you will “scale that wall.”

  4. Perk Says:

    It was 1975, first PE class of 7th grade, and first time when we had to shower as a group. I had no idea that some of my friends had pubic hair and had grown so much larger than me. I was glad to see that there was still a significant group of us who were very much boys, but seeing the more mature bodies was fascinating for me. At the same time, we pretended complete lack of interest in each other’s bodies. This worked to the benefit of smaller and less mature boys like me, because we were all pretending that we couldn’t see anything below the waist.

    As I advanced through puberty I became more self-conscious about my size. I think I was about 15 when I started to realize that the size difference would be permanent. I had mixed feelings about my sexuality during puberty, because I craved dating and sex with girls but my only sexual outlet (other than masturbation) was another boy. I enjoyed him sexually, but I also learned that the idea that an erection is a great equalizer (that we’re different in size when flaccid, but much closer when erect) is simply a myth.

    I’ve never let my size bother me when showering with other men, and I don’t recall a single instance of another man commenting on my size. Like everybody else, I look at other men’s penises and evaluate their size, but I don’t comment on them either.

    Full erections, in my experience, are rare. Many men try to “chub” to make themselves look larger, but rarely to what one would call a full erection. I’ve seen a couple of young teenagers with full accidental erections, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an adult with one.

  5. Tim Says:

    I could write a phone book on this subject, I absolutely love seeing bigger cocks than mine. Where to begin? Well, I was 11 years old, in a swimming pool shower with my (well endowed) brother. At that time I had every reason to think I’d go the same way and was astonished to see, standing opposite us and naked, a well built man with a very short cock. Up until then I’d always thought all men were more or less the same, so to see such a little stump, along with the fact that he had no concerns about showing it off, really blew me away.
    At that time I was just beginning puberty, and soon enjoying a reputation with my classmates for being a bit large myself. What I didn’t realise was that that was it – by the age of 12 I was fully grown and not nearly the size of my brother. Within a couple of years it was clear I was nothing special, far from it in fact, and I can still remember the shame and horror of seeing boys I used to look down on leave me behind. All this time I never got shy of being naked in front of others though, it’s just I was in denial about the truth that my prick wasn’t going to have a sudden late growth spurt – I kept holding out for that till I was about 19 years old, then spent the next few years in a morass of anxiety, insecurity and depression.
    To not be well hung – and in my mind if you weren’t big then you were no better off than if you were small – seemed, quite literally, to be a fate not much better than death.
    The irony of all this is that all along I actually had a fairly large prick, at least when it was erect. And although it wasn’t (and isn’t) much to look at when it’s soft, it’s more what you’d call modest than small. The other irony is that during these years I also developed a kind of reverse penis envy for the guys who were obviously small. To have a small prick and not to be shy about showing it off seemed to require a degree of emotional courage that I knew was well beyond me.
    The last time I was in a communal nudity situation was a couple of years ago, with my girlfriend and another couple … and the guy had the biggest, most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if my own shrivelled up in modesty or not but it certainly felt that way – I was utterly dwarfed. That my girlfriend was also there to see it added to the exquisite thrill of inferiority and inadequacy that I felt, but in vain I looked for any hint of a smirk on her face (I could tell the other couple were feeling pretty good, and why wouldn’t they?) at the time or in the hours and days that followed. Nothing, not the merest flicker of the pity and contempt I was looking for.
    Just to even things out, a few minutes after we stripped we saw a couple where the woman was hot in a sensible 30 something schoolteacher kind of way and the guy was seriously small, his little pink prick framed by a vivid ginger bush – and this was the guy I felt truly envious of. Somehow there just seems to be more edge and mystery where small cocks are concerned, the thrilling possibility of unsatisfied female lust and faithlessness.
    Ok, I’ve gone a bit off topic … to answer the last question, it won’t come as any great surprise that the closest I’ve come to seeing an erection in the changing room was on myself, but I rapidly covered it up before it got too noticeable.

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Tim,
      Welcome to the blog, and thanks for your comments! To follow up, here are a few questions:

      (1) To be able to put your comments in the proper context, what size “range” are you? You don’t have to be specific; whatever you want to share is fine.
      (2) Did your wife ever comment (even afterwards) about the other guys huge cock?
      (3) Your description of what you call “Reverse Penis Envy” is interesting. Yes it does take some self-confidence, or courage as you called it for those of us who are truly lesser endowed to “show it off.” You also indicated a fascination with big ones too, so could it be that you just have a fascination with cocks… big and small?

      Thanks again for your comments and welcome to the blog!


  6. Dredged-up Memories | Kdaddy23's Blog Says:

    […] I’d been seeing comments to this particular blog – – and, whew, it took me right back to junior high school and being in shower rooms period.  One […]

    • play613796 Says:


      Thanks for the “Pingback.” I enjoyed reading your own memories that this article “dredged up” for you on your site. Please tell “Sassy Sarah” that I loved her comments, especially the first two sentences. A lot of my followers would love to hear more about her preference for guys with “mini members.”

      I knew this topic would evoke many memories –some positive, some negative. Most of my followers are very secure with their small size, but sadly, some aren’t and are still dealing with a lot of emotions about it.


      • kdaddy23 Says:

        You’re welcome, Steve; your blog talks about something important and people need to stop by and check out what you have to say about this. And, all you have to do is go to Sassy Sarah’s blog and tell her yourself, ask questions, stuff like that – and here’s her URL:

  7. Tim Says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the welcome, I’m really enjoying this blog. To answer your questions about my post, first of all, no, my wife never did make any comment about the other fellow’s cock. I’d really like to know what she thought of it though, it was about the same size soft as mine is erect … which, to put in context, is about 7.5 inches long and 5.5 inches around (soft I’m about 3 inches long and maybe 3.5 in girth). I know this isn’t small by a long way, at least when erect, but as I said in my first post, that’s not the way I saw it when I was younger and over the years I came to eroticize my insecurities in this regard.
    For a long time these were pretty crippling (especially about girth, which I was convinced I failed on), and seriously affected my confidence. Consequently I was well into my 20s before I had any sexual experiences with others. Now I’m past any insecurities but majorly into SPH, though I’ve only made tentative efforts to involve my wife in this and haven’t had any success so far. She likes my size (girth in particular, strangely enough – she doesn’t think I’m all that long and guessed at 6.5 inches in one of the few conversations we’ve had about it) and can’t understand why I’d fantasize about being smaller, which I do more often than I could count. I’d really like her to be involved with it, though, so at some point I’ll try again.
    Your last question is absolutely right, yes, I do just have a fascination with cocks – but this is particularly with reference to differences in size.
    Reading this blog and posting on it really brings home how much I need to work on sexual communication. At the moment I have this huge private SPH thing and absolutely no idea if she has any fantasies she’s too shy or embarrassed to bring up.



    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for sharing more about your situation. If you have read any of my previous articles on SPH, or Small Penis Teasing as I prefer to call it, I’m sure you have discovered you are not alone in your fascination with it. Many of us are very turned on by it. And it is not just the exclusive domain of those of us who are truly lesser endowed either. I have spoken to a lot of average and even “hung” guys who are also into it in a big way. You have probably also noticed that many of our female contributors have responded as well, and likewise find it a major turn on. By the way, your fascination with sizes is also shared by many of us too. The differences as you know are quite interesting, and there is nothing wrong with admitting a fascination with them.

      Your last comment is the most important. Great – not Good sexual communication is essential for a healthy relationship, and unfortunately it’s not always practiced. I stress it constantly, because it can cause a lot of unnecessary unhappiness and stress in a relationship that lacks it. It sounds to me like you need to have a discussion with your wife about your sexual needs, fantasies, etc. If you are both open to it, you might discover that you can have even more fun than you are now. The nice thing about SPH/SPT is its non-threatening, especially when it only involves words that turn you on, but as you know, those words can have a very powerful effect on you. If you are able to broach the subject, you might even share with her some of the examples of SPH/SPT that our women contributors have provided and try to explain the effect they have on you. Do you think she would be opposed to that? And yes, listen to her too! She might have some of her own fantasies that she is withholding from you because she fears a negative reaction or is embarrassed to admit them.

      Let us know how it goes!


    • Jon Says:

      I can relate to your desire for some SPH from your wife. And considering your erect size, it proves it can be as much mental as physically driven. BTW-I would give anything to be your size erect! Lucky man! Did you say you wish you were smaller? I’ve heard that somewhere. It’s kinda weird but get that too. Something very “special” about a very tiny penis!

  8. Jon Says:

    I too could write a LOT on this topic. As a 7th grader we had gym class with 3 senior boys who showered (non of us did!). One boy who was very handsome and well built had a small penis (may 1-2 inches soft). He would quickly towel off and dress. Another senior would stand naked and talk as he slowly dried himself. He had a long penis (5-6 soft I’d guess). I thought he was so lucky!
    Later during college I would admire hung guys whose cocks would sway as they walked. And I would feel Embarassment for the tiny guys who only had the head of their penis showing from their pubic hair. I had a little hang so I felt average. I once saw a guy in the sauna sporting a HUGE erection-I’m talking 9-10 inches. It was amazing. I was so jealous. It was these lockeroom experiences that opened my eyes to penis size.

  9. Jon Says:

    I admit I do peek at guys at urinals too. Most are bigger than me but some are smaller. I find it amusing to see smaller ones. I always wonder how they feel about being so small. Once at a Cardinal baseball game a teenager at the urinal next to me got hard and started stroking. He was around 7-8 I would guess. Guess he wanted to show it off!

    • Jon Says:

      Maybe I should clarify-I do think he was 17 or 18. He wasn’t like 13 or 14. I understand guys that young can be hung but this guy was an older teenager.

  10. Jon Says:

    I have somewhat accepted my smaller than average penis. I saw somewhat because big penis envy can still cause me some anxiety (like the photo of the hung guy-I fixate on it and want to be that guy so bad!). But at this point, I actually like for guys to see how small I am. I enjoy their surpassed smiles. Maybe I make them feel better about themselves. Who knows? But it gives me a kinda thrill to know they see me as a grown man with a tiny dick. PS-I vary from 1/2″ to 2″ when soft. Also, I have restored my foreskin so usually my penis head is hidden in skin. That may be for another topic!

  11. Jon Says:

    *surpressed not surpassed smiles.
    Is there a correlation between a small penis and fat thumbs? Haha.

  12. halfinchcock Says:

    I am very comfortable going nude in a public place like a locker room or shower despite the fact that I have a very small penis! I enjoy walking around letting others notice my tiny cock.

    I actually do seek out the opportunity to do comparisons; and it does remind me that I don’t measure up, this is very exciting.

  13. Dave B Says:

    I used to go to nude beaches alot especially in my early 30’s with my wife. Basically it is like spending a day in a unisex locker room! All day long women and men check each other out. Now men look at women and other men more often – this is something you notice on the beach. The men look and the women only occasionally look – but what a turn-on when a woman checks out my small penis!

    It is great. I recommend nude beaches to anyone on here. We don’t go as much now as we have kids, and also my wife is no longer a fan of the beach so now I only go once a year.

  14. Simon Says:

    I go through phases with this. Generally I am embarrassed to be seen in the locker room or public shower because of my small penis (1.5″ to 2″ soft) and then other times I really like the idea of the other guys looking at me because I enjoy small penis teasing. I do check the other guys out but have never seen an erect penis in there.
    I do the thing of giving it a quick tug that you described too 😊

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