Have You Measured Your Partner’s Penis?

Here my Questionnaire - Copy

How many of you ladies have measured the penis size of your current or former partners?  I think there is a lot more of this going on than people would have you to believe.  Many women secretly or openly want to know the penis size of their partner and how he measures up with other men.  And if the truth be known, men love it when women are curious about our penis size and want to measure them.  You will find most men will be eager to let you measure them regardless of their penis size.  We love it when you know our size and when you refer to our penis in inches.  So, why take our word for it?  Go ahead and measure us and see for yourself!

I was perusing the internet recently and found a site where women were “chatting” about this topic very enthusiastically.  Here are some of their comments.  Apparently there is a lot of penis measuring going on!    I see an interesting pattern here, do you?

After a gr8 night out, last night for a giggle I took the tape measure out on my old man   He was only 4 ½ inches long. Having compared with my friends info, I think my hubby is seriously not measuring up!  lol – ( I suspected as much)

Hmm, He is only 5”, and I think I could accommodate a larger organ  

My husband’s erection is almost 5 inches long. I have never had sex with anyone else so I have no idea if size matters. I wonder what 7 or 8 inches would feel like. 5 inches is perfect for oral sex but I am curious about sex with a larger man.  Do I approach him with this fantasy?

He is only 4” and not nearly big enough, although I would never tell him that though

He’s 7, but the width is outrageous and I love it ;)

7 when really turned on. And 2in thick. Sometimes it hurts when he wants it in deep.

We measured it a couple weeks ago lol.  6.5inches long, and 6.5 inches around. Just perfect.

Not big enough.. Ugh :(

A good 9 inches with respectful girth..and amazing hang time!

He’s only about 5 inches but he’s got a tongue like a GOD……..:)

 He is a tad over 8 inches and pretty thick.  He can rip me apart if he is not careful but I love it.

8 inches about 2 thick.  He’s a master.

My last 2 have been (sorry guys) tiny like maybe 4-5 in, my bf before that was BIG, like 9in and fat.   So it really sucks going from big to small!

3 inches! Try to find condoms that will fit! No luck

 7inches…About normal I’d say. I’ve been with bigger and smaller but he’s the first to make me “O” ;)

So, if you haven’t ever measured your partner, take out a cloth tape measure to measure his girth and a ruler to measure his length and see how he measures up.  If you did, what did you think?  Were you disappointed, pleasantly surprised?  And, how did he compare with your former partners?

15 Responses to “Have You Measured Your Partner’s Penis?”

  1. luv2sex.info Says:

    LOL! No women in my love. Doesn’t matter whether if I measure up!

  2. cucktimmi Says:

    What was the site that you find these comments?

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Cucktimmi, I thought I had kept the website link, but cannot seem to find it. There were lots of comments from women on there, and the ones I included were just a sample of women whose partners were both big and small.

  3. Karen Says:

    I measure him and it does excite him knowing he can’t “hide” from the truth! He is small and it’s humbling for him to see the few inches that he has to offer measured next to my favorite toy… He is much smaller in every way. Funny though, when you first measure a guys penis how he will try to get it as hard as he can and put the ruler on the side or push into his fat pad to get a couple extra inches!!! Hahah

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for the great post! I should mention that your husband’s excitement at being “outed” for his small penis is shared by many of us who are lesser endowed. Knowing that we can’t “hide the truth” can also be somewhat liberating for us. The next logical step, as you pointed out, is being compared next to our partners dildo which is further evidence for both that the hubby doesn’t measure up. The wife knows it and so does the husband, but from there, they can have a lot of fun.

      You obviously have some experience at measuring penises. You’re right; a lot of guys will do anything to “overstate” their size in an effort to impress a woman. They will measure it alongside the penis, include the balls, etc., anything to make it appear larger than it is. This is why women (and not men) should measure our penises so they get an accurate measurement.


      • Al Ball Says:

        Play613796, When I first dated my wife(actually about a year later when we first started having sex), I measured it balls and all and smilingly told her 6.5 inches. Partly I didn’t know just how to measure it. So for a few years she had small comments at times about size, etc. So she finally one night measured it herself and come back with, “Um this much be wrong, your 4.8 inches????” “I said what?? I must have shrunk?” She laughed about that and I told her how i measured it years ago. I told her her’s must be the wrong way. Well she looked it up on line and showed me she was right. So soon after that she had me buy her a 7.5 inch vibrator. Before that she had a 6 inch. I asked her about the added size and she would not say much. Just it felt good. So I still get the small comments and her vibrator gets much more use then I do anymore.

  4. skinnymini Says:

    I had a girlfriend once who told me one day that her friends asked her if I had a tiny dick. They thought I did. She wasn’t telling. I was outraged! I couldn’t believe it. Why would they even think such a thing? Was it because I wore track pant shorts that revealed a tiny nub instead of a manly bulge? So one evening while we were getting frisky, she asked if she could measure it. I said sure, why not. It was actually a turn on to get that kind of attention. And up to this point, I hadn’t seen many naked guys at the gym or anything, so really didn’t know how I measured up. So she gets a ruler, I lay back on the bed naked as a jaybird, and she lines it up along the top of my hardon, measuring perfectly from base to tip. Suddenly, a deathly silence fills the room as her jaw drops and her eyes fill with disbelief. “Well?”, I ask. “Four and three-quarters inches”, is the reply. What?! No way! I didn’t know much about sizes, but that sounded small! “Measure again.” This time I concentrated, forcing every ounce of blood into my raging wiener. “Four… point eight inches,” she declared. Naturally I was mortified. My tiny dick shrunk to a pinky, I whipped my jockies back on, and that was that. Next time I saw her girlfriends they had this wry smile on their face… like they knew my little secret… And that my friends, is how my little fetish in small penis humiliation began ;)


    (On a side note, can people post pictures on this site? I would’ve added one to my story to spice it up! Then the girls would have proof beyond words.)

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi “Skinnymini” – welcome to the Blog and thanks for your comments. I have refrained from adding photos of contributors as I don’t want this site to turn into a photo comparison site. There are a number of sites out there that encourage photos, but I would like to keep this site as primarily a forum to discuss size related issues/ideas.


    • Jon Says:

      That would be very embarrassing and the ultimate “outing” I would think!

  5. Jon Says:

    I haven’t asked my wife to measure but I may. When I told her my size-she didn’t believe me and thought I was bigger than that. The ruler would not lie! Actually just the sight of a ruler or anything noting small inches is intimidating!!

    • play613796 Says:

      Having your spouse measure your erect penis can be a lot of fun and lead to a very erotic “sex talk.” I highly recommend it! :)

      • SteveB Says:


        Here is a thought. How about measuring the width of your partner’s vagina? I am not sure exactly how to do that without medical instruments but I figured I would offer up the “flip side”.


  6. oralb69 Says:

    The first time my wife measured mine, was soon after we started to have sex. she measured the front, balls to head, ohhh 6.5 she said, nice. She has had a suspicion over the years that it isn’t quirt that big. Using little nudges of SPT. So a few years back I showed her how I read it should be measured. She did and it measured 4.8, she did it again. Same. How come you used to be longer? I said i gained some weight, but not a lot. But in some ways it seems the size knowledge has changed her bedroom thinking. i have had to do more eating and fingering to get her off then it used to. But other problems have limited our in bedroom together and it had been now 11 months. So not sure if size did matter. But I believe it helped.

  7. RC Sax Says:

    My wife also just measured me this past year after thirty-five years of being married. Both my wife and I have stayed active in sport and stay in shape. We get told we look like we are in our forties but we are both sixty. One night after going out with the young girls on her team is when this came up. The night she measured me I was almost five inches long and four point three inches in girth. It was shorty after that and because her girl friends said bigger feels better she came home with a realistic penis looking vibrator that is eight inches long and six inches in girth. Now I’m required to us my tongue a lot more and my hands and I can’t believe the earth shattering orgasms she has with that big vibrator. A lot of times more often then not she will just give me a quick hand job to finish me off. My penis doesn’t get much pussy time anymore but I’m not complaining because we do it more now.

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