Are Married Women More Likely to Cheat on Men With Small Penises?

Sorry I cheated

Here’s a provocative topic!  If all other things were equal, do you think a woman would be more likely to cheat on a man with a small penis? That’s an interesting question, and one I’m sure that will elicit a wide variety of responses.

There are now even dating websites catering to women specifically seeking well-endowed men. One such site has an ad database section for “str8 women” (heterosexual) looking for well-endowed “str-8 men,” and contained over 1000 ads. What caught my attention is that surprisingly more than half of these ads (57%) were posted by women who are married or otherwise attached.


“I am a petite mature woman who has always wanted a well-hung man to pleasure me the way I know only a man of large dimensions could. I have been married for a long time to a man who is, if anything, barely average and I long for complete fulfillment; to be completely full. Not looking for long-term relationship or any type of strings, only a friend and longtime lover. MWF, 46”

“Give me the thrill of a lifetime! I am a 47 year old MWF who feels it’s time to experience a big c**k. I’m a little on the heavy side with nice size breasts for you to play with, and am looking for a man with no facial hair, a nonsmoker who packs 8 inches or better. He must enjoy kissing and taking his time with me so I can enjoy the thrill of taking so much c**k. If you do not measure up, please do not reply. MWF, 48”

“Ok, I am here because I want one thing! I am a MWF, 30, attractive, brunette, great body, somewhat shy and inexperienced with sex. I want to know if bigger is really better, but I don’t know how/where to find the right guy. I’m not looking for kinky sex, just oral and normal sex. MWF, 31”

“Hi, I have been married over 30 years and have three grown children. My sex drive has gotten stronger and my husband cannot satisfy me anymore. I am looking for a young (18 & up) well hung black man to satisfy my “dark craving.” Uncut would certainly be a tremendous turn on for me. MWF, 54”

“I am a married Indian lady looking to make my fantasy come true, insofar as I would like to be fully penetrated by either a white or black male with a very large penis. Is there a nice and genuine male like this out there? MAF, 42”

“Sexy redhead looking for hung man/men or couples with a hung man. Must be well-endowed, as I have had a lot of experience with smaller men and am not interested in a “repeat”. Hope to hear from you soon. SWF, 26”

“Hello, I am tired of the “little” men that I have slept with in the past! I am seeking a white man 30-50 who is extremely well hung (10+) and thick. I need to feel what it is like to feel full. I am for real and am not playing games. Serious inquires only. Picture proof. Your time is important as is mine. Hope to here from some “real” men. You won’t regret it! SWF, 26”

“I am very physically fit and have been told that I am quite attractive. I have a very high sex drive and nurse a fantasy of being with a huge man! I have never had a huge man before, but I have seen pictures and it drives me wild. I think there is nothing more erotic or powerful looking than a very hung man. If you are 9″+ and very thick, please send a photo and I will send you pictures of myself. Very clean, D&D free and discretion is required. SWF, 43”

So, what do you think ladies? Do you think women are more likely to cheat on a man who is small endowed?

18 Responses to “Are Married Women More Likely to Cheat on Men With Small Penises?”

  1. SHortcomings Says:

    I’m not a woman, but have some interesting statistics to add to this. I created an online poll a few years ago asking the question: Married Women – Have you ever cheated? The questions asked how long into the relationship, and was it because your lover’s cock was bigger than your husband’s cock, among several other questions. The overwhelming number (over 90%) of married women who cheat, based on several hundred women who had taken the poll, was indeed because their husband’s cock was too small.

    Most said they considered small to be 5″ and under, but a few of them say anything under 6″ is considered small. Also, the women who cheated with a huge cock have continued the affair for the simple fact that “a big cock feels amazing – I want more!” It goes on to provide information about how much deeper and thicker feels, and how based on the larger size, they feel more fulfilled as a woman when the big cock stretches them both wider and deeper than their husbands are able to.

    While a lot of these cheating wives felt some level of guilt, most say they would do it again if given the opportunity. Interestingly, these same women have continued to stay with their little-dicked husbands, whether the husbands know or not.

  2. play613796 Says:

    Thanks for the information Shortcomings. I guess your “research” came to the conclusion that yes, married women do cheat more frequently if their hubby/partner is small endowed. It will be interesting to see what others say. Thanks.

  3. Neil Says:

    An Interesting view and maybe I was very naïve in my 30 years of marriage up until we went separate ways. A few things happened over the years in our youth and to the end it escalated. It is too long to explain all that happened from our teens but looking back i am Suspicious of events. She only ever knew me and my tiny size I think (2.5 inch soft and 3.5 inch hard as well as being Uncut… the 3some we had said all and with the kids all grown she decided to say yes to a 3 some and I was very shocked. Maybe this is what she wanted to find out…We had been talking to this young man and she knew how big he was (9 Inch). The look on her face was the telling point as I walked into the hotel room. She had a glow I had never seen…. She later had a intimate friends who was a much older man to us both…. It was from nothing to two events in a short time. Pardon the pun Lol.

  4. Karen Says:

    I do not believe that women married to guys with small penises are more likely to cheat. There are to many variables in marriage and cheating or the person looking to cheat. I would agree that there are sites out there with woman looking for the big cock hook up – but out of the thousands of adds out there, this has got to be a small percentage.

    Having said that, if your husband is an ass towards you and you are looking to fool around, why not go for broke and get the f@#$%ing of your life??? LOL But I do not think that a husband with a small penis is more likely to get cheat on then a guy who is hung.

    Just my opinion.

    • SteveB Says:

      Thank you Karen for your thoughtful reply. It is nice to know there are good women out there who look at more than just one part of a man. Thank you for making me feel better. For the record, I am on the low side of average. I am still working on accepting myself completely but I don’t think I will ever like being put down for it. Thanks again. With all due respect to everyone here.

  5. Slinky Says:

    This site may be of interest to some regarding this topic.

  6. Perkins Says:

    Our situation is different from most couples, because we’ve always spent time around swingers and to some degree with naturists. And while I know that she loves my body, there is something electrifying for her about a man with a normal-to-large penis. She is not interested in the very largest men. At this point, I know immediately when I see another man if she will be attracted to him, especially if he is nude. And that man will invariable be larger than me. Part of it may be that she knows what I find attractive in a man, but part is that she finds larger men more attractive for play. So I think if she were inclined to ‘cheat’ that he would be bigger than me.

  7. play613796 Says:

    Though this is not directly related to this post, it is indirectly related. An interesting article was posted yesterday in the Canberra (Australia) Times. The article, entitled, “Women only have eyes for the big boys” begins as follows:

    “Sorry men – size really does matter. And bigger is immeasurably better. In a new and definitive scientific study on penis size sure to have global repercussions, a team of Australian National University researchers have put male genitalia under the microscope…”

    What impact does this have for women married to small endowed men? Who knows, maybe nothing, but it’s interested nonetheless, and this article is now being published all over the Internet. It’s still fascinating…

    • SteveB Says:

      At least the quote above, “Sorry men – size really does matter. And bigger is immeasurably better. In a new and definitive scientific study on penis size sure to have global repercussions, a team of Australian National University researchers have put male genitalia under the microscope…”, refers to us as men!

  8. Karen Says:

    I would agree that size matters – most women would prefer a larger cock to a smaller one. But I do disagree that a person would be more inclined to cheat. Most women would through their marriage together for a large cock. But yes, swinging, cuckolding, being a hotwife and all of those types of things draw people to go out after their desired sizes. But the typical American house wife is not cheating if she is happy. I know your little fantasy must want to hear that your wife would be more likely to cheat cause you are tiny – but the truth is, that if you never brought up that you are small and wanting to hear about it, she would never think of cheating on you for it – ask her Steve.

  9. Karen Says:

    Oh – and let me say that I do not consider it “cheating” when the husband gives permission – I view cheating as a wife going behind her husbands back. If you are wanting to see her with another guy and give her permission, then that does not seem like cheating to me. Couples can engage in whatever they wish within the rules established in their marriages. Maybe that is where we are disagreeing?

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Karen, and thanks for the comments. Actually what generated the idea for this post was an article I was reading about a much larger study that was done by an academic about this topic and I found it fascinating. So, I decided to post the topic here. I really didnt have any ulterior motive in posting it, I just thought it would be an interesting topic and was curious what men and women alike thought about it.

      The thing I appreciate about the women who post here (like you Karen) is that you are not afraid to admit that size does matter and that generally women would prefer a larger cock over a small one… but you are also quick to add there is so much more to a good relationship and happy marriage. And yes, my wife frequently reminds me that I have a tiny cock because it excites me, but cheating on me for is not something that’s going to happen. Instead, like many couples on here, we simply have a lot of fun with the teasing and fantasy cuckolding.

      Oh, and you’re right when you say, “It’s not cheating if the husband gives permission.” I definitely agree with you on that statement. So, I don’t think we are disagreeing at all. :)

    • jonasandthesardine Says:

      you are right, if there is permission there is no foul.

  10. SteveB Says:

    I agree that the article is fascinating. We humans can sure be brutal to each other. This may sound negative but we as a race have not changed much at all in our two million years of existence. On a positive note, there is a big difference between wanting a man for his penis and wanting a man as a mate/husband. Otherwise, people like us (not so well endowed) would not exist. And I shudder to think that perhaps we are on the down slope of our existence due to natural selection. At least when we finally due pass on to the great beyond, we are all the same size. Just some thoughts really indicating that I believe there is much more to life than my penis.

  11. jonasandthesardine Says:

    so what are you saying is that to give a boink of a lifetime a guy has to be at least 7in. So a small husband will never be able to give his wife that kind of boink, no matter how good he is, and don’t get started on toys bc everyone knows the good stuff is made of flesh.

  12. jonasandthesardine Says:

    this only reinforce my theory that everyone would be happier if we did like spartans, kill the boys that don’t measure up. that way men would not suffer with this as women would not have to tolerate us small men as well.

    i noticed that when a good lookin guy discovers that he is small he WILL treat women as dogs (misogynist), bc he knows that the one he likes the most will cheat on him over the that.

    • play613796 Says:

      “Jonas the Sardine”,

      I must respond to your comments:

      (1) No, we are not saying you have to have 7” to sexually satisfy a woman and I’m not sure where you came to that conclusion. There are women on here with all kinds of preferences, and what’s wrong with anyone’s individual preference anyway?

      (2) Many of us like to play with sex toys and just have fun. A lot of people incorporate sex toys into their relationship, and there isn’t anything wrong with it. After all, it’s an individual couple’s decision to use them, or do anything else that they find which stimulates them. Most of us on this Blog (men and women) have very active sexual imaginations which is far better than having routine, boring sex.

      (3) We (at least the small guys on this site) do not treat our women like dogs, and I have no idea where you came up with that idea. It’s really quite the contrary, we treat our women with respect and they excite the hell out of us. Most of us are also in long-term marriages or committed relationships. All of the stuff you read on this blog are things we do to enhance our sexual relationship – yes, no harm, no foul.

      I hope this clarifies some of your misconceptions.

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