Small Penis Humiliation and the Taboo: Big Penis Envy

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One of the nice things to having your own blog is you can write about any topics that you want.  Well, there is a very taboo and seldom discussed topic about small penis humiliation that must be discussed.  In fact, it even transcends small penis humiliation and extends to a lot of men – though they would be quick to deny it.  What is it?  We like looking at cocks –especially big ones.  In a previous post on cuckolding, I referenced Dr. Sue’s radio broadcast, and in it she gave an interesting view on penis envy:   “Guys with average or small penises look in awe at the bigger guys. No, it doesn’t make them gay. It’s because it’s something they don’t have but they are fascinated by them.” I totally agree with that statement.

I think her point about it “doesn’t make them gay” is especially important.  We live in a homophobic society, and for a guy to admit that he likes looking at cocks, or worse yet, that he thinks a guy has a nice looking cock, is very taboo indeed.  It’s like we have a double standard in society.  A woman can look admiringly at another woman and can even say out loud, “God, I wish had her tits, body, etc.,” and that is not only ok, it seems quite natural. Nobody gives that a second thought.   But for a guy to admit that another guy has a great looking cock is for some reason, unacceptable.  It’s simply a double standard.

So, ok, let me come out and admit it.  I’m married, and straight, but personally, I find other guys cocks fascinating.  Like breasts, they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, etc.   Because I’m very small endowed, I’m particularly fascinated by the big ones and it’s because it’s something I don’t have.

What kind of emotions and thoughts go through the mind of a small endowed man when he sees a big penis?  I can’t speak for all small endowed men of course, but I can tell you what I think.  I experience an instant flood of emotions.  First, I’m in complete awe. A big cock represents raw, masculine power, and I know I can’t possibly compete with something like that.  There is also the undeniable feeling of penis envy.  I envy men who have big penises and I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to admit it.  I wonder, “What would it be like to have something like that between my legs, even for one day?”  When I’m confronted with them face-to-face like in a locker room, other emotions also surface.   Sometimes there is a feeling of intimidation. What can be more intimidating that standing next to a guy whose penis is more than double your size?  This feeling is usually accompanied with a feeling of submissiveness.  It’s almost as if we both instinctively know, without a word being said, who the dominant, alpha male is and who the submissive, beta male is.

Here is another very taboo thing to say:  Looking at big cocks arouses us.  Yes, we can get amazing erections just looking at photos or videos of them.  You might say, “Isn’t this proof that the guy is gay or at the least bi-sexual?”  The answer to that question is, not at all.  As was said in the radio broadcast, “It’s a sexual turn on for him knowing that this big guy can give his wife something he can’t.”  We think and fantasize about a bigger cock pleasuring our wives constantly because it excites us.

In a way, looking at photos or videos of well-endowed men also serves as a form of small penis humiliation in and of itself for us.  This is especially true if we don’t have a wife or partner who shares our enthusiasm for small penis humiliation.  But with or without a willing partner, it can still serve as a wonderful masturbatory interlude for us. Yes, when we look at a photo of a huge cock, our little cocks stiffen immediately.  It’s almost as if our little cocks are straining to become as large as the image we are looking at, but of course it’s impossible to measure up. We wonder how much longer it is than our own penis?  Is it 2” larger?  Could it be 3” maybe 5” longer than ours?  And, how much thicker is it?  The greater the disparity in size, the more intense the feeling is of small penis humiliation and the resulting orgasm that follows is explosive and amazing.

Do any of you small endowed men experience similar thoughts?  And, for the women out there, does any of this surprise you?

Note:  It’s not my intent to make this a porno site and to flood it with photos of men with huge or small full erections.    I’m only including this photo of a flaccid cock to illustrate a point.  In my opinion, this guy has one of the nicest looking cocks I have ever seen.  Hanging limp, it’s still around 6+ inches long, so yes, it’s long but not too long.  It’s also thick, but not overly thick.  It looks perfectly proportioned.   He has big balls and a full bush which makes it very masculine looking.  Would any woman kick him out of bed?


52 Responses to “Small Penis Humiliation and the Taboo: Big Penis Envy”

  1. Jay Bee Says:

    I have similar thoughts. I am around 5.5 inches and fairly thin, and straight. I am extremely turend on by SPH, but have never had any real experience with it. Videos where women measure big dicks is a huge turn on for me. Size does matter…even I don’t want to look at a small dick for very long..

    • play613796 Says:

      Jay Bee,

      Welcome to the blog. Hopefully, by perusing around this blog, you realize you are not alone at all. There are many of us in the same “predicament” as you are, but love the comparison nonetheless. Are you married? And if so, is your wife reluctant in providing you with SPH? Have you ever talked to her about it?

      Again, welcome to the blog, and I hope that you find the information provided to be useful.


      • Jay Bee Says:


        I am not married, but have been in a relationship for about 18 months. I have not talked to her about my interest in SPH at all. I really am afraid she would freak. I do know that she thinks of my penis as being rather thin though. Obviously that turns me on…

      • Jon Says:

        How do you know she thinks it’s thin Jay?

    • Jon Says:

      I think you should tell her you have been reading about penis size and you want her help in getting a “true” measurement. That would give you some great excitement and mate even some SPH-even if she doesn’t comment, you can act surprised and share with her that less than 6″ is considered small! Would love to hear how that would go for you!

  2. aloha Says:

    I am impressed by how a big penis hangs down below his balls. The shear mass of a big hanging or swinging penis must be a good feeling for the endowed crowd. My small penis mostly “points” forward instead of hanging down. It is fun to look but I feel kind of “attached” to my small pal and wouldn’t trade.

    • play613796 Says:


      That’s it, isn’t it? It’s an undeniable realization that we can’t possibly compete with men like the man in this photo. The contrast between large and small is compelling and can even be arousing. What many small endowed men have said is, what is really amazing is that many well-endowed men are much larger (longer and thicker) soft than many of us are fully aroused. What’s more humiliating and telling than knowing your full erection is dwarfed by another man’s penis that’s not even erect?

      But, as you also pointed out, and what might surprise some, is that though we are lesser endowed, we still wouldn’t trade our small ones in for a big one. Maybe it’s because we have simply accepted our place in the pecking order, or maybe it’s because of our desire for small penis humiliation/teasing. Whatever the case, every time we see a penis like the one in this photo, it’s an ongoing reminder that we are small endowed and for many of us, that is an arousing thought in and of itself.


      • Jon Says:

        Well I think that practically every tiny man WOULD trade up for a big one like this. Kind of like many heavy-set people say they are happy the way they are and wouldn’t trade for a thinner body. I think the “I wouldn’t trade” comment is more of a self-defense statement. OF COURSE we all want a big one! Except maybe a very small percent with self-deprecating tendencies. I’m pretty sure I’d give my left arm to have a man-cock like this one. I’m not meaning to be adversarial just honest! Thx Steve.

  3. TS Says:

    Steve – you nailed it on this post. These are exactly my feelings – I am awed by a large cock, and seeing one makes me feel submissive. Seeing the way women react to a skillful fucking by a large cock is also very overpowering.

  4. perkins Says:

    I shower with other men three times a week. And I always look at their bodies and think about how I compare. I think about whether they’re younger, stronger, have less body fat. But the first thing I think about when I see a naked man is his penis size. How does he compare to me? Would my wife like him more than me?

    One thing that’s changed in locker room culture over the years is the acceptability of “chubbing,” or giving yourself a partial erection to appear larger without making it too obvious. I see men of all ages doing it these days. When I look at the picture you used to illustrate the article, I think first, what a great looking penis… and second, did he chub that out to look bigger.

    I am both envious and aroused by seeing a larger man. Part of the envy is that large men seem much better at keeping a partial erection, one that has enough ‘hang’ to be passable as his regular size. I can’t do this. My erection angle is very high, and I go straight from flaccid to rock hard. And while I’m not self-conscious about my size any more, I know that our culture is not accepting of straight men with hard, upward pointing erections in the shower. For me, it’s a double penalty in the pecking order of the shower. I’m much smaller than well endowed men, and I know that if I try to look bigger than I am that it will lead to embarrassment.

    • play613796 Says:

      Perkins: Thanks for the comments. I learned a new term – “Chubbing!”  I didn’t realize they called it that, but I understand your explanation perfectly. I think many of us lesser endowed males have “chubbed” without necessarily realizing what it was. I think there is a subconscious tendency for us to try and “level” the playing field, though it’s impossible for us to do so. To be honest, I don’t even bother anymore for the reason you mentioned. It would just result in an immediate erection, which would be even more embarrassing.

      I also appreciate your comments about being able to recognize and acknowledge a “great looking penis” something that is hard for many “straight” married men to be able to do. We should lose our homophobia and be able to appreciate the male body.


    • Jon Says:

      Haha-yeah I get the going from zero to 100 in the erection area! For me, my first physical response to being turned on is that I leak a LOT! So that would be frowned upon too I’d guess-a dude walking thru the lockeroom with a leaking dick! Not good!

  5. Smalldickedlad Says:

    Oh yes, I agree with everything you wrote.
    I find looking at big cocks fascinating and do have feelings of envy. I wonder what it might feel like to be so big, how heavy does it feel and how does it feel when it swings as they walk. I also feel submissive towards big dicked guys and it’s almost as if that’s the way it should be.

    • play613796 Says:


      Welcome to the blog. It’s amazing really just how many of us lesser endowed males have had the same exact thoughts. Many small endowed men have harbored these thoughts and feelings secretly for many years but have been reluctant to admit them openly. In fact, sometimes we are even embarrassed to admit it because we are unsure what these emotions even mean to us. But, the fact is many of us do share the same feelings of awe and envy at the sight of a big penis, which is often accompanied by a feeling of complete submissiveness. I think it is particularly helpful for us to admit it though so that others like us who feel exactly the same way realize they are not alone. It’s also instructive to our wives/partners as well. It gives them a better sense of what their husbands/partners may be feeling as well.


    • Perkins Says:

      You have a good point. When I imagine what life would be like if I had normal (or even large) penis size, I don’t think about having sex. I think about what it would feel like to walk around naked where other people could see me, especially other men. Because small men like me always have something in our head that says that submitting to a larger man is the natural order of things.

  6. Nick Says:

    Thanks for this blog, really good thoughts and info here and I can relate with many of you guys. Sometimes I cannot even look at strangers on the street without thinking if he possibly had one of those big dicks (and I am really straight too, would’t ever want to kiss or love a man)…

    Just today, I saw on a live webcam a young guy with an 8 inch boner and he was able to suck his own dick in a way I haven’t seen this ever before. He was able to almost suck it into his mouth completely! Man, I felt so much like a little school boy seeing that guy and felt like commenting in the chat this way. For example I wrote, that if my wife saw him now, she’d possibly send me to the desert. Or I outed my dick size in the chat and told everyone how many inches are missing compared to that real man… Words like ‘speechless’ and ‘unique’ crossed trough my mind. It was fun and very exciting. The “gap” in size compared with that flexible and way bigger guy was really making me hard as hell!

    At home though, I’m the alpha guy for my wife and there’s no way another man could ever come into my range. I would probably be very jealous, intimidated and would fear that she liked the performance of a really thick cock better… so beware!! :-)

    Remember guys: a cock is a cock, no matter what!

  7. Rae Says:

    I just found out that my beautiful, average-to-large uncut French boyfriend frequently masturbates to live webcams of women telling him that he has a small penis. This, he says, is from insecurities from the locker room almost twenty years ago. Now, I’m no stranger to fetishes myself. I’m incredibly open to all types of play and lifestyle that accommodate someone’s sexual fantasy, especially this guy’s. My problem is that though I’m going to attempt to begin open SPH with him because it clearly gets him off–the truth is he does not have a small penis. So I feel like I’m lying to him -and perpetuating his insecurities further by going along with the idea that he is small, incompetent, and should be embarrassed about what is actually a beautiful and VERY satisfying penis. It’s really the best one I’ve ever had, and I feel like I don’t want to lie to it! I don’t know if I should go along with it because it’s a turn-on, or end it because I feel like now I’m being untruthful. It’s very conflicting though this blog has been a great source of info. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Rae! Welcome to the blog and thank you for your comments.

      First of all let me say while “small penis” humiliation/teasing is often thought of as being the exclusive domain of men who are lesser endowed, that’s surprising not always the case. It’s not uncommon for men of average and even above average endowment to seek small penis humiliation/teasing. What fuels the desire for a man to crave small penis teasing can run the gambit from locker room insecurities (as your boyfriend experienced) to other forms of penis size comparisons, experiences/comments from women he has been with, etc.

      The first thing I always recommend is talking to your boyfriend openly and honestly. Does he know how you feel about his penis and that you feel it’s perfect and very satisfying? And how does he feel about his own penis? Is he comfortable with it, or is he really insecure about it? If he is secure about his size, but still gets off on small penis teasing, then there may be nothing wrong with providing it to him assuming you are comfortable in doing so. Women are often confused about SPH, because they don’t always understand it, but it can be very powerful and arousing for men. I have received numerous emails from women who have expressed that their boyfriend/husbands desired SPH, but were confused by it and unsure how to provide it.

      What about lying? Remember, penis size is all relative. A big penis to one woman may be small to someone else. Let me give you two examples. In my situation, my wife and I both know that I have a very small penis. So, when she provides me SPH, it isn’t even a lie because it’s true. Another woman I spoke with has a husband with a 7” penis, which is an above average size, but he also craved SPH, so she provided it for him by comparing him with even larger sized men and dildos, etc. So, in that sense, it wasn’t a “lie” because even though he had an above average size penis, in comparison with larger ones he was “small” by comparison. See what I mean? It’s all relative

      Lastly, the fact that your boyfriend is seeking out SPH on the side is significant. A lot of men will often seek out alternative ways to get off on SPH if they feel their partner will not provide it. Why, because the fetish is incredibly intoxicating and addictive. Small penis teasing can be a lot of fun if properly understood and is consensual between both parties.

      Rae, I say kudos to you, for trying to understand your boyfriend’s fetish. Some women will just ignore it or refuse to provide it, but their significant others will still crave it. If it is something you feel that you just can’t provide, then you shouldn’t. You should only provide it if you can appreciate it for what it is – just a fetish that your boyfriend is super turned on by. It can open up a whole new way of looking at your relationship.


    • Perkins Says:

      First, congratulations on landing a boyfriend that pleases you sexually. And remember how much easier this should be than the opposite situation, if he had a small penis that you hated but who wanted to be praised for his prowess. You face a problem that many women would love to have.

      So you feel weird calling him tiny? Maybe you can compromise by offering faint praise… “You have such a cute penis, I love to play with it.” Handle it with two fingers, holding only the foreskin. Pretend that it’s tiny without actually saying so.

      Since he told you about being embarrassed when he was younger, explore with him what happened. Perhaps he is eroticizing his early experiences. He might enjoy talking about setting bigger men, even if they are not bigger than he is now.

      And most of all… Enjoy.

  8. Gillbert Says:

    Am I alone in enjoying looking at comparisson pics ie small one and large one. I have seen pics at nudist beaches of couples who are photographed together naked and wonder when a man has a small one and the other a large one what the conversation between couples might go like.
    Sorry for the rambling just seen the site and getting excited.

    • play613796 Says:

      Welcome to the Blog Gilbert! To answer your question, you’re certainly not alone in looking at comparison photos. many of us do as well.


    • Perk Says:

      My wife and I used to go to a nude beach every weekend in the summer (we still would, but we moved to a different town). For the most part, penis size is ignored, especially since we were often in the family-friendly section of the beach. Between the two of us, though, we’d often talk about other couples. And we both talked about which couples were hot and would be fun to play with.

      There were a few conversations with other couples that we both though looked hot, and she did tell other couples that she admired his cock, which was generally much larger than mine.

      You are certainly not alone in looking other men this way. Part of accepting that I am small, for me, has been accepting that bigger men are attractive.


      • J Says:

        No, you are not alone Gilbert! I enjoy looking at comparison pics, but my main reason for looking is to find ones to show my girlfriend that I think would turn her on!! She has not been with many men, I think she said like only 5 or 6, (she married young and “had” the same cock for 28 years) which by the way she recently informed me was quite bigger than mine. She had a few boyfriends before she married and a few more after her divorce 3 years ago. She also let me know straight forward when I asked her, that I am smaller than all of them!
        I try to find comparison pics where the little penis is as close to my size as possible. As I said, I show her these pictures, (only a couple so far) to hopefully turn her on, but I also want to be upfront and honest with her about my lack of size. I guess I want to show her that the majority of men out there could offer her more in that “department”, and the pic’s are in someway a substitute to demonstrate this visually to her without actually standing nude beside a guy with an average to huge size cock, (even though I know she would prefer that form of comparison!! lol). My reasoning for all this? Well…. I figure if I’m totally open and honest with my size and she see’s what the “majority” of men have to offer her, if she still chooses and accepts mine as sufficient or adequate enough, I don’t feel guilty in anyway that I might be cheating her out of “more pleasure” because of her limited exposure to naked men’s bodies…. does that make sense??

      • Jon Says:

        Wow-to be naked in front of another couple with the dude being hung-I can’t imagine how exposed I would feel. And to have my wife comment on the guys cock-I’m pretty sure I would either pop a tiny boner right there or it would retreat into my body so I looked totally dick-less! Not sure which would be worse. I feel deep shame just imagining the situation! 😏

  9. Jeremy Says:

    What a fantastic blog – so much of it, not least that delicious feeling of awe, inadequacy and inferiority that comes from seeing an alpha cock in the flesh, like reading my own thoughts.

    In my case there’s a problem – my girlfriend doesn’t get it and doesn’t seem to want to. In a way it’s like the situation Rae described – my cock isn’t actually small, at least not when it’s hard – but when I told her I liked to fantasise about being small, she wasn’t into it at all and wasn’t curious either. That was a couple of years ago. Ever since I’ve secretly felt rejected and bitter but never had the balls to raise the subject again. In truth I don’t know how. If she knew I was looking at small cock sites again she wouldn’t be impressed…

    Anyway, reading this site’s given me a bit of inspiration to try again, at least to make a proper go of talking about it. It might take a little while, but I’ll probably post on how I get on.

    • play613796 Says:

      Welcome to the Blog Jeremy and thank you for the comments. Hopefully in reading this blog, you have discovered – if you didn’t know already – that you’re definitely not alone in your thoughts, fantasies, etc. Many of us share very similar fantasies as you do.

      Don’t be too discouraged about the fact that your girlfriend “doesn’t get it.” Many don’t and it shouldn’t surprise us. For a lot of women, this is an entirely new subject area for them and they don’t understand it… but, many are intrigued by it and want to know more and seek out more information or openly engage their husbands/boyfriends in those discussions. And then there are others who may be slightly intrigued by it, but hesitate initiating a discussion about it, but would be open to if the guy brought it up. And then there are those, who don’t like the topic, are turned off completely by it and wouldn’t even engage in a discussion about it. Hopefully your girl isn’t in this category.

      If you’re going to engage your girl in the subject, you might try a different approach… Go out to dinner, and have a bottle of wine or two, and tell her you want to talk when you get home. Tell her you want to have an honest discussion about what turns you both on, and let her go first, and hopefully when it comes to your turn, she will be receptive to hearing what turns you on and… make sure you explain why it is such a turn on. The mistake some guys make is just blurting out what they want without explaining why it is such a major turn on for them.

      However you decided to engage her, let us know how it goes!


  10. Jon Says:

    Hmmmm… well I have conflicting thoughts on this one. Yes, I do enjoy looking at big ones like this for all the reasons you mentioned. However, maybe due to deep self-esteem issues based on looks, looking at large cocks can cause me a great deal of stress. I’m so envious and feel so cheated in life-including for my wife. I want her to have the best sex possible. On the other side, I get “comfort” from viewing grown men with tiny penises. I find them fascinating and
    the psychology of a grown man with a tiny dick is endlessly interesting to me! Thx for sharing so open and honestly!

    • play613796 Says:


      We will work on that self-esteem issue. There is no reason to beat yourself up over something you can’t control. Instead, embrace your small size and celebrate it!

      • Jon Says:

        Thanks for that. I am working on it. Actually this blog has been extremely helpful. I am glad it is so “small-penis positive”. I am in therapy now and have broached the subject. I am learning to love myself, my body and my small penis. But I have a lot of work ahead of me. Also, I will need to bring my wife up to speed on all this.

  11. Jon Says:

    Ugh! I come back to this blog and this pic just KILLS me! Am I the only one who when sometimes looking at a big cock my own penis just shrinks into itself? Right now I have an
    “innie”! Is that some type of retreat reaction to a big one?

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Jon,

      It very well could be! It is impressive though isnt it? Even I can admit that! :)

      • Jon Says:

        Oh he’ll yeah it is! I’d give anything just to feel that between my legs, packed into my pants, flopping around when I sleep, and most importantly going deep into my wife and hearing her moan like never before. Ah….what a dream!

  12. kdaddy23 Says:

    I don’t have endowment problems but I love this blog! One of the things I’ve always had to live with is having one woman tell me my cock isn’t big enough and the next one telling me it’s too big; or having a girlfriend tell me that the last boyfriend they had was smaller/bigger than me and, for a long time, that just used to mess with my head… until I realized that this is just the way it goes. I’ve seen guys with bigger cocks and I’ve sucked some big ones – and without feeling inadequate; I look at the picture provided and I just drool and even if I weren’t drooling, I can appreciate the beauty of another man’s cock hard or otherwise.

    • play613796 Says:


      Thanks for the kind words. You commented on a couple of things I want to address. Yes, I agree with you, it can be so confusing for a guy when he is considered “big” by one woman, yet “small” to another. And then some women will openly say “Size matters” while others will say “Size doesn’t matter.” Talk about confusion! No wonder guys have a complex about their penises when so many conflicting messages are sent their way. So yes, it can “mess up” a guy’s head… and unfortunately it can torment some guys for a lifetime, which is why I enjoy talking about all of these subjects. I feel like a lot (if not most men) have thought about most of the things I write about, but have never been able to discuss or reconcile their emotions internally.

      Another taboo subject that you touched on, that I also alluded to in this post, was our seemingly unwillingness to acknowledge another man’s nice looking cock. Of course it’s much easier and acceptable for gay and bi men to do so, but for some reason its taboo for a straight guy to admit it. Since you’re bi, you’re comfortable admitting it. But I also say to the straight guys, why can’t you openly admit it? I say it’s about time for us to be honest with ourselves in all respects. I think he has a magnificent cock and I’m very comfortable even admitting it to my wife. Unfortunately, a lot of guys would be too afraid to admit it, even though they know it’s true. It’s time for sexual honesty in relationships.

      Stay tuned, I have much more to write about! :)

      • Jon Says:

        Ok Steve, I’m going to put you to a test-I totally agree in wondering why the double-standard especially about a straight guy verbally appreciating another man’s cock. You say you can admit it to your wife, but have you or would you admit it to male friends? THAT would be a true test!!! If you haven’t but would be willing, you should do it and let us know their responses. ☺. The heat is on! 😃

  13. Jon Says:

    PS-I realize that this action would “out” you as a small guy-well actually just as an average guy if you don’t confess your size. But that may be part of why guy’s can’t compliment a big dick-they are saying, I am smaller than that guy. No man would want to confess he has a small dick to friends/family/co-workers. Unless of course he’s deep into SPH!

    • play613796 Says:

      Would I tell a male “friend” he has a nice cock? Yes, if the subject came up. Would I tell a stranger? Probably not.

      • Jon Says:

        Well it probably would not “come up” unless you were at the gym together. So, are you ever naked around other men that would “out” you as small and for you to receive SPH, even indirectly by them? I would think complimenting a stranger on his much larger cock or telling him how envious you were especially if your small penis is in his view would be EXTREMELY humiliating. 😄

  14. play613796 Says:

    Hi Jon,

    Which is probably why I wouldn’t say anything to a stranger. But a good friend? Possibly if the topic came up. Yes, it could be humiliating… Or just an e ample of being sexually honest.

    • Jon Says:

      I remembered just last night a situation I had in the military. There was a younger guy in my unit that was a cocky jerk. Physically he had nothing going on for him-kinda short, not handsome, etc. I was paired with him and couldn’t figure out why he thought he was such hot stuff. Well one day we ended up showering together. Side by side we took a glance. When he saw my small penis I noticed a big grin on his face. As I glanced down at his I understood why-his cock looked at like like the pic here. It was long and thick and totally soft and I couldn’t believe it. I got the weirdest feeling of being less of a man even tho I was “better” than him in every other respect. I was so embaraseed I felt my penis shrink into itself this has happened before). Skin covers it and the head goes into my body so I end up with an “innie”. From that moment on our relationship changed. He acted dominant, was always smiling at me, flirted openly with my girl and even started calling me “big man”. I am much taller but I know he meant it as a jibe to my penis. Damn I hated him!

      • Al Ball Says:

        Yes i have a buddy that the same happened with. But my wife thinks he is cute. I did not tell her he was hung.

    • Jon Says:

      I did comment to a stranger once in a gym shower. As he walked in with a long swinging dick, I just commented “lucky”. He looked at mine, smiled and shook his head. He made some comment about its what you do with it that counts. Glad he was nice about it but I know he wouldn’t trade!

  15. Al Ball Says:

    i get turned on by a big penis. Wife even caught me once looking on line at them, I said i’m comparing. She said don’t worry, but I do. i used to play basketball to look.

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  18. Greg Says:

    I definitely agree – I am in total awe of men with big cocks especially since my cock is so small especially flaccid. When I am in a locker situation and changing my cock is usually the small there and this makes me feel very submissive.

    • Al Ball Says:

      Yes i have the same problem, unless I get excited. Then I get embarrassed by a hard on.

      • Perk Says:

        That’s a frustration of having a small penis. Big men can walk around naked semi-hard, and it just looks like they a huge flaccid penis. Smaller guys like me don’t get a bigger hang when excited. I get this absurdly hard, high-angled erection. There is no plausible explanation for it other than being aroused.

        At least I can control it now. When I was younger, I used to get aroused in locker rooms all the time.

      • Al Ball Says:

        Nice, well I don’t control it as well as i should. If i can keep my head maybe, but if i get lost in staring, boing, lol Then all the flopping big guys stare. Or quickly dress.

      • Perk Says:

        I want to ask you some other questions… touch base with me at

  19. Greg Says:

    “Guys with average or small penises look in awe at the bigger guys. No, it doesn’t make them gay. It’s because it’s something they don’t have but they are fascinated by them.”

    This statement totally strikes a chord with me. I am always in awe and feel submissive to a man with a big penis knowing he could fuck my wife far better than I. When my wife and I are at the nude beach or when we go with friends (I have three male friends that like to go with us) and all of them have a much larger penis I know my place as a small man.

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