Small Penis Humiliation – A Woman’s Thread

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The most popular blog post in the last month (in page views and comments) by far has been “Understanding Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation.” 

Several women have written to me publicly or privately telling me how much fun it is for them.  But, it is also a very misunderstood topic, and one woman asked me to start a thread for women who might be interested in pursuing it.  The following three questions are for women to respond to.  Please give us your thoughts.   At the end, I have rounded up examples of Small Penis Humiliation that women have already provided to give you some ideas.  Please add to them! 

In the end, I hope this can be a clearinghouse for those interested in the topic addressing possible concerns, why women like it, and ideas of things to say and do.

(1) What concerns (or fears) do you have in providing your husband with Small Penis Humiliation?

(2)Why do you like to provide your husband with Small Penis Humiliation?  Why is it exciting for you?

(3)Can you share with us examples of things you say and do to provide your husband with the Small Penis Humiliation he craves?

Here are some excellent examples of ideas of things to say and do from our female readers:

(1)    “I’m so horny today, too bad your cock is useless. I am going to the bedroom, you’re watching the kids.” Then I fuck myself) and give him nothing but a satisfied look later.

(2)    Yawn during sex is always a winner!

(3)    Ask him while he is inserting his cock – “Are you in yet?”

(4)    Tell him to hurry up and finish cause I want to watch TV or that I am bored. Or stop him before he cums and tell him that is all for now and not let him cum.

(5)    Grab a ruler and measure his penis, and then measure his finger and compare the two. A ruler is a true testament to how small he is.

(6)    Flirt with other men, smile at them, check out their bulges… text guy friends and get into sexy chats.

(7)    Talk about penis size in front of husband, telling my friends that a small cock is pretty useless. Hubby will be praying you don’t divulge his secret. Some men want you to tell others, but that is up to the couple. My husband doesn’t.

(8)    Dressing sexy is a must to ensure guys are checking me out.

(9)    Make hubby watch me enjoy my toy then make him lick my juices off. Don’t ask, make him – order him!

(10)The meanest and more humiliating… tell hubby he is not allowed to cum during sex, and if he does, make him give you oral after sex, eating up his sperm. He will do it if you demand it… and if he doesn’t no sex for a couple months!

(11)We definitely do the comparison to previous partners (which I have been blessed with many well-endowed men), I show him often the ideal size which is, much, larger than his. He loves it when I hold my fingers in a circle of the ideal girth and rub it over his and I am barely touching him.

(12)During sex he asks how much I can feel him on a scale of 1 – 10.  I regularly say 1 or zero and boy how he loves it.

(13)The best thing I ever did was tell my girlfriends!  I explained to him that I discussed penis size with my girlfriends and when they asked if my husband was big, I answered, “Oh no he’s small”. The embarrassment that came from him knowing my friends (who he sees regularly) know he’s tiny, quite honestly puts him over the edge time and time again.

(14)One year for his birthday, I put together a PowerPoint presentation, of photos I had taken one drunken night with all my girlfriends, showing their ideal size with their hands (all larger than him). He was very thankful.

(15)My husband loves SPH, but I didn’t understand why. To be honest, it kind of excites me too.   I bought a dildo the size of my former lover, who had a very big cock.  I compared it to my husband’s small erection and he became very excited.

(16)When we have sex, I always use my large dildo first.  I just matter-of-factly explained to my husband that this was how it was in nature – men with big dicks always get pussy first while small dicked men have to wait their turns.   Hearing me say that really turned him on.  He loves what he calls the sloppy seconds.

(17)The one thing I have had to learn is to make it realistic, to say – I want another man’s cock in me to my husband in a convincing way. I use to giggle and laugh… but the more real the better for him.

(18)I once took a picture of ONLY the inches he reached on a ruler and made him post that photo on Facebook (not his cock, just the ruler inches that he reached)… the comments were hilarious. We never confessed what it was about, but it was pretty funny.

(19)After I had sex with my dildo first and then my husband, he asked me what his cock felt like.  I told him that he felt really small, which he did, but it really turned him on!

(20)I found out about the small penis humiliation fetish in a strange way.  My husband left a website on the subject on our computer and I found it.  At first I thought it was bizarre, but my husband was looking at it for a reason, so I decided to pursue it.  To be honest, my husband does have a small cock in both length and thickness, but I had never mentioned it to him before because it really wasn’t that big of deal to me. So, I confronted the issue “head” on so to speak.  I asked my husband if he thought he had a small dick and I think he was stunned and embarrassed that I brought it up, but he acknowledged that he did.  I shocked him further by saying I thought so too.  I also told him that “Size Does Matter,” despite what he might have heard and I asked him how he was going to start compensating for having such a little dick.   I think its one thing for a man to read something like this on the Internet or hear it from someone else, but it’s entirely different if your own wife acknowledges it!  J Ever since, my husband has been a much better and attentive husband. Why didn’t I think of this sooner!

(21)I cuckold him with my huge dildo – and deny him sex after at times because his cock is too small, HE LOVES THAT!

21 Responses to “Small Penis Humiliation – A Woman’s Thread”

  1. Michele Says:

    Are you in control??? Here is one true test! Have your man kiss you, while you have a mouth full of his cum. Read on for explanation, it works!!!

    One of the most powerful and most erotic things to do to a man is to learn to take ownership of his penis away from him – we can all agree to that! The humiliation or “teasing” keeps him aroused and interested in sex and in his wife or girlfriend. It also keeps him pretty focused on his spouse – unless she is not overly devoted to the process, her hot and cold attitude will cause him to look for the things he is craving elsewhere (that would likely NEVER happen if the man has a small penis and the woman is controlling his cock).

    With that in mind, the woman is free to play or have sex with or flirt with other men, WITH the husband’s full permission and encouragement. Now, not all women are going to jump at the chance to get with other men or even have the confidence to do so… but as you pointed out Steve, they can still play in the fantasy world, embrace the power, and play on the edges of the reality. For example, dressing sexy, going without bras or panties, emailing, texting, humiliation, denial, toys and even going out with other men on dates without sex is all great fun. Make a new male friend and flirt with him, maybe even let him know your husband is small… its all up to each couple. Again, this happens in stages.

    **** Now, one thing that I have done, which takes things from both the power and humiliation world, and adds in reality that REALLY is powerful and erotic is: Give your man a blow job, nice and slow… when he cums in your mouth, do not rush off to spit it out or swallow it. Hold it in your mouth and move to kiss him. As you kiss him, do not spit the cum in his mouth, but let it be there, dripping into his mouth and rolling off your tongue in a normal French kiss kind of way. He will not realize it at first, but suddenly he will know what happened. Because this came from you, he will accept it. Possibly protesting… but you can say, that your in charge and you want him to accept it. Make or break really… is the man really serious about you controlling his cock??? Well, if you say so, he must drink his cum for you.

    You see, many men are homophobic and will not eat their own cum. Women are expected to lick their used dildos, suck their juices off their fingers – but a men run from the sight of their own cum. As a women, getting your man to accept his cum is powerful… it helps the man to accept himself and his role – you are in charge after all. Now, the KEY is not to ask him if it is ok… most men will not be open to it. But surprise him with a cum filled kiss and he soon will accept his role and enjoy his own taste.

    Ladies, no more sex without orgasm after he cums in you. No more having to swallow ever drop, save some for him. This is just something I have done through the years with great success. If you are not going to screw other men for him, then a way to make fantasy more a reality is truly show that you are in charge. Every man I have done this to has protested, but eventually all have learned to accept their bodies and cum, and my power over them. It is a true test to if he is willing to let you be in control. If her refuses, let him know that you want him to and you are supposed to be in control… and in a about a week of no humiliating, or sex, or anything… he will come back to you and say he will give it a try.

    It is great fun! Try it!!!

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Michele,

      Welcome to the blog! Thank you for the excellent post and for providing some more great ideas for women who might be contemplating this activity. You sound very experienced in providing men with the erotic teasing they crave.

      Since you seem to know so much about this, can you help address two of the earlier questions? For example, what kinds of concerns or fears would women have in providing their husband/partner with small penis humiliation, and… how can they overcome them?

      Secondly, since it sounds like you enjoy this activity, what is it specifically about it that is exciting or stimulating for you as a woman?

      Thanks again for the wonderful post! Feel free to share other ideas you have!


  2. Michele Says:

    (22) Are you in control??? Here is one true test! Have your man kiss you, while you have a mouth full of his cum. If he refuses, the reality is stronger then the fantasy!!! (Read my post to understand how).

  3. Michele Says:

    Your a curious chap hey Steve? To answer your questions:

    1. What kinds of concerns or fears would women have in providing their husband/partner with small penis humiliation, and… how can they overcome them? There are tons of obstacles for women to overcome, but more so for the men to learn to accept their inadequacies. The fears are typical, rejection, anger, arguements. The bottom line is it is a long process, a marathon and not a sprint. A women or wife can test the waters and see the husbands level of acceptance of their penis size. Most cases, the men are starting a lot of these conversations. I can’t really easily answer this question. People should just read through the site and research and see what they connect with and what they don’t.

    2. Secondly, since it sounds like you enjoy this activity, what is it specifically about it that is exciting or stimulating for you as a woman? For me, YES – I love the power! Men tend to dominate everything in their worlds. They are aggressive, competitive, seemingly confident! But you take that man and discover a small cock??? So I married a man with a small cock. 4.5 inches big and average width. He is the man in everyway. Big, strong, popular and cocky. But he was not that good in bed, had a small penis, and was difficult at times to deal with. It was a long process of me learning and him learning about SPH – several years really. But then it happened, I took control – and never gave it back! It is a lot of work being in charge of my husbands cock, it is not a once in a month thing, not if I want the best behavior out of him. Daily I tease him, use my toys, laugh at him, laugh with my girlfriends, make him wear my panties, WHATEVER… it is daily. But now I am so cared for and respected. If your heart is not in this, then you won’t be as successful. Make it your own, be relentless, and mean toward him about his lowsy sexing of you and his tiny and useless cock – develop a preference for toys and let him know it! You will have ALL you want and he will love LOVE LoVe serving you!

    Ideas, above were a lot of great ones! I truly feel that my husband learning to eat his cum out of my pussy was a huge step to him COMPLETELY giving into me. It took several months, but now he will do it if I ask!

    To add to the list, my husband gets excited if:
    1. I send topless photos to a select few of guy friends
    2. That I pretend my dildo is someone we know that I find attractive
    3. I go out of my way to talk to other men – at the store, restaurants, parks, games, where ever.
    4. Dressing provocative is important. Reminds him how sexy you are, gets other mens attention, and I myself feel hotter and more into this.
    5. Mornings at the gym mean time to flaunt what I got! Learn to enjoy the guys checking you out!
    6. I agree with a lot of the other things listed above also… using my toys and not giving him anything. Making him give me oral and then just thanking him and rolling over for sleep. It is how most men have treated us, what a rewarding experinece to finally be pleased and be selfish… ladies, it is not mean, the men stay super horny and you can do it the next day too!
    7. Lastly… MAKE IT FUN! Laugh, have a good time. Set contests, goals… try bigger toys, experiment with your husband. You don’t need another mans cock to make this all super fun and rewarding for the wife and husband!

    What does your wife think Steve? What does she do? Has she read this site and gotten ideas? Are you prepared to drink your own cum?

    Thanks again for the wonderful post! Feel free to share other ideas you have!

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Michele,

      Thanks for your insightful follow-up comments. Yes, I guess I am a “curious chap” as are many small endowed men. We love knowing what you think! I can’t begin to tell you how many men have read articles on this site and contacted me privately wanting to know exactly that – what do womenreally think about this subject, so I know they appreciate your helpful advice as well. Even women in relationships with small endowed men have contacted me urging that I start this thread to give them ideas, so here we are.

      The first question I posed about what concerns/fears do women have and how can you overcome them is the important first question to be addressed. Your response about it being a marathon and not a sprint is right on target. The first step is for the man to acknowledge his small endowment and accept it. Once he does, you have an opening, and should accept it as well, especially if it’s true. From there, as you said, the wife should start testing the waters – and there are a number of suggestion in this thread that women can experiment with. But the key to all of this is, as you have pointed out, it should be fun!

      I don’t know if you read all of the posts on this site yet, but in one post “Women: Large Dildo’s vs. Small Penises” a woman (MM) wrote about how she used a dildo that was longer and thicker than her husband and how upset he became, so upset in fact that he threw them all out! I felt really sad for that woman because she was just trying to have some fun and her husband is apparently so insecure about his lack of size that he was denying his own wife a little fun. Men like that, who are angry and resentful about being shortchanged are probably not going to embrace small penis humiliation. That’s why women, as you pointed out, should “test the waters” to see where their husband is at.

      You also addressed the second question about what is it about this activity that is both exciting and appealing to women. Power, a more attentive and loving husband, etc., are all within the grasp of women married to small endowed men. What woman wouldn’t want a relationship like that? Some women have reported the same exact benefits – they LOVE it. As I have mentioned elsewhere, it’s one thing for a man to read about how women prefer a bigger penis or even hearing a woman say it online or in a bar or something, but when their own wife mentions it, the dynamics of the relationship will change immediately.

      We shouldn’t neglect another population of women either. There are some women married to small endowed men who have written to me saying they actually PREFER a smaller penis. In those cases, small penis humiliation can still work beautifully. Remember, it is all about changing his attitude!

      Another VERY important point you made, and I believe other women have said in related posts is the need to provide SPH to your husband frequently – not occasionally, but often! It doesn’t need to occur in the bedroom only, but anywhere at any time.

      What does my own wife think and has she read this site? Good questions! First, yes, she is aware of this site and finds it to be interesting –especially the comments from women! She is also amazed at the site statistics – we have had a tremendous following. Secondly, she is going to write a response to be posted here in the very near future –so stay tuned. I’m looking forward to seeing it myself!

      Oh, am I prepared to eat my own cum? To be honest, I had never even thought about that! Now you have given my wife another idea! My first inclination would be to protest for all of the reasons you stated in your initial post. But would I? Hmmm, I’ll let you know if she suggests it! :)

      Michele- thanks again for your comments. Feel free to continue adding to this thread if you think of anything you may have forgotten, and let me know if there are any other topics you would like to see addressed here!

      PS: Thanks for adding to the list. You certainly have a lot of creative ways to make your relationship exciting and keep your husband on his toes at the same time! :)


  4. Karen Says:

    After doing some thinking about this site and the message that we are communicating as women to our men, I feel it only fair that I point out something very important… that all of this is only possible because we have kind, caring and loving husbands that we have a strong relationship!

    You see, for me and many woman that I know, the size of a man’s penis is secondary to the quality of the men we marry. For many women, including me, it is all in fun that we humilate our husbands small penises, these men want this experience. If my husband did not enjoy it, I would not want to hurt him – in anyway.

    Dildos are great fun also and can make up for any lack of size that he may have, but again – together my husband and I explored the larger sizes – in a caring loving and natural way. I always will prefer having sex with him, even if it is not satisfying, becuase I love him. I am lucky that I have a man that accepts himself and allows me to not only use toys, but focuses on my pleasure.

    Dont get me worng, I really enjoy all the things I have written about throughout this blog, but I felt like I had to say that I would not trade him as a person for anyone. So women reading this for ideas or men that are reading this wondering what their wives really think, I would say that your cocks might be small, but we can work with it! The main point is to communicate and have fun and if exploring the boundaries of your relationship is exciting for you, then enjoy. The foundation is what is important, the love bond is ever lasting – size may feel better if bigger, but the man is more important and most women would trade size for a good man. Thank you!

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Karen,

      What a nice post! It’s also very timely. I was just sharing these posts with my wife this weekend, and asked her to contribute as well. She was a little hesitant at first, because she felt her thoughts and experiences differed from what some of the women have said on here already. But, I encouraged her to do it anyway, because not all women look at this topic in the same way. The way I look at it, the more information shared the better. So, look for a post from her soon, but in the meantime I can tell you that it supports a lot of what you have said here!

      You have touched on many of the important aspects of small penis humiliation. Whether or not a woman should even provide this for her husband really does depend on the relationship and how strong it is. There also needs to be excellent communication between both parties.

      From a man’s point of view, I can tell you it was hard for me to share this with my wife, but fortunately, I felt our relationship was strong enough and she was open to listening why I craved it so much. I would be curious to know how the subject came up with other couples and whose idea was it to pursue it. If the husband brought it up, what was the wives initial reaction to it? And, if the wife brought it up, what was the husband’s reaction to it?

      Much like you are satisfied with your husband Karen, my wife is very content with me sexually as well even though I have a small penis. But, because I’m small and she reminds me, I do feel a very powerful urge to compensate for my small cock by being a better husband despite my obvious limitations. Likewise, the use of larger dildos and seeing her enjoyment of them is also exciting and motivates me as well. All of it is very exciting for me. But, as you pointed out, in the end it is all about communication and having fun in the bedroom and enjoying a healthy, loving relationship.

      Thanks again for your excellent contribution!


  5. offshore corporations Says:

    This must be a happy thing to find for unlucky wife of a worthless small dick: The cuckolding sites showing her how she can have a real sex life with lovers with real men and to have fun making her husband humiliated and ashamed, both by her and her lovers.

  6. company offshore Says:

    Of all the possible male issues a small penis is the one thing you can’t overcome . A fat guy maybe could lose the weight , a lush maybe will quit drinking but a little dick is a little dick . Some women might be satisfied if their little dicked partner puts on a n extender or uses a dildo but I need the real thing and it better be at least 7″ and thick . I tried at least for a while to stay with my ex-husband but he only had a little cocktail weenie- not even 4 ” long . I met a guy with a beautiful thick cock 9″ long and there is no comparison . After a few times with the boyfriend’s 9 – incher I had nothing but complete contempt for my husband’s ugly little dick and dumped him . After my new BF shoves his nice big cock down my pussy I am so full with his cock and know the next day I can still feel it . My ex’s little dick was more like an insect buzzing around and now that my new BF has stretched it all out my husband’s little cock is so small I barely can feel anything .

  7. John Says:

    I find this info amazing. I am aroused by the concept of being outed on my thin, short cock. My wife has no desires for me for other reasons and could not care less about my puny prick. Oh well.

  8. DavidCase Says:

    Women laugh when ever they see my penis because it is only 3.8 inches long when erect. I do not like it when they laugh but if it is the only way l can get their attention the it works for me. My girlfriend June will only let me give her oral sex. I get a tiny erection when I lick her vagina I wish I had a vagina instead of a small penis.

  9. Liz Says:

    There are a lot of other things a woman can do to show her power and control and own it more. I tried Michele’s suggestion above with great success… It’s so erotic and exciting, I would have never guessed. But I wanted to throw a couple other suggestions out.

    1. Share your Dildo. Don’t just use it on yourself, use it on him also. Along the lines of make or break, a guy is truly vulnerable when you put your dildo in him. Complete power shift. Maybe start with your finger and lube while giving a hand job – he will like it and do it if you tell him you want to.

    2. Mantises – these are panties for men. Show your uncharged and buy a pair on line for him. Nothing says, I’m the boss, more then making him where some panties for men! My husband wears them when I tell him, usually when he has misbehaved.

    3. Request that he shave all his pubic hair… Not just trim it, shave it bald. Take a photo and tell him he looks like a child.

    4. Make him pee sitting down. Tell him since he does not have a man size cock, he needs to pee sitting down like a woman.

    5. Have him say out loud anything you want him to say. One favorite of mine is, “I have a small and useless cock and my wife is in charge of it. I must pleasure her when she wants, how she wants, and not ask for anything in return.”

    These are a progression of course. But I tried to give some new ideas.

  10. Liz Says:

    Thank you! We try to keep the fire going in my marriage, it’s not just up to him to suggest things and he gets more out of it when I make him do things he would never suggest or do on his own.

    I think that’s why having him eat his cum is so hot and why the things I listed get him going. My husband is open to try things and it makes it fun for both of us.

    I believe you need to expand beyond your comfort zone to really enjoy these activities and get the true high and sexual energy out of it. If you just do what’s comfortable, it can become less enjoyable for everyone involved in the long run.

  11. A Woman’s Guide: How to Provide Small Penis Teasing to Your Husband | lovesmallpenis Says:

    […] Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation,” posted on August 17, 2012, and the companion article, “Small Penis Humiliation – A Woman’s Thread” posted on October 15, 2012 contain many ideas, suggestions and great comments from women and […]

  12. pete Says:

    My wife is in total control of me and our relationship. We are both devoted to each other but if I did not submit to her I wonder if that would still be the case. She constantly reminds me of my pathetic cock even though it genuinely isnt pathetic but thats part of the lifestyle we live. It does however hold me true to her and her dominance. Im forced into femme clothing all of the time, discreet lingerie etc whilst at work and sometimes chasity. We have sex fairly regularly and when we do she will often do her nails or go on facebook on her phone, I will ask if im doing well and she answers with comments such as ‘is it in then?’ or have you started yet, I cant feel it and so on and constantly reminds me of my pathetic cock, its humiliating but drives me wild, she really enjoys the power too! Its what keeps our sex life lively. She also insists I lick her out after cumming and often makes me wank off and again I must eat everything I produce or my arse and cock and balls feel her riding crop! Its all fun, apparently the next little game she has in store for me is forced bi with a well hung guy, now yhat really repulses me but you know what? If it pleases her I will do it without question after all you ladies are without question the controlling and superior sex.

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