A Connection: Small Penis Teasing and the Benefits of Being a Hotwife

Hotwife - Copy

In my own personal experience, I have noticed a direct correlation between receiving small penis teasing from my wife and treating her like a “hotwife.”  I know the term “Hotwife” and even “Cuckoldress” mean different things to people, but I prefer to use the term “Hotwife” to describe our own personal situation.

Like many men, it was very difficult for me to express to my wife initially that I had a secret desire to be teased because of my small penis, but when I finally did express this to her, our relationship changed permanently and for the better.  Not only did the teasing excite me, my wife became my “Hotwife” and she really enjoys the benefits as well.

Though, like a lot of women, my wife thought my request for small penis teasing was a bit odd, she was willing to supply it and has done so very creatively.   When the teasing began, I started to look at her in a whole new light. She became my “hotwife” and I immediately started treating her differently, and much better. It almost seemed instinctive, and the more she did it, the more turned on I became.  To be honest, this is just what our marriage needed after being together for 15 years.  Despite the fact that we are both very open sexually, like a lot of couples, over the years we had migrated into a “maintenance sex” mode that was uninspiring and lacked imagination.  What we needed was something to bring back the inspiration, and the fun, anticipation and excitement to our sex lives.  As my wife said in an earlier post, “Do I see any tangible benefits in this? Yes definitely, and I would add it’s no coincidence! These benefits are directly related to keeping my husband on edge. As I said, Steve pays more attention to me now. He’s much more agreeable and will do things with me just because I want to do them. He takes me on dates, something he had gotten out of the habit doing. He’s calmer and more attentive and focused on me and my needs. He considers me his “Hot Wife,” and although I don’t think of myself in that way, I’m happy he does. So yes, there are definitely benefits. What woman wouldn’t want that?”

The Benefits in Being a Hotwife:

Although this is obviously not a complete list of the potential benefits of being a Hotwife, it’s certainly a good representation of them.

  • You will gain more power in the relationship,      which can be liberating and exciting.
  • You can mold and enjoy your perfect      relationship. What are you missing that you always wanted in a      relationship? Anything you have felt is missing is now within your grasp.
  • Better communication because there are no      secrets and everything is out in the open.
  • Your husband’s sole focus will be on you and      your needs.
  • Being a hotwife can provide you with a lot more      sexual confidence and freedom.
  • Your husband will have an increased interest      in your “look”.  Take him shopping      with you and have him buy you new clothes and especially intimate apparel.  He will be very eager to do so.
  • Because you are spending more time together      and aware of each other’s needs, closer bonds can form between couples.
  • You no longer need to worry about flirting      with another guy who you think is hot.       Your husband will be very excited to hear about you flirting with      other men, in fact, he will even encourage it.
  • Husbands will become much more romantic,      caring and attentive.
  • Once you point out your husband’s lack of      manhood, he will be focused like a laser beam to compensate for his      shortcomings by finding other more exciting, dynamic and creative ways to      satisfy you sexually.
  • Your husband will also be completely faithful to you.  Believe it or not, one of the concepts that is hard for a woman to understand is why men with smaller than average sized penises tend to be more faithful in relationships and in marriage. It’s because we already know we can’t satisfy women sexually, so why would we cheat?   So, it really increases our trustworthiness, and you never have to worry about us cheating.

Women: Believe it or not, the benefits of being a “hotwife” are surprisingly easy to achieve.  Once you begin giving your man the small penis teasing he is craving, he will become super turned on, and his attention will be solely focused on you.  For ideas on how to tease him in terms of what to say and how to say it, please read the earlier posts “Understand Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation,” “Small Penis Humiliation – a Woman’s Thread,” and “Small Penis Humiliation from Steve’s Wife.”

Why Small Endowed Men Crave the Teasing:

So, there are many benefits for a wife to consider providing her husband the small penis teasing he craves.  There are also reasons why this is so appealing to us as well. This obviously isn’t an all-encompassing list either, but it will give women an idea why we crave it:

  • Being “Outed” By Your Wife:  We know we have small penises.  We measure them, we compare them and we know, but when our wife acknowledges our short-comings, the relationship changes.  We can no longer “pretend” to be a stud. It’s also very taboo for a married woman to be so straight forward about her husband’s lack of manhood, but that’s precisely why it is so exciting for us.  Our relationship changes, and the power dynamic in the relationship shifts.
  • Your Entitlement: We know that as a woman, you are entitled to more cock than we can ever give you.  So, by being married to us, we know you are “settling” for a lot less sexually than you should be. This is precisely why we are so eager and enthusiastic about compensating for our small penises.  We will do anything to please you to the extent we can.
  • Ongoing Validation:  Being teased about having a small penis is affirmation and validation to us that we are small endowed.  By providing it to us ongoing, it is a major rush and very exciting for us every time you do it.

Although there are many potential benefits to being a Hotwife, one word of caution is, for couples who are interested in pursuing this path; you should have a good relationship prior to starting any type of Hotwifing relationship. A couple should completely understand each other and set ground rules.

What are some things a woman can do to accentuate her “Hotwife” status?

  • Change your outlook and attitude. You are no longer a “frumpy” wife, but a real life “Hotwife.”  Start acting like one!
  • Go on a shopping spree and buy yourself some new, sexy clothes and lingerie. Or better yet, take your husband with you and make him buy you these things!
  • Dress provocatively and sexy whenever you can. Not just during the day, but at night too. Lose the baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts and start wearing sexy nightgowns or lingerie at night.  You want to keep him on edge, and one way to do that is to send a constant visual signal that you are a hotwife.
  • Don’t be afraid to go the gym and work out, and watch what you eat. Remember, you want to send a signal to your husband that you have changed.
  • Start openly flirting with other men. And let your husband know when they flirt with you!

Once you start looking like a hot wife, you will become one, and when you do, your husband will notice but so will other men, and the result will be to increase your sexual confidence.

2 Responses to “A Connection: Small Penis Teasing and the Benefits of Being a Hotwife”

  1. mmtdfg Says:

    Great blog!!!

  2. John Says:

    Interesting outlook on relationship. I would find it exciting to be humiliated about my tiny cock. Don’t know why this is such an arousing concept. And why do I desire seeing my wife get drilled by another man and have me eat his cum?

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