Tall Men and Small Penises

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How many of you small endowed men out there are also tall?  Obviously, height has nothing to do with the size of your penis, but for those of us who are tall, I have personally noticed that there seems to be an expectation from many women that a tall man will have a big penis.  I’m not sure how they came to that conclusion, but have any of you noticed the same thing?  A couple of comments I have heard are, “Wow, being so tall, I would have thought you would have had a big penis,” or , “As well built as you are, I thought for sure you would have a big one.”  It’s almost as if you were short and had a small one, there wouldn’t be that kind of expectation or reaction.

I think for a man who has a small penis but a big frame, his small size is probably much more noticeable on the larger frame, while a small penis on a much smaller frame probably looks more normal – or, at least, maybe not as small as it does on a big one.

Just out of curiosity, what has been the experience of women out there?  Have you ever been with a tall, well-built guy who had a really small one?  If so, what did you think?



15 Responses to “Tall Men and Small Penises”

  1. luv2sex.info Says:

    In my big opinion, whether it’s big or small,it’s never an issue, to me, what matters, is that it’s able to rise up to the occasion ! If not, it will be a tragedy!

  2. WannaBe Says:

    When I was 16 and camping with my Boy Scout Troop, we all ran in and jumped in the “group” shower. I was the oldest kid (most were 12-14 yrs. old) and at least a foot taller than all of them. It was the first time I had seen any other kid nude… and the first time I noticed that I was packing a small penis. How could a 12 year old that is so short be bigger than me??? I wondered.

    I practically hid in the showers throughout my sports playing days in High School and College, often just skipping the shower completely or showering first or last. Fortunately as a visiting team, we usually used the women’s locker rooms, and they had stalls and curtains. But in all cases, most all the guys were bigger. I was changed forever when I saw one of my best friends in college naked, his penis soft was more than double my erect size and just massive girth wise. I was quite jealous of his huge monster and very embarrassed of my penis.

    Having said all of that, I was considered “average” at 5 inches erect, but flaccid it was like 1.5 inches and small. My testicles were small too and often hugged my body, still do today.

    Being 6’6” and having a small penis, well it has been difficult. You mentioned in an earlier post how men in urinals check out other dudes junk when they are small. Well, in my case, being a tall athletic guy, even the BIG dudes try to look at my stuff. There I am with two fingers peeing, and those fingers covering up the majority of my cock.

    Now, don’t feel sorry for me, as I have learned to love my tiny treasure. My wife gets a kick out of me being so small and thankfully she has not shared that with her girlfriends. But she can’t even look at me naked without smiling or laughing and most days refuses sex because it is pointless. I do enjoy the torment, likely turning such an embarrassing thing into a kink has helped me endure the tragedy.

    Being tall with a tiny cock is like putting a cocktail weenie on a regular sized hotdog bun – it just does not look right.

    • play613796 Says:


      Thanks for the great post. I can personally identify with all that you have written and I know a lot of other tall men who are also small endowed can as well. We have all experienced these things or variations on them. Like you and many of those who visit this blog, we have come to grips with our “tiny treasures” and have accepted them for what they are. Good post!


    • DarkCat Says:

      My heart goes out to you. What a whim of nature.. and that you shall hide forever in showers, what a burden! Can you give me an advice maybe? What shall I say to the guy? – he is very similar built to you.

  3. Karen Says:

    My thoughts on this are that although I prefer a larger cock on my men, it still comes down to what the guys is all about and if he is loving, honest, kind and gentle. However, when you take a huge guy and equip him with an undersized package, it is somewhat humorous to look at, and rather disappointing. But if anyone can handle having and being comfortable with himself with a small cock, it is a big man. They tend to be better spirited and have less to “prove” then short men anyway. Find a short guy with a small pecker and forget it, he is a ticking time bomb.

    An interesting statistic would be to understand if tall guys just think they are really smaller because their penises look disproportionately small? And is a taller man with a small to average penis more likely to be in a cuckold relationship or one where he craves humiliation? I mean, if tall guys are more confident and self-accepting – it would lead you to believe that they would be more open to having their wives become hotwives and craze humiliation, because of how “generally” powerful they feel.

    When you think of the studies out there about society’s highest earners, the statistics show a large majority are taller men. Well, the cuckold surveys shows that men with more education and higher paying positions tend to gravitate towards this fetish… strong correlation??? I think so! Maybe being tall with a small cock is a precursor to being a cuckold? Ya never know!

  4. play613796 Says:

    Good points Karen. Being tall with a small cock, I can say I’m quite comfortable with it. Is it a precursor for being a cuckold? I guess time will tell! :)

  5. play613796 Says:

    And reported yesterday initially in the Canberra Times and soon all over the Internet answers the question:

    “What does a woman want?” A guy who is tall and well-endowed, suggests an Australian study…


  6. John Says:

    A friend in high school was only 5’6′ and had 6 to 7″ cock

    • Liz Says:

      It is disappointing to see a tall man with a small penis. Just doesn’t seem fair! I agree with Karen though, their easy going nature and power presence makes them a perfect candidate for being a Cuckold or desire Small Penis Teasing. If I had a tall man with a small one, I’d make him wear a strap on so he looked proportionate!

      • play613796 Says:

        Hi Liz, Interesting post. This may be a topic for a future article – how many of us would be willing to wear a strap-on cock? I just might have to pose that question to our male readers. Personally? It might be fun! :)

  7. Dave B Says:

    I am 6 ft 2 (187cm) tall and my penis is 1.5 inches. I’ve had women in the past say that they expected me to be larger down there. I am tall and slim and so they expect that my penis may be long and thin too, not small and wrinkled. I am now married and my wife admits that when we first met 11 years ago, she expected me to be longer, at least.

  8. DarkCat Says:

    Kids. I met a real tall guy, and his penis is tiny. I just didn’t feel much as we did it. He is such a nice and amazing guy. But I’m used to much longer things.. I want to end it. what shall I say to him, so as not to offend him?

    • play613796 Says:


      Welcome to the Blog and thank you for your comments. The guy you are describing is “nice and amazing” but just not well-endowed enough for you –right? As you have discovered having a small penis does present some challenges –not only for women, but us as well. My first question for you is would you give him another chance if he was more orally proficient, gave maximum effort, and perhaps supplemented his small size by incorporating dildos and other toys? Or, are you just convinced that no matter what he tried, you just don’t see it working? If it’s just not going to work for you, then yes, ending it sooner rather than later is probably the best idea.

      How do you tell him? That’s always a good question. First of all, if he has a tiny penis as you described, he is well aware of his shortcomings. So, he may not be totally surprised if you end the relationship. If you think the “truth” would be difficult for him to handle, then you can simply cite incompatibility as the reason, or give no reason at all. Personally, I would prefer the honesty, but I know many small endowed guys, especially those who have yet to accept their penis size would be crushed. So, there is no need to crush the spirit of a “nice and amazing” man. It’s really a touchy subject for a lot of guys, and one you should think through carefully. But, before you end it, why not give him a chance to be creative? Hope this helps.

  9. curtis baker Says:

    I think the reason most tall men look as if they have small penises is because of the contrast of body size to penis size, and seeing as height and penis size have no correlation it seems as though that could be the case.

    but, i can tell you a story about a guy who was pretty tall (6ft something) and he had a large ego, for my school outdoor ed class we went on a surf camp, and i could get the feeling that some of the girls there were looking at my dick while i was swimming and gossiping about it, it was completely flaccid and shriveled up due to the cold water they though i was verry small :(. at one point i heard them talking about my tall classmate and how his penis must be big. so the next day we got up for our first day of surfing, we got in our wet-suits ready to go down to the beach, you could see my classmate had close to no bulge, he said “these things make you feel like you don’t have any dick” or something like that. mean-while my penis was floppy, but full of blood because we just woke up and i had morning wood. i had to put my penis between my legs and let it go down the side a little bit. the girls noticed me right away, seeing as im like 2 ft shorter than him all the girls were shocked. when we got back we all hopped in the showers, he stripped down, his penis was semi-erect and sticking up the littlest bit which freaked me out a bit but it was only 2-3 inches. i looked around the room and saw 4-5 penises, at the time i thought there isnt going to be many more times i can just look at other guys dicks to see where i fit in. anyways everyone was smaller than me while flaccid, i was the shortest guy there, i was born in December so im guessing youngest as well. im not a guy who shows off or anything so i washed myself in the corner and tried not to flash myself, im usually between 4-5 inches flaccid and 6.5-7 hard and everyone there was like 2 inches off my length at-least. on the way back on the bus one of the girls “fell” and grabbed on my inner leg and another one “accidentally” dropped her phone and bent over arching her back like fuck sticking her ass in my face probably trying to get me hard or something.

    im not a very confident person but i was wondering if penis size changes a women’s perspective of a man and if it makes them more more decisive of if they want you or not. because i have had alot of petite girls that i could never see taking a half decent size dick try to date me thinking that i have a small one, now that the gossip is out all of the “popular” girls are flirting with me. i like the attention and the confidence boost but when i scope out i realize its just my penis, it isnt even that big and it doesn’t really matter. what are you girls thoughts?

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