Understanding Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation



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Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation

Women who are married to, or in a relationship with men who are small-endowed may have stumbled upon the term Small Penis Humiliation or its acronym (SPH) but have no idea what it is or why it’s appealing to so many lesser endowed men.  So, what is small penis humiliation? Small penis humiliation is loosely defined as a man who gains sexual arousal when his wife or girlfriend makes derogatory comments about the size of his penis (length and/or girth) and his inability to satisfy his woman sexually and/or being compared unfavorably to other men who are better-endowed.

At the outset, let’s draw an important and clear distinction between small penis humiliation and what I prefer to call small penis teasing/sexual honesty.  If you do any research on small penis humiliation, you will undoubtedly find a whole array of things it might include, some of which are very extreme.  Like all fetishes there are healthy and less healthy versions. But, this explanation should help to clarify why small penis humiliation has such a negative connotation to it.

Let’s look first at small penis teasing/sexual honesty.  Think about it this way.  If your man has a small penis and you both know it, is it humiliating to tell him he is small?  The answer is no, not at all, it’s the truth.  How can it be humiliating to tell someone the truth?  It might taboo to tell him that, and it might not even be politically correct, but if it excites him, there is nothing wrong with telling him the truth.   Similarly, if you are watching an adult movie and you see a man who is much better endowed than your husband, is it humiliating to tell him that?  Not if it’s true. Or, what if you need or simply want to include a larger dildo in your lovemaking. Is that humiliating for your husband?  Not if you have good sexual honesty and communication it isn’t.    

Now, let’s look at the extremes of small penis humiliation. Instead of calling his penis small or little, what if you told him it resembled a clit more than a penis is that humiliating?  Yes, that’s probably over the top.  What if you wanted him to wear panties is that humiliating and degrading?  Yes.  Is making your man parade nude in front of your girlfriends exposing his small penis humiliating?  Yes of course.  Is denying him sex because he is too small to satisfy you humiliating?  Yes.  These are all examples of more extreme forms of small penis humiliation that could rightly be considered emasculating and humiliating.  Still, some men are even drawn to these extremes.

There are very distinct differences between the two explanations provided above.  This article will focus on small penis teasing/sexual honesty, and is not an endorsement of it, but will attempt to explain why it holds such a powerful appeal for so many small endowed men.  In fact, it should also be pointed out that there are even some men of average and even above average endowments who enjoy small penis humiliation. 


Men who are small endowed usually fall into one of three categories.  The first is the man who knows he is small but it really hasn’t affected him in any negative way.  He may even be in a relationship with a woman who doesn’t care about penis size either and so the issue has never even been brought up.  The second category is the man who is well aware of his lack of penis size but he keeps it to himself because he is embarrassed to admit it and he harbors anger and resentment at being shortchanged.  He would never admit to his wife that he doesn’t measure up, and would be utterly paralyzed if she called him out on it.  The third category is the man who has not only come to grips with the fact they are small; but they also eroticize about it obsessively, and will willingly acknowledge their shortcomings to their partners.  Many men in this category crave small penis humiliation and will proactively seek it out.

Similarly, women married to men who are lesser endowed also fall into one of three categories.  Like the first category above, some women honestly don’t care about penis size.  They may be simply be attracted by the characteristics of their lover.  They may even be sexually content, so penis size for is basically irrelevant to them and is a non-issue.  Women in the second category definitely know their man is undersized, and his lack of size can be a problem.  She may be sexually frustrated at times and resort to masturbation and/or secretly use dildos to achieve orgasm.  Depending on the type of small endowed man she is married to, she may keep her sexual frustrations to herself, but she is nonetheless well aware of them.  Women in the third category are well aware their husbands do not possess a full-sized penis. But, what sets women in this category apart from the others is that they will openly acknowledge it to their husbands and may even be proactive looking for alternative ways to achieve sexual satisfaction including openly using dildos, strap-on cocks or other sex toys.  The other important thing that sets them (and they not even realize it) is just having knowledge that their husbands don’t measure up and acknowledging it openly gives them a lot of power in the relationship.  Just by the nature of their sexual honesty, they are already providing their husbands with small penis humiliation – probably without even understanding what it is.   

Understanding the root causes of small penis humiliation

Let’s face it there is little argument that the penis is one of the most important parts of the male body. Men are obsessed with their penises, and we live in a society that is fixated and fascinated by penis size.  Many ancient cultures worshipped large phallic symbols and men with large penises were to be admired and complimented for it.  They are often the alpha, aggressive dominant male that many women secretly (or openly) desire. Men with large cocks are appealing to women because they exude sexual confidence and represent virility and masculinity.

All of this is not lost on men.  When men realize they do not measure up in the penis department it can have a profound impact on them psychologically. This is ground zero for the small penis humiliation many men find to be erotic and appealing. So how does it all begin?

Discovering the truth

  • Visual Comparisons:  From an early age, males become acutely aware of size differences.  While the size difference may be insignificant at first, over time the disparity in size widens and is visibly noticeable.  Even though these visual comparisons are usually based solely on the comparison of flaccid penises which isn’t a true indicator of size, the differences are still obvious.  This continues into adult hood, where even going to the gym can be an intimidating experience for a man who is underdeveloped.  Punctuating this embarrassment are those occasions when he catches a glimpse of a man who is supremely well-endowed – a man whose penis may be two or three times his size.   The underdeveloped man will feel completely overmatched.  Visual comparisons continue throughout his life and serve as an ongoing and daily reminder he doesn’t measure up.
  • Public Media:  Penis size, once a taboo subject in the media is now becoming main stream.  TV shows like Ally McBeal and Sex in the City have had episodes where women openly extolled the virtues, indeed even their preferences for well-endowed men.  It’s also not uncommon to be watching TV late at night and an infomercial on penis enlargement comes on, usually including interviews with women who smile and sheepishly admit that yes, size does matter. 
  • Verbal Comments:   Early on the locker room and shower can become a den of humiliation for the underdeveloped young man. It’s not uncommon for other boys to point out who has a small or the smallest penis.  Being teased, taunted and humiliated becomes a daily occurrence for many.
  • Previous Sexual Experiences:  Relationships with girlfriends, women or wives along the way will often validate the feelings of the small endowed man that size does matter. If any of the women he has had sexual relationships with gave him any indication that his penis size was too small, inadequate or they were left unfulfilled it will have a profound and permanent impact on him.  And, if any of the women in his life have taken more well-endowed lovers during the relationship, it will further serve to validate what he already knows – he doesn’t measure up.

The Watershed Moment

The vast majority of small endowed men have experienced many if not all of the above examples at one time or another.  And the more experiences they have had, the more a feeling of sexual inadequacy there will be.  It tends to have a cumulative effect.  They have gone through being angry about being shortchanged to being envious of larger, better endowed men, but at some point in their lives there is a watershed moment that leads them to acceptance of their small endowment.  One man explained it this way.  “I’m 6’3 and am generally well built except for my small penis which barely measures 4” when fully erect.  One time when I was 30 years old I went to a beach by myself to catch some sun and swim.  When dusk approached I realized the beach was deserted and I went into the public changing room to shower.  While I was washing my hair I could hear someone else enter the room and was using the shower next to me.  When I opened my eyes, my jaw almost hit the floor.  Standing next to me was a young guy probably in his late teens who was only about 5’7” tall with a slender build, but what caught my attention was he had one of the largest flaccid penises I had ever seen.   It had to be close to 7” long just dangling soft between his legs.  And it wasn’t just long, it was also incredibly thick.  I had seen other large cocks before, but there was something different this time.  It was like a light bulb went on in my head. For the first time, I acknowledged to myself that this guy was sexually superior to me and there was nothing I could do about it. His cock wasn’t just a little bit bigger than mine, it completely dwarfed mine and I felt overwhelmed by his enormous cock.  It was at that moment that I acknowledged to myself that I had a very small penis, but what really surprised me was what happened next. I felt myself becoming very aroused. To be clear, I wasn’t turned on by his large penis in a sexual way at all, instead, I realized I was VERY turned on by the fact that mine was so much smaller. There was something very humiliating, yet incredibly exciting about the amazing size difference.  From that moment on I craved small penis humiliation.”

However they come to the realization, eventually, many underdeveloped men will resign themselves to the fact their penis is small.  Self-acceptance is a big step for the man who possesses an undersized penis, and it’s a step some men sadly will never reach.  But, if they do acquiesce and accept it, they often times find themselves drawn to small penis humiliation.  Why?  Because they have learned to accept what has always been a negative feeling about their small cocks and now have transformed it into a very powerful and erotic experience.  This is why small penis humiliation is so exciting for them.


Once a man with a small cock accepts it, gone is the anger and embarrassment over having a small one.  That anger and embarrassment is often permanently replaced with an obsessive need for small penis humiliation.  Some of the things men who have made this transformation will do include:

  • Penis Size Websites:  Since flaccid comparisons of cock size are not always a true indicator of size, he will seek out websites of men with fully aroused cocks to do a visual size comparison. Initially he will check out porn sites, but since almost all porn stars are well-endowed, he will soon visit amateur sites to see if the large size discrepancy exits and he will find out that it does.
  • The Gym:  Once a thoroughly humiliating and intimidating experience, the man with the little penis now finds that going to the gym is an exhilarating and thoroughly humiliating thing to do. He can’t help notice walking through the locker room and shower how other men dwarf his mini-member.
  • Chat rooms:  He will often frequent chat rooms to get an “honest” opinion from women concerning penis size.  He will look for opportunities to tell other women his size to get their reaction.  Comments like, “OMG, that’s small,” or “Are you kidding me, your cock is really that small?” really excite the man with the small penis and he will often masturbate hearing the ‘truth” from other women.
  • Cuckolding Websites:  He will discover the world of cuckolding both intrigues and excites him.  He will begin fantasizing about his wife taking on a lover who has a bigger cock believing she is actually entitled to it.  He will have intense orgasms masturbating to the idea.
  • Small Penis Humiliation Websites:  He will also begin visiting these websites out of curiosity and will also be very turned on by them.  He will begin to crave it in his real life.

When asked why men are turned on by small penis humiliation, one woman explained it this way:

I think they get off on it because they know they deserve it! They know they can’t satisfy a woman and they probably know or suspect their wives are already fucking other men with big dicks or would like to. Sorry guys, despite what you may have heard, penis size really does matter.”

For men with small cocks, the above statement is masturbation fodder, because true or not, most men believe it to be true.

Does Your Husband Want Small Penis Humiliation?

If you’re not sure if your husband wants small penis humiliation, start by discussing the topic of penis size with him openly and honestly and judge his reaction.  If he develops an instant boner, you have your answer.  Hard cocks don’t lie.  Even if you have done it before bring a ruler and tape measure to bed.  Measure his fully aroused cock both the length and thickness.  It would also be good for you to have a definition of what average is before you measure him.  There are all kinds of statistics of penis size available on the Internet – some good, some not so good.  Whatever you decide is average tell him before you measure him and ask him point blank if he is small, average or large.  Chances are, when he sees you with ruler in hand he will confess to you that he is small – and it may be the first time he has ever acknowledged it to you.  After you measure him, if he is small, don’t beat around the bush, tell him he IS small, and then ask him the following questions:

  • Does it excite you that I know you have a little dick?
  • Does it turn you on when I tell you have a little dick?
  • Do you feel the need to try harder to compensate for your small dick size?
  • What does it feel like to be in a locker room around other guys with full-sized cocks?

If he is turned on by any or all of the above, ask him point blank if he would like small penis humiliation.  Odds are he will say yes without hesitation.

It’s important for women to remember this.  In reality, it takes strength to face any kind of inadequacy, to accept it, and to embrace the implications.  It’s far better to accept who you are than to live in constant state of denial of your perceived flaws.  Your husband believes he is sexually inferior compared to other men and he has accepted it but is also very turned on by it.  Believe it or not he will also be excited that you know it too.  Once you openly acknowledge your husband’s shortcomings, he will even feel relief because he no longer has to pretend he is some “big” stud when you both know he isn’t.  Sexual honesty is very powerful indeed.

Providing Your Husband With Small Penis Humiliation:

Small penis humiliation is actually more common than most know and is something that is not damaging as long as both participants take it for what it is — a form of role playing and sexual teasing by consensual adults to heighten sexual pleasure.  My advice to men who desire this is to be open and honest with your lover even if it’s a little embarrassing.  My advice to women is, you now have a better understanding what it is and why it appeals to your man, so, as long as you are comfortable providing it for him, you should consider doing so.   Here are some examples of more mild forms of small penis humiliation you could engage in:

  • Know the terminology:  Some women draw a distinction between a cock and a penis.  A cock is big and a penis is small.   Some women don’t like the word penis because they think it’s too clinical and if you are one of them then substitute the word dick instead, but don’t refer to his mini-member as a cock.  From now on when you talk about his penis, make sure you always preface that word with an appropriate adjective.  Some descriptors that come to mind include:  small, very small, little, underdeveloped, etc.  Whatever trips your trigger will work, just remember, you should openly and frequently acknowledge his lack of manhood.  If you have refrained from being honest before it will really turn him on to hear the truth.  Women married to men who are small endowed are often hesitant to bring up the issue of his penis size for a variety of reasons but just remember, your husband not only wants it, he craves it.  For many small endowed men the taboo act of his woman actually telling him his penis is small is thrilling precisely because it is not a socially accepted thing to do.
  • Your previous lovers cocks:   If you have gotten this far, it’s now safe for you to compare him to your former lovers.  How much larger were their cocks?    What did the bigger ones feel like?  Was it more filling and did the deeper penetration excite you?  Be as graphic as possible, and if the bigger ones were more pleasurable, tell him.
  • Dildo comparison:  If you don’t own a dildo, go out and buy one, it doesn’t have to be huge, just noticeably larger than your husband. The ones that look and feel like the real thing are best because it represents competition for him.  The next time you are in bed take it out and compare it to his much smaller erection.  He has probably already done this secretly, but having you do it will definitely send him into orbit.  Describe the visual difference to him.  Then describe the physical difference to him as well.  If it’s the size of a former lover, tell him. Next, put him on the spot.  With the dildo still next to his erect cock, ask him how it feels to be so small by comparison.   
  • Compensation for a Small Penis:  Since you now have a “new” relationship, take the first opportunity you have to lovingly explain to your husband that your relationship requires a new kind of sexual honesty. Tell him you are no longer just going to accept his “shortcomings” as you have in the past.  Ask him directly how he plans to compensate for his lack of manhood in the bedroom.  Hopefully, your husband will respond by showing his eagerness and willingness to become a master at oral sex, perhaps supplement is lack of size by using more sex toys, etc. If there is something specific you want, tell him. But, don’t let him off the hook without providing you with a plan.
  • Small Penis Sex Positions:    One of the biggest frustrations of women married to men with little dicks is their inability to satisfy them during intercourse.  There may be a variety of reasons why this is the case, but it can sometimes be something as simple as traditional sex positions are ineffective for underdeveloped men.   So, if your husband is too small to satisfy you in say the missionary position for example, don’t just accept it, be  straight forward and tell him, and tell him why – his dick is too small to satisfy you in that position.   Be firm with your husband and let him know there are three kinds of sex.  There is big cock sex, regular sex, and then there is small penis sex.  The first two require a full sized cock, something he doesn’t have, so he needs to concentrate on small penis sex. Be adamant, and insist he do some research to find small penis sex positions.  There are numerous positions designed to provide maximum penetration for the small penis. Besides, sex will be much more pleasurable for both of you anyway.  So start referring to sex with your husband as small penis sex.
  • Sex Video Comparisons:  If you don’t watch any porno or sex videos, consider taking the initiative and suggesting it.   And by all means, don’t be bashful to openly acknowledge those cocks you find attractive or large.   Men honestly want to know what you think of other men’s cocks.  And tell them how big you think it is and how your husband compares.  For example, you might say ”OMG, his cock is huge, it must be 9 inches long and it’s so thick, he’s more than twice your size. Now that’s a man-sized cock!”   Comments like that will drive your man wild and will probably give him a hard little boner.  Remember, they want to be reminded they don’t measure up, so take every opportunity to remind them.  Many small endowed men will even take the initiative and suggest watching videos with a similar purpose in mind.  Here is what one small endowed man said:     

I often suggest we watch porno movies with supremely endowed men. This makes my dick look even smaller in comparison and then I fantasize about my little dick next to his and how my wife is comparing us.

Again, it’s ok if he suggests it, but for you to be proactive and suggest it will really send him over the edge.

  • His “Little Secret”:  Have you ever told anyone in confidence (like your girlfriends) that your husband is lacking in the penis department?  If so, have you told him this?  If not, why not?  He would probably be more excited than you can imagine.  Ask him this question, “Honey, would you be terribly upset if I ever told someone that you had a little dick?”  See what his reaction is.  It would probably make his little dick squirm.  You don’t even have to do it, but just planting a seed that you have thought about it or might do it would probably turn him on.  Not surprisingly, many small endowed men often fantasize about being “outed” for having a small dick.  They may or may not want it to happen in real life, but they think about it constantly.
  • Small Condom Sex:   OK, time for some fun.  Do you and your partner ever have sex with condoms?  If not, tell your partner you would like to spice things up a little bit and have him use a condom.  Demonstrate your knowledge of the subject by reminding him that there is no way he could fit into a regular condom and so he will need to look specifically for small or extra small condoms.   You can even help educate him by telling him that the smaller condoms are usually described with code words like “closer fit” “snug” or “snugger fitting” so as not to embarrass smaller endowed men like him.  If he agrees, do not let him order them online, but rather suggest he go to a pharmacy or adult store to get them.  You can send him on his way, or, to really provide a titillating experience you can go with him.  If you go with him, you can approach it in one of two ways.  You can tell him he has to go to the clerk and ask for small or extra small condoms.  If the clerk is a male he will be really embarrassed, and if it’s a female, he will be even more embarrassed.  But the ultimate embarrassment for him is if it’s a female clerk, and you tell him to stand by while you go up to her and say something like, “We’re looking for small or extra small condoms.  My husband is really small down there if you know what I mean?”  Can you imagine how humiliating this would be for him?  But, secretly he’ll probably love it!
  • Penis Enhancements:  The same principle applies for penis enhancements such as penis extensions and strap on cocks.  This could be a lot of fun too because there is no way he could walk out of an adult store without everyone knowing he has a little dick. Make it even more fun and give him the following instructions. “Honey, I want you to find a female clerk because she will understand what I need.  I want you to be honest with her and tell her you only have 4 inches and your wife would like for you to get a penis extension that provides more thickness and is at least 3 inches longer.”  If he doesn’t come on himself when you say that he just might if he has to say that to a female clerk!

These are just a few examples of things you can do or say to provide your husband with the small penis humiliation/teasing that he so desperately wants and needs. There are probably many other ideas and you are really only limited by your imagination.  One woman who provides her husband with small penis humiliation described it this way, “I give my husband small penis humiliation because it turns him on.  The fact it turns him on turns me on as well and that’s why I enjoy doing it.”

Hopefully this has provided you with a better understanding of the small penis humiliation fetish.  We all have our individual kinks, fetishes and fantasies.  As long as they don’t involve hurting someone, doing something illegal and it’s between consenting adults what’s wrong with it?  Talk with your husband and explore his fantasies as well as yours.

52 Responses to “Understanding Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation”

  1. Wanna Be Says:

    First of all, I have been following your site for about a month, keep up the good work.
    – My wife loves to tease me about my little penis and I constantly have to compete with her much larger dildo. I must admit that getting sloppy seconds from my wife’s stretched and wet pussy is amazing. Why should a wife suffer from having a smallish husband.
    – The humilation really is a turn on once you accept your little pee pee.
    – I think the real turn on comes when she deny’s me and screws her dildo instead… the truth is agony and pleasure at the same time.
    I will try to comment more.

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi “Wanna Be”,

      Thanks for your comments. You have touched on several important issues that are at the very heart of small penis humiliation. The fact that she teases you really turns you on. Let me ask you, in what ways does she tease you, and what kinds of things does she say? Does she also like providing you small penis humiliation?

      You mentioned the word “competing’ which is very important to men. Men are born to compete, and wanting to compete with her much larger dildo (or large penis) is very natural, but when you see her dildo next to your penis, you realize you can’t possibly compete with it at all, and she sees how it towers over you and knows you can’t compete with it either. That resignation is both embarrassing and exciting at the same time. Knowing her dildo can touch places inside her that you are simply incapable of is also quite thrilling.

      You also talked about the excitement of your wife’s stretched pussy. Specifically you used the term “sloppy seconds.” Many men and women can’t understand the attraction of sloppy seconds, but for the man with a small penis it is incredibly erotic. The word you used (amazing) to describe “sloppy seconds” is a feeling that many of us have used to describe sex after our wives have used their dildos or been with larger men. Knowing our women have been stretched and filled beyond our capabilities to do so can be very exciting indeed.

      Lastly, you also mentioned denial. The agony and pleasure for you stem from the fact that your wife has openly stated her preference for a larger “cock.” The irony is the agony and pleasure both come from the fact that you are not being able to deliver what she needs. As a result, I suspect that she realizes this knowledge alone gives her a lot of power in the relationship.

      Thanks for sharing.


      • Wann be Says:

        Hey Steve – Thank you for the thoughtful response, you are on the money with everything you wrote back. First, I will add that I call myself “Wanna Be” because I am a “wanna be” cuckold in a sense. My wife most likely would never be with another man and only has been with me – so the fantasy festers and transformed into SPH and dildo fetish. She is a shy and sweet woman, with seemingly little interest in finidng another man.

        Answering your question: My wife does not have a problem teasing me about being less endowed then she would like. She will say comments like, “your to small to satisfy me”, “I prefer my dildo to your tiny cock”, and her laying there without emotion as I penetrate her saying things like, “are you in yet” or “geez it is so small I can’t feel it” really turns me on. I will admit that this is not an every time type of thing, sometimes she just wants “normal sex” also. I do believe she did it at first because she knew I liked it and it turned me on, but now years later – I can see her dominate side pop out and her getting into it – a transformation so to speak.

        At times I question if she just wants her vanilla sex back and I question if she wishes I just had a larger one to make her feel better in bed so she didn’t need fantasy and toys. Now, my wife was not always a size queen – like I said, she has only been with me. But after a couple kids, things stayed looser down there for her, and the dildos just seemed to feel better and better – and with my doing, got bigger and bigger. I also gained some weight and lost some of my size… a perfect storm! HA HA HA

        As you wrote – it is addicting for men once they accept themselves and parts. I have to believe that women also become addicted to the size obsession or at least the domination and control over their mans penis. What do you think? My wife is as sweet and innocent as they come, yet she definitely has taken to the power exchange in the sex department. She half heartedly controled my orgasms for a couple months – although she enjoyed the extra attention I gave her, really didn’t embrace the control aspect. I have mentioned chastity devices, she is not interested in those either. Its more a verbal thing for now… but who knows, she just needs to learn more about it and see that it is not some bizarre thing nobody does.

        We are still in the trial and error phase I guess – though she has come a long way. I do enjoy it, no doubt. Sloppy seconds is great. Women probably can’t understand it because they really can’t feel their husbands too much after they have had something bigger – but it is such a turn on. You brought up some great points about the competition aspect and the realization that she is experiencing something our little cocks never could provide… you think women deal with guilt over admitting to their man that they are not good enough or large enough to satisfy them? It really must be a struggle for these women to come to grips with what their husbands are asking and telling them they want them to do and expereince or say to them… wish you had more females talking about their experiences. But for now – you offer honest and accurate discussion on this, and I appreciate it!

  2. play613796 Says:

    Hi “Wanna Be”
    Thank you for your response and very kind comments. When I started this blog, I did so in hopes of being somewhat helpful to the thousands of men out there like us who really feel like they have nowhere to turn for help or to simply share ideas. I was also hoping this blog might provide some insight to women who were in a relationship with a small endowed man to help them gain a better understanding of how we think and things that turn us on.

    There are a lot of men who are in the “wanna be” category. Unfortunately, many feel they can’t even discuss their fantasies with their wives for fear of being ridiculed for having them. So from that sense, you are very fortunate to have a woman who will at least provide you with occasional small penis humiliation. It sounds as if she is very well aware of what she is doing, and may be somewhat turned on in providing it for you. Seeing how excited you get is certainly not lost on her. I’m sure her comments really serve to satisfy your deep craving for the small penis humiliation you desire. Sometimes when women realize the power they have over us with just simple words, it can transform them into being more dominant and assertive in the bedroom. She no doubt realizes this gives her power in your relationship, and she may secretly love it.

    Your comment about “normal” sex is also important. Often times we crave small penis humiliation constantly to the point where we think about it 24/7. But, it then becomes harder for us to resort back to “normal” sex since that typically requires more of an alpha, aggressive response from us which is truly not our nature. By you providing her with “normal” sex from time-to-time and her providing you with small penis humiliation at other times, may be an acceptable compromise.

    Yes, I do think some women can also become addicted and/or have a size obsession as well. Your wife may be sweet and innocent on the surface, but she clearly understands the power she has over you and your small penis. When she has on those occasions said that she wants her larger dildo only, I’m assuming you are only allowed to masturbate right? If so, she probably doesn’t feel the need to have you wear a cock cage since she has complete control over your orgasms.
    I also believe competition is a major component for men, and especially for men with small penises. Here is a suggestion, why not personalize your competition even more, and give her dildo a name. Here is an example of what I mean. My wife has two larger dildo’s, one we call “Eddie” and the other “Johnny.” I always get an erection with no problem, but one time I was tired and just not able to sustain one. My wife surprised me by saying “I need Eddie” and she reached over and pulled big Eddie from the drawer and my little cock became stiff immediately. We were both amazed, and I have no other reason for it except it was the mere sight of my larger “competitor.”

    Do I think women sometimes deal with guilt because they know we are not big enough to satisfy them? Yes, of course. I’m sure women do feel guilty knowing we are small and craving something larger, but not wanting to hurt our feelings. Some women may just want to experience a full-sized cock sometimes, and its something they know we can’t provide. A large dildo is the next best thing. That also might help to explain why they want “normal” sex as well. They may feel a little guilty about how much they enjoy their big dildo. So a suitable compromise in their mind is to have “normal” or “small cock sex” with us without always relying on a big dildo. That’s why it is so important for us to communicate what turns us on to and make sure we let them know how exciting it is for us when they do use them.

    Lastly, yes, I do wish we had more female visitors. I do get some from time to time and you will find some comments throughout the blog – especially a few from a woman recently who explained that she likes to provide her husband with small penis humiliation. Hopefully we will get more comments from them in the future. For now, hopefully it is helpful to those of us who are small endowed.


    • K8 Says:

      Hi there,

      My partner loves SPH!! As a woman I found it quite bizare and awkward in the beginning. But after 2 years it’s kinda fun. We definitely do the comparison to previous partners (which I have been blessed with many well endowed men), I show him often the ideal size which is, much, larger then his. He loves it when I hold my fingers in a circle of the ideal girth and rub it over his and I am barely touching him. During sex he asks how much I can feel him on a scale of 1 – 10, I regularly say 1 or zero and boy how he loves it. The best thing he did ever hear, as you have already discussed, was how my girlfriends responded when I told them “oh no his small”. The embarassment that came from him knowing my friends (who he sees regularly) know his tiny, quite honestly puts him over the edge time and time again. One year for his birthday, I put together a powerpoint presentation, of photos I had taken one drunken night with all my girlfriends, showing their ideal size with their hands (all larger then him). He was very thankful.

      However, I am quite frankly running out of ideas. He is quite keen on the whole “Cockold” thing (Which I had never heard the term before). Sure I would love to take a big one and see him get off, but fears of STD’s and the like always worry me. and I’m like – Where’s the limit here???

      If any of you guys have any other ideas that won’t compromise our relationship. I would love to hear them. the more ammo the better!!!

      • play613796 Says:

        Thank you for the excellent post! It’s always great to hear from women who are in relationships with small endowed men. By the way, what size is your husband and previous lovers? Your initial feeling that his response to small penis humiliation was bizarre is shared by many other women who don’t really understand it. But, it does sound like you have been open enough to try and learn about it and give him the SPH he desperately craves. The things you are already doing would be exciting for any cuckold! As you have learned, SPH can be a lot of fun, and cuckolding would definitely take your relationship to an entirely new level.

        Since you are definitely open, and at least curious to the idea of cuckolding, I would suggest becoming more informed about the lifestyle. As I have written elsewhere in this blog, there are various forms of cuckolding – some extreme and some more moderate. There is a “cuckoldress” in North Carolina named Jinxy who has her own website and several instructions videos called “Cuckolding 101.” She does an excellent job in explaining cuckolding from a woman’s point of view. Her instructional videos can be found at: http://www.cuckolding101.com/. There are also several novels about cuckolding and one in particular that we enjoyed was Alex Hathaway’s “From Housewife to Cuckoldress – How I took control of a marriage in crises.” It’s a really fun and erotic book written by a woman and describes her journey into cuckolding once she is confronted with a “life altering cock.” Her website offers some insight into being a Cuckoldress and explains the dynamics of cuckolding. http://alexcuckoldstories.fannypress.com/. Another resource is a series of surveys completed by Australian Researcher, Dr. Angela Lewis who surveyed hundreds of Cuckolds, Cuckold Fantasists (those who want to be cuckolds) and Cuckoldresses. The results of all three surveys can be found here: http://www.myotherself.com.au/?s=cuckolding. I think you will find these results to be quite interesting and informative as well.

        Now, as far as real life cuckolding goes, it sounds like you are even quite open to the idea, but have reservations about it. These reservations are well-founded and need to be thought through very carefully. Not only is there a real concern about STD’s, but also general safety issues and even the question, what if you develop an emotional attachment with a lover? These are all questions that need to be considered carefully.

        As far as ideas go, I can offer you several. While you learn more about real life cuckolding and try to determine if it is for you, there are other things you can start doing right away. Elsewhere in this blog I wrote an article: “A Woman’s Guide to Creating a Cuckolding Fantasy World.” In this article, I detailed a step-by-step approach and offered several suggestions of things women can do to begin living a cuckold lifestyle – even if it’s in fantasy. You could either share this approach with your husband, or simply start doing them. I think if you began by telling him that he is a cuckold, and more specifically YOUR cuckold, he would probably cum on himself. As you begin weaving this cuckold fantasy world, you will begin noticing significant and positive changes in your husband. I have no doubt that you would have fun too! Cuckolding in fantasy allows you to explore the lifestyle in more depth, but without involving a third party. It’s definitely a “safe” alternative, and is kind of like a trial run.

        As far as your question about “What’s the limit,” is a question that is for you and your cuckold to decide. Before entering the lifestyle for real, it is always best to assess the risks as mentioned above, and then, if you decide to try it, you should also discuss ahead of time what cuckolding means to both of you and what your limits are.

        Let us know how you are doing!


      • Kate Says:

        Thank you Steve, your response is VERY informative! FYI my previous partners were all 7 inches and above and ideally I’d like something around 8 inches large, and too big to put my fingers around! My current partner is anywhere from 4 – 5 inches small.

        I hate to beg, however, What other things would you guys like to see or hear?

      • play613796 Says:

        Hi Kate,

        Thanks for responding. As I mentioned previously, it’s always great to get a woman’s perspective on these issues and I thank you for volunteering to address questions many of us small endowed men have. What are other things we would like to see/read about from a woman’s point of view? There are actually several questions I think most of us are genuinely interested in. Let me provide you with some ideas, and you can feel free to address any or all of them.

        1. What attracted you to your current partner especially in light of the fact that your other lovers were so much better-endowed? Was it because he was “safer” meaning you knew he wouldn’t cheat on you, or perhaps because he tried hard to compensate for his “short-comings” or was it simply because you love him?
        2. Can you describe the physical and psychological differences for you between having sex with a well-endowed man versus your current partner? Small endowed men are very curious to know how a big one feels to a woman, and what the psychological affect a big penis has on them.
        3. Do you and your partner use larger dildos in lovemaking? If so, how do you/he feel about it?
        4. How did you happen to begin engaging in small penis humiliation with your partner? Did he bring it up, or did you? Many small endowed men crave it but are very hesitant to bring the subject up, or simply don’t know how.
        5. You mentioned your partner brought up the subject of cuckolding – a term you were previously unaware of. When you realized what the term was, how did it make you feel? And, how did he bring it up? Many women have said that initially they were very suspicious of their husbands/partners and thought they had some sinister motive – like proving their wives/partners were really sluts after all, or trying to justify that they themselves could have sex with other women, etc.
        6. Does your partner refer to you as a “hotwife/cuckoldress” and if so, how does that make you feel?
        7. You are obviously intrigued by cuckolding, but what is it that interests you the most?

        Anyway, I think these are few good questions to start. Your answers may generate more questions!

        By the way, if you ever want to contact me directly, feel free to send me an email at: play613796@aol.com.

        Thanks, again for offering your thoughts and ideas on the subject.



  3. Slinky Says:

    I totally agree with all said here. I think small condoms work on a few levels aside from their practical benefit. Firstly i would say, anyone with a smaller penis who has never tried or used a smaller condom through embarrassment or availability, really should try one.
    The first time i tried one, it felt like i had finally found something that seemed made just for me.

    If you could imagine as an analogy, most of your life exercising in a pair of running shoes, that you assumed fitted fine and never knew otherwise, and then by chance happened try a pair that seem like they are professionally custom fitted just for you, to your exact measurements, its an amazing feeling. You realise you had been running around in a pair of running shoes that were probably a size to large and inhibited your fun/performance. So i would say to anyone who has never tried one, purchase some online if need be and at least try them, you will never look back.

    I think one thing about small condoms, as you said, refer to terms as snuggerfit, closer fit etc. for anyone who wants to explore SPH, as i have, could bring them in to their sex play. Once you have purchased them, they seem of scream, SNUGGERFIT and i am sure you will tend to hide them much more discretely so than standard ones in the top drawer of your side table. When you put one on, if it fits comfortably, there is no longer any ambiguity left about your size, here you are with one on, fully erect and the wrapper laying there, in a politically correct method, saying these are for small penises, but we won’t use that term as to not embarrass the wearer.

    It will then be there for your wife to see, perhaps even for her, she may see that if the wrapper says its small, then perhaps you really are smaller than most men after all, you must be, because thats what it says on the wrapper. For her, its like, she can more easily and openly refer to your size or lack of it, because if you weren’t small, the condom wouldn’t fit…so it sort of either confirms what she already thought, or has her see you now a little differently than before. There is no longer an elephant in the room, the wrapper doesn’t lie.

    She may have thought, i knew he wasn’t large, but i had no idea he “actually is small”, probably even works for the wives that never experienced other men and had nothing to compare it to. As i said, this wrapper may as well have a ringing bell and a flashing red light on it. For us, my wife sees me erect with one of these on and almost always has something mocking to say or a chuckle to go with it, even more so when she opens the wrapper and passes it to me to put on. Even the next morning she always says, “did you make sure you disposed of the wrapper properly?”, knowing i don’t want anyone knowing i need to wear small condoms. She finds it funny how diligent i am disposing of the used one, especially the wrapper (always rolled into a tight ball of paper towel so it can’t even be seen in the rubbish bin) where i guess other average or larger men are quite blaze about it and leave it to the wife to tidy up the next day.

    Men may find they can get to wear these more often with more sex offered, as for her, she can’t lose there may be a slight chance she will be satisfied, but probably, if not there is no clean up for her, especially during the week. Condoms can be a drag, but if you have one that fits you like a glove, they are much, much better, plus they can possibly slow down your orgasm if you tend to climax quickly, the extra amazing felling you get going bareback again after having had to wear one when told, the easy clean up and for me because of that secure/ tighter fit and the humiliation knowing it is a small size actually helps with a much stronger erection.

    Hope my perspective on this topic helps


    PS Keep up the great work Steve

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Slinky,

      Thanks for offering your perspective. I would agree wholeheartedly with your comment about how the proper fitting condom feels great and of course, offer much better protection. Your analogy about the proper fitting shoes is perfect.

      I also agree with you that in terms of incorporating a mild form of small penis humiliation into the bedroom an excellent idea is to incorporate the use of small condoms. But, for it to have the desired effect, your wife has to understand the “code words” for small condoms because none of the small condoms available actually say “small” on them. Slinky, your wife obviously understands this, but there may be a lot of women out there who don’t. I read one interesting article called, “The Challenge of Marketing Small Condoms” that was fascinating. The article began with, “There are products where smallness is a marketing virtue, like cellphones or thong underwear. But small condoms are a marketing nightmare. If advertising is about creating consumer desire, who aspires to a size extra-small?” I think this statement is at the heart of why even trying to find small condoms is so difficult. Marketing experts are concerned about embarrassing the lesser endowed man.

      So, how does a man get his wife to be able to make the connection that “snugger fit,” “closer fit,” etc., means they are for men who are small endowed? It’s time to educate wives on condom sizes which could be fun and a little embarrassing at the same time. Once you explain to your wife that you would like to incorporate using condoms in the bedroom, you will need to admit to her that you have always had a difficult time finding a size that fits you because they are always too big. That admission alone may be somewhat embarrassing for a guy who has never admitted this to his wife before. If you do a web search with your wife looking for smaller condoms you might very well bring up the following statement: “Check out the Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condom , Contempo Exotica or The Iron Grip Condom. These are the smallest condoms on the market.” And yes, once she sees that and then sees you wearing one and it’s a perfect fit, the connection will be very obvious too her. He needs closer fitting condoms because he really does have a small penis.

      Your comment about being more “discreet” in terms of tending to “hide” them is also interesting as well. Some men are very concerned about anyone discovering they are lesser endowed. Your wife either senses this or knows it, which is why she reminds you about discarding the “evidence” of your lack of manhood. But, there are men who get turned on, yes, even excited about their “little” secret being exposed. These men might intentionally leave their unopened condoms on their night stands instead of in them in hopes of someone – perhaps your wife’s girlfriend(s), the maid or someone else might see them, thus exposing your secret. Even though most women probably couldn’t make the connection between “snugger fit” and small penis, the mere possibility is exciting for some lesser endowed men.

      In the end, yes, it can be a lot of fun and humiliating at the same time to wear a small condom during sex. It sounds as if your wife knows this and even senses her teasing you about it really turns you on as well. I would be curious to know Slinky, how did you go about educating your wife on the Snugger Fit equal small penis topic? She obviously knows, but I think it would be interesting (to me and others) for you to share how you discussed this with her. Lastly, for any wives reading this, I hope you consider adding small condoms in the bedroom. It can be a lot of fun!


  4. Slinky Says:

    I agree Steve, i hope there are women reading this blog to get an insight of men and smaller penises.

    To answer your question, well, for us, it was actually around 6 months into our relationship before the topic finally came up. We both knew penetrative intercourse for us was at best mediocre but had never really discussed it, usually we would go along until we both agreed it wasn’t working and would then tend to almost always finish with anal intercourse instead, which she always liked with toys but hadn’t enjoyed it for 12 years with her ex’s. We had got on to the topic of her ex husbands penis size, her ex was just a little over average in size, but would almost always usually go 20-30 minutes non stop before ejaculating, which for her she said wasn’t ideal, and she constantly needed to use lube as to not end up sore the next day.

    Her ex boyfriend before her husband was around 8″ and quite thick and said he was they only man who has ever made her orgasm without any clitoral stimulation. So after thinking about it, we probably figured vaginally, she was naturally too large for me to satisfy her. We went and purchased an expensive life like dildo, round 9″ long and about 6.5″ in girth, she didn’t even want to point at it at the store, yet assured me it was similar to her ex boyfriends penis. She was very embarrassed that we even purchased it. She kept saying there is no way that will fit or that she will enjoy it.

    That night we used it and sure enough, within probably 8-10 minutes she had 2 vaginal orgasm without touching her clitoris. Funnily enough, she was quite embarrassed about not only the size of the toy, but the fact it fitted her perfectly and could make her climax instantly. Anyway, over the next couple of days i would tease her about being a size queen and that our mediocre sex was her fault, which was a little hard, but was always done with a lot of humour just the same. A couple of days after that she was reading up on Kegal exercises and i said as a sort of admission “you know its not all your fault” she didn’t know what i meant, as i’m sure women aren’t as focused on the exact penis size as men are, this also being that i am just a touch shorter than average in length but very thin in girth ie: that wonderful term pencil dick sort of describes it best, but length wise she just never really thought about it.

    So i told her that the condoms we used at the beginning of our relationship were only there from when i was single and seeking one night stands and not really the ones that fit me. She had experienced these condoms sliding of when we had sex, but just put it down to me not always being erect, reality was i usually was, she doesn’t couldn’t feel the difference. I finally told her because of my lack of girth i tended to wear ones termed “snuggerfit” which were for smaller thinner penises.

    She said she had never seen a small condom and didn’t even know they existed seeing they are never on the shelves of pharmacies. So i went online and showed her them and purchased a large box of them. A few days later they arrived, firstly bursting out with laughter when she read the term Snuggerfit on the wrapper, she had a look at one before i rolled it on, i think it was at the very moment she witnessed me putting it on and the fact that i didn’t even need to struggle to roll it down the entire length showed sort for the first time how thin my penis actually was. She said she hadn’t given it much thought up until that moment and because i had teased her for being loose, she now realised it wasn’t her, but me was the reason we weren’t finding vaginal intercourse satisfying.

    I then admitted that my ex wife had never vaginally orgasmed with me in 18 years yet she had almost always with others at swingers clubs. She now has no interest in doing Kegals, is quite happy/proud with the size of her vagina, even finds it more amusing that i can’t satisfy her and now realise i probably never will. Even when i have suggested her do Kegals, she always say, “no, i’m happy the way things are, and plus its you that is letting the team down not i”. We have moved on to sometimes using a penis sleeve which works for us very well, aside from the initial humiliation of owning and using one, the actual physical pleasure overrides that for us and wearing it gives me an insight of what it must feel like for well endowed men.

    Just walking around with it on in the bedroom gives me this immediate feeling of dominance having this temporary weapon of mass destruction, with its size and weight swinging between my legs must be a great feeling for the well endowed. But that question is always confirmed with my wifes reaction, the arched back, and nails dug in deep within the first few thrusts. I haven’t found that for me it that it has prevented my premature ejaculation, especially when i see her reaction, but so far its the best solution we have come up with so far, between just the two of us.

    PS I can also assure you though the sleeve is even more well hidden than the condoms :)



    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Slinky, thank you for comments and some insight into your relationship. I have a few questions/comments on what you have said. First, did she feel like having sex with her ex for 20-30 minutes was too long? What is her ideal, and by contrast, how long do you last?

      Your experience in the sex toy shop was interesting. I would assume many women share your partner’s apprehension about buying a substantially larger dildo than their husband’s cock. They feel a little embarrassed, perhaps even guilty knowing they want something that big to pleasure them. By reminding you constantly that there was no way it would fit or that she would even enjoy it was probably a defense mechanism on her part. She probably knew that once you saw it, you would see there was no comparison, and that you might feel intimidated or overwhelmed by its size. When you got to the checkout counter, how did you both feel? Was she still embarrassed? Were you? I’m sure when a woman or couple by a dildo of that size it must send a very clear signal to the checkout clerk that “my partner doesn’t measure up.”

      But, when you did finally use it, I’m sure it just validated what you suspected and what she knew all along – it was a perfect fit and gave her incredible orgasms. I’m sure your open admission that you needed small condoms and were very open to the idea of her using larger dildo’s and you using a penis sleeve eased her mind considerably.

      That brings me to an important issue your situation raises. Vaginal size vs. penis size is an interesting topic. As I describe elsewhere in the blog, the Kama Sutra does a good job of describing the physical differences between men and women’s genital sizes, with the ideal pairing being small penis – small vagina, average penis – average vagina and big penis – big vagina. That’s really no surprise if you think about it, but clearly stated. Unfortunately we don’t fall in love with a penis or a vagina, so when a less than optimal pairing is the case we need to adjust accordingly. Your partner’s first impulse was kegel exercises because she felt it was all because her pussy was too big and not because your penis was too small and too thin.

      Once you confessed to her that you had never been able to give your ex-wife an orgasm and that you did indeed have a small penis and that she needed other men to satisfy her it sounds like your current partner’s attitude changed considerably. It was probably a relief to her for you to admit what she already knew – you didn’t measure up. A lot of men refuse to acknowledge the obvious. When she says she finds it amusing that you can’t satisfy her, how does that make you feel? How did you feel when she said, “It is you not I that have let the team down? And, how did it make you feel when she stopped doing kegel exercises and acknowledged she is quite happy/proud of the size of her vagina?

      Now, as far as penis sleeves and strap on cocks. This is actually a subject I will go into much more depth in this blog later today, but for now let me say it is definitely an option worth considering. If and when a couple has a serious heart to heart talk about the man’s lack of penis size, the usual solution is to employ a larger dildo. Penis sleeves and strap-on cocks are another very effective solution.

      • J Says:

        This would be a good area to add an “associated” form of SPH that my girlfriend has begun to use on me and I love it! It’s simply requesting that I from time to time, (when she in this particular “tease mode”) wear a condom. She’ll then tease me with different reasons why I MUST do so, such as; “your little penis doesn’t deserve to cum inside a pussy”. What’s so hot about that is she’s not referring to just hers – but any woman’s pussy! Another thing she’ll talk about is not letting me make a “mess” all over if I pull out, which sometimes she’ll order me to, denying me the satisfaction of cumming inside her with my “little prick”. (Steve, you need to bring up the question about if it’s more likely undersized men are willing or even want to clean up their “messes” when asked by their lover!) One last one that really gets my blood flowing is when she tells me how she never required her previous lover to wear a condom. I’m assuming by that comment she’s hinting that his cock was bigger and thicker than mine, so he was allowed to do her “bareback”. I haven’t confirmed this yet with her, but plan to do so in the very near future. Love your blog….please keep it going for “us”!!

      • play613796 Says:

        Hi J,

        Welcome to my blog! Thank you for your insightful comments. You brought up a very interesting point about the required use of condoms for those of us who are undersized. I’m hearing more and more of it for the reasons you stated. Of course, as I’m sure you know, finding condoms for our little cocks is not easy, but some are available. I will have more on this topic at a future date.

        Thanks also for suggesting that I investigate the idea of undersized men being more willing and enthusiastic about cleaning up their messes. This was an idea that one of our female readers, Michelle brought to light. She really enjoys watching her husband taste his own cum, in fact, it turns her on. I will explore this topic at a future date also.

        Yes, I think it is safe to assume Jerry that the reason why she never required her former lovers to wear condoms was because they were better endowed than you are. I think once she verifies that this is true, will also serve to provide you with additional small penis humiliation, but that possibility excites you doesn’t it?

        Thanks again for “visiting” the blog. Feel free to contact me at any time, with any comments or suggestions. I’m always looking for ideas!



  5. Neil Says:

    As a small dicked man that enjoys his tiny dick I have to say thank you for a great blog…at 2.5 inch soft and shaved it said to look like a young boy’s one. The excitement I get form it being small is unbelievable. He Idea of other knowing it is small is something I would love. I do know friends have seen it when I was young at a pool party. My mother always called it my little thing or winkle. My ex never said anything and that was strange as I was open to saying it was small. My current partner makes small comments and I love it. I think she is getting use too it and it has been her that has instigated it. She is the type and very open to tell her close friends and that would be great to know. So all you small dicked men have fun…I do and the ones embarrassed…get over it as it is what the man gave you….lol

    • play613796 Says:

      Thanks for the post Neil, and welcome to the blog! What kinds of things does your current partner say about your small endowment that turn you on? Your ex’s lack of comments are understandable. Many women (even though you were open to it) refrain from saying anything that could be construed as negative about their lesser endowed men for fear that they would hurt their feelings. These women just don’t understand how exciting it is for many of us smaller endowed men to hear the truth from our partners. Since your current partner initiated those comments she either intuitively knew you would be excited by them or just wanted to be honest with you. Either way, she obviously understands the excitement you derive from them. Good for her!

      • Neil Says:

        Thank you for the reply. I think my current partner would have much fun and as she has known me for many years I would love to ask her if she ever knew I was small. Back in the 70’s when I was a young lad my ex and current partner were friends. I also had a girlfriend for a week before them and she also knew them both. She broke mu cherry Lol and I wondered why she dumped me. Any suggestions to why she did that? I would love to know if she told one of them or maybe she was too embarrassed. I will start to talk more about the size and by the way she did name it Tim after tiny Tim. You are right about the Ex as she never understood and could have had fun.

    • Mark Says:

      I hear ya…she calls me the other BBC,bitty baby cock.i love it

  6. play613796 Says:

    Welll, if your girlfriend at the time was also friends with your current partner, why don’t you ask your current partner if your ex girlfriend said anything to her about your small size. That way you will know for sure. Why did she dump you? Only she knows for sure.

  7. Mikey71 Says:

    From a purely psychological stand point, I think the turn on for me is that for many — if not most — men, our penis represents the physical representation of our manhood. I am not a guy who most would consider on the tiny side; length is a solid 5 1/2 inches. But that’s not the problem for me; my problem is girth. On a good day, my erect girth is 4 1/2 inches. Still not tiny, but below average according to most surveys.

    I didn’t even think it was an issue until an honest conversation about sex with my wife about 12 years ago when she mentioned she wished I was thicker. She said when she’s really wet, she had trouble feeling me. Before that moment, SPH had never crossed my mind. After that moment, I found the realization that my wife thought my penis was inadequate exhilarating. The fact that I was born with this and couldn’t make it bigger was also a massive turn-on. When I am in the mood for SPH that’s what I think about — the one physical thing on my body that represents my manhood is smaller than many other men and too small for my own wife.

    Thankfully my wife was cool with playing along. Once she realized I was turned on by it, she really let me have it. Telling me when she couldn’t feel me as well during sex, telling me that it’s good that my dick is small because it makes it easier to suck, saying that most teen boys are probably bigger than me by the time they’re 15 or so — comments she knew would send me over the edge and make me cum. I’ve also used an extension during sex that makes my size more like 7 inches long by 6 1/2 inches around — my wife had had multiple orgasms on it and she never does with me. Sex with her after I’ve used this extension is amazing; she is stretched out and can’t feel me hardly. I cum in no time at all.

    I’ve had plenty of years of being into this fetish to have had many experiences. I’ve been humiliated on webcam several times (most the time I didn’t need to ask for it). Like the original blog post says, I’ve had many locker room experiences where my flaccid size (barely 2 inches and my cut head withdraws making it look uncut) is almost always the smallest in the locker room. Confessed to a couple of coworkers I was small and they asked to see photos, so after I sent them photos they humiliated me relentlessly, especially one black coworker — he and his wife both thought my small size was hilarious (he was bigger soft than I am hard). Even told a psychologist about it (thought I was going crazy for a while) and while she didn’t humiliate me any, but telling this female professional about my small size had me leaking precum the entire time.

    For those of us into this fetish, I’m sure it’s puzzling for some people to understand. I think it’s just turning a negative into a positive. I could be embarrassed about it and try to hide it, but for whatever reason I have embraced it. When I am in the gym locker getting changed after a workout and my tiny, shriveled penis is on display for a room full of larger men, I can’t wait to get home and jack off, thinking about how they are all more man than I am and — even better — they all got a good look at how small and inadequate I am. It really is an incredible feeling.

    • play613796 Says:


      Thanks for sharing your experiences. You touched on several important issues related to small penis humiliation. The first is your size. Many men incorrectly assume that if their penis length is average or above, that’s all that matters. However, when women are polled on this issue, they more often than not cite thickness over length as the most important factor in size. They like the feeling of “fullness” and being stretched that a slender penis cannot provide. It would probably surprise women to learn that even some men of average or above average penis size crave the same experience.

      Kudos to your wife for being honest with you! Many women are reluctant to be honest with their partner about his penis size for fear of damaging the fragile male ego. Your description that you felt her admission to be “exhilarating” is shared by many men.

      In your case, you use a larger penis extension, (other couples may prefer a larger dildo), but the results are usually the same, afterwards, men feel compelled, perhaps instinctively, to mate with their wives. Seeing with your own eyes the tangible benefits she receives from a larger “penis” in the form of orgasmic pleasure, makes men want to immediately “compete” with it and the feeling you described of her “being stretched out” triggers you to want to mate with her instantly. Even the speed with which you ejaculate is shared by men who crave this experience.

      Your excitement is not lost on your wife either. She sees your excitement and understands what a hot button issue this is for you and is willing to provide it for you in a number of different ways.

      The other examples you provided such as the webcam and trips to the gym serve to validate what you already know and are masturbation fodder as well. Many men derive the same excitement you do from these activities. I think you’re right in saying (as I did in the original post), it is the eroticization of what has always been a negative feeling.

      Thanks again for sharing!


  8. Karen Says:

    There are so many topics on this site that run together, I will try to leave some short responses to many of them instead of just touch all topics in one response. In regards to this post, Understanding Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation. Speaking from a female view – I think it has to do with a mans acceptance that his smaller size is not adequately pleasing his wife or significant other. Once they accept it, its rather taboo to be teased about it. I know for me, my husband is just under 5 inches and i had no experience with other men. Once we introduced toys into the bedroom, his acceptance grow of me using them, until the inevitable happened and we purchased the big and thick ones.

    I believe in the safe environment of our bedroom, my husband realized along with me that the bigger size was more pleasing and accomplished what he couldn’t. That is a mans fear with a small cock afer all, isn’t it? That his woman would want a bigger man because it felt better. Now I know he felt bad about it at first, and I rarely used it to avoid hurting his feelings. But once he realized that i love him just the same, despite his short comings and still would have sex with him, the fetish began. The key is that the acceptance of his small cock came from my acceptance to him having it, and still wanting to be with him. A man is terribly insecure about his penis size… but if the woman he loves still wants him, he learns to accepts it.

    So now, with complete accceptance of his size, and understanding that his wife did enjoy something larger – the inevitable happened, the question came up: do you fantasize about being with other men that size, would you like to feel a real man in you that size. I think again, he was testing the boundaries! What woman wouldn’t want a big thick real cock in her??? I mean really! HA HA So with that response his little cock got hard. In time, he wanted to hear more and more how useless he was, how I wanted something bigger then him and how I could not even feel him. I let him have it – and to my surprise he loved it all the more. I was the hesitant to say those things at first – I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. But what I learned was the meaner I was, the better it was for him.

    Men who are into this get the most pleasure seemingly about the fact their wives don’t want sex with them! Who would have thought! HA HA They crave their women having sex without them, with their toys or other men (a topic I will discuss later in a different post), and later getting seconds sex. Men with small penises truly fixate on the humilation theme, almost needing it more then sex. Me and my husband have sex maybe once a month, but I humiliate him daily and I use my toys several times a week. He gets off on it that way, and although it is hard to explain to other people, it works for us. He is in a constant state of arrosal IF I tease him… as long as he is in that mindset, I am pampered and spoiled! Its a perfect situation for any woman…learn to control his cock and you control his behavior.

    These are a couple of my favorite things to do or say:
    1. I am so horny today, to bad your cock is useless. I am going to the bedroom, your watching the kids (then I fuck myself) and give him nothing but a satisfied look later.
    2. Yawn during sex, its always a winner!
    3. Ask him while he is inserting his cock – are you in yet?
    4. Tell him to hurry up and finish cause I want to watch TV or that I am bored. Or stop him before he cums and tell him that is all for now and not let him cum.
    5. Grab a ruler and measure his penis, and then measure his finger and compare the two. A ruler is a true testament to how small he is.
    6. Flirt with other men, smile at them, check out their bulges… text guy friends and get into sexy chats.
    7. Talk about penis size in front of husband, telling my friends that a small cock is pretty useless. Hubby will be praying you don’t divuldge his secret. Some men want you to tell others, but that is up to the couple. My husband doesnt.
    8. Dressing sexy is a must to ensure guys are checking me out.
    9. Make hubby watch me enjoy my toy then make him lick my juices off. Don’t ask, make him – order him!
    10. The meanest and more humiliating… tell hubby he is not allowed to cum during sex, and if he does, make him give you oral after sex, eating up his sperm. He will do it if you demand it… and if he doesn’t no sex for a couple months!

    • play613796 Says:


      Thanks again for another very thorough response to this question. Men are always asking what women think about this topic so your response is not only very timely it’s also quite informative!

      You’re right about not only the importance of his acceptance of his small cock, but also your acceptance of it as well. It sounds as if once you both accepted the reality it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

      I must say, that you seem to have a very thorough grasp on the issue of small penis teasing/humiliation that so many small endowed men crave. Your “top ten” list of favorite things to do or say, will give our female readers some great ideas!

      You touched on another important point – the continual small penis teasing which keeps him in a constant state of arousal. As you put it so succinctly, “Learn to control his cock, and you control his behavior” and along with that, he spoils and pampers you – and what woman wouldn’t want more of that? Do you feel like your new reality has improved your relationship?

      Thanks for the great post!


  9. Karen Says:

    Has this improved our relationship? We always had a great relationship – I think this added to his excitement and improved his efforts at being attentive to me after years of marriage. For me, it gave me the freedom to explore my own sexuality and needs and gave me permission to explore other men, even if I only chose through flirting, dressing sexier and email/sexting.

    My belief is that there is no right or wrong was to have this type of relationship – each couple can define their own wants and desires within the relationship. When people explore online, they find all types of crazy stuff, and I think it scares women off – most of the bizarre stuff is probably not true anyway. But we communicate what gets us off, and we try to make each other happy.

    For those women on the ropes about humiliating their husband because of their small penis or breaking out of thier vanilla sex life – I would encourage you to move forward and do it quickly. The more you embrace it, the more loving and loyal your husband will be. The more your needs will be met – a Dominant woman doesn’t mean you boss your poor hubby around and make him do all your stuff – it means that you have power. The only way to maintain that power is to keep him horny and on edge… tease him, deny him, laugh at his little erections, tell him you love him but really want a larger man inside you… if HE is asking for this, and you don’t – I am pretty sure this will fester and he will find another outlet for this.

    Steve – I think you should start a thread for Women’s Responses toward these subjects. Survey them, get suggestions like I made above, ask what they are afraid of, what most enjoy about doing these things. The surveys you have on this site are great… but can provide more direction towards poor women married to small dicked men.

    • play613796 Says:


      You have touched on several important aspects of this topic. Your right, for any woman who might be at least curious in learning more about this topic and does some searching might stumble upon all kinds of “crazy stuff” that could definitely scare them off. But, by effectively communicating what works best for you (and your partner) in the context of your sexual relationship is the key to being content and satisfied. There are some good websites/blogs that do address this topic in a straightforward manner –basically explaining what it is, providing examples and explaining why it can be a turn on for both parties. Hopefully, this is one of those sites!

      As you have discovered, by engaging in the mild forms of small penis teasing you have, has changed your relationship for the better. The fact that your husband is more loving, loyal and attentive is something that has definitely gotten your attention. As you pointed out, what woman wouldn’t want that?

      You have also come to realize that this has given you a lot of power in the relationship, but you have drawn an important distinction between abusing that power you know you have, and using it in a way that can help shape your relationship in a more positive direction that turns you both on. By making frequent sexually changed comments it definitely keeps your husband in a perpetual state of arousal, and will help to keep him in touch with your needs and the relationship. I think you are absolutely correct by saying that if a man is asking for this and it’s not provided that these thoughts will not just simply go away. Rather, he will simply find other outlets and other ways to express them.

      Lastly, I like your suggestion about starting a thread for women’s perceptions on this topic. I will start such a thread in the near future. This would include what women’s hesitations or concerns would be (and how to overcome them), and also identify ideas of things couples could try. Another topic that should be addressed is how to talk to your spouse about your interest in it. For lack of a better term, it could become a “Best Practices Guide” on how approach this topic that is of increasing interest to more and more couples.

      Thanks again for your comments!


  10. vanessachaland Says:

    Interesting post. Although I have a different reason for engaging in small penis humiliation….it’s for my own enjoyment, not really his. :)

  11. Michele Says:

    Are you in control??? Here is one true test! Have your man kiss you, while you have a mouth full of his cum. Read on for explanation, it works!!!

    One of the most powerful and most erotic things to do to a man is to learn to take ownership of his penis away from him – we can all agree to that! The humiliation or “teasing” keeps him aroused and interested in sex and in his wife or girlfriend. It also keeps him pretty focused on his spouse – unless she is not overly devoted to the process, her hot and cold attitude will cause him to look for the things he is craving elsewhere (that would likely NEVER happen if the man has a small penis and the woman is controlling his cock).

    With that in mind, the woman is free to play or have sex with or flirt with other men, WITH the husband’s full permission and encouragement. Now, not all women are going to jump at the chance to get with other men or even have the confidence to do so… but as you pointed out Steve, they can still play in the fantasy world, embrace the power, and play on the edges of the reality. For example, dressing sexy, going without bras or panties, emailing, texting, humiliation, denial, toys and even going out with other men on dates without sex is all great fun. Make a new male friend and flirt with him, maybe even let him know your husband is small… its all up to each couple. Again, this happens in stages.

    **** Now, one thing that I have done, which takes things from both the power and humiliation world, and adds in reality that REALLY is powerful and erotic is: Give your man a blow job, nice and slow… when he cums in your mouth, do not rush off to spit it out or swallow it. Hold it in your mouth and move to kiss him. As you kiss him, do not spit the cum in his mouth, but let it be there, dripping into his mouth and rolling off your tongue in a normal French kiss kind of way. He will not realize it at first, but suddenly he will know what happened. Because this came from you, he will accept it. Possibly protesting… but you can say, that your in charge and you want him to accept it. Make or break really… is the man really serious about you controlling his cock??? Well, if you say so, he must drink his cum for you.

    You see, many men are homophobic and will not eat their own cum. Women are expected to lick their used dildos, suck their juices off their fingers – but a men run from the sight of their own cum. As a women, getting your man to accept his cum is powerful… it helps the man to accept himself and his role – you are in charge after all. Now, the KEY is not to ask him if it is ok… most men will not be open to it. But surprise him with a cum filled kiss and he soon will accept his role and enjoy his own taste.

    Ladies, no more sex without orgasm after he cums in you. No more having to swallow ever drop, save some for him. This is just something I have done through the years with great success. If you are not going to screw other men for him, then a way to make fantasy more a reality is truly show that you are in charge. Every man I have done this to has protested, but eventually all have learned to accept their bodies and cum, and my power over them. It is a true test to if he is willing to let you be in control. If her refuses, let him know that you want him to and you are supposed to be in control… and in a about a week of no humiliating, or sex, or anything… he will come back to you and say he will give it a try.

    It is great fun! Try it!!!

  12. Curtis Says:

    I’m really glad I found this site. I thought that I was the only married man that craved SPH. I’ve been married for 15 years to the same lady. My measurement is 5″ long by 5″ round. So probably on the low end of average. Back in college I would ask girls how I compared to their other lovers and most would say I was the biggest or the second biggest they have had. This was all before the internet was up and going. Once I started browsing sites on average penis size I found out that I was not average but below average and those college girls probably lied to me.
    I’ve had sex with 18 other women before marriage and can say that my wifes pussy is on the larger end of the scale. My wife had sex with only one guy before me. She never would tell me his actual size but said that he was well blessed in that area. She doesn’t like talking about him and her having sex now. The only thing she used to say when we first got married is that he went a lot deeper and stretched her out. After finding this out is when I started buying her dildo’s. We dont use them all the time but when we do she for sure likes it. Her current dildo is 8″ long by 6.5″ round. She takes it with ease. Thats like more than twice my size in volume.
    I heard someone in an earlier post say that they like using the large dildo on their wife and then getting sloppy seconds. This is really hot to me but she doesn’t understand this philosophy. She will ask me ever now and then if I like her big pussy and I try and get her to say derogiatory remarks about my small pensis but she hardly ever does and thats what would really turn me on. I just have to have fantacies in my head about it. I wish she would give me verbal SPH.
    I know that she know that this dirty bedroom talk turns me on but she just wont come out with it freely. For example, I have asked her on different occasion how well my dick filled her up on a scale of 1 to 10. She says its a 5 which is realistically a 4 and she would say her toy would be a 9. I would love to have her during sex tell me how inadequate I am. I get a boner thinking about it.
    Keep up the posts. I enjoy getting the information

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Curtis,

      Welcome to the blog and I’m glad you like it. Have you tried having conversations about the things you desire? That might be a good place to start. Get some ideas from some of the women who have responded here. A lot of men like SPH but are afraid to admit it, so you are not alone by any means. Many of us really like it, and fortunately have wives that we can talk to about these desires. Depending on how you approach her with it, she might be ok with giving it to you as well. good luck.

      Again, welcome to the blog.


  13. Geoff Says:

    Hi, this is such a turn on for me. My penis is 4.75″ when fully erect (about 1.5″ when soft). One of my favourite things is to buy the largest condoms there is, and ask my wife to masturbate me. I love it when she unrolls the full length of the huge condom down to the base of my tiny shaft, so that the excess dangles down past my balls. She’ll say things like “I think this condom might be a little bit too big for you”, which is a massive turn on, and gives me an earth hattering orgasm. I also like masturbating whilst wearing her knickers, and think of her having sex with guys who are extremely well endowed. I really love to be told calmly and honestly that I have a very small penis. It would be an exquisite turn on. I’d be grateful if anybody could recommend some quality websites that cater for my fetish.

  14. Geoff Says:

    Thanks Mikey, I’ll try those. Does anyone know any free SPH webcam addresses?

  15. Elvis Says:

    I haven’t had any complaints about my 6 incher. I know there are blokes with bigger cocks out there but I don’t really care. In fact, one of my best friends has a 9 incher that looks even bigger on his slight frame [talk about freaks] and he’s getting a bit tired of being just sampled to occasionally just flat out refused sex because of his size. He’s decent looking and isn’t really picky, just wants to settle down and start a family. While as teenagers we were quietly envious about his package now the wheel seems to have turned. This is genuine story. I’m sort of running out of ideas how to help him as I really care about him. He’s a bloody good bloke yet the only women that appear to be happy with him [his cock] are way to wild and certainly not family types.
    I know it’s maybe a wrong place to write this, but I just found it kinda ironic that some blokes into humiliation because they have small cocks yet my mate here suffers because he has unusually big one.

    As an aside, I thought it was interesting that you put the picture of the girl wearing a shirt “size matters” that is rather short changed in the bust department. Is there such thing as SBH [small boob humiliation] ;)
    [this was a bit tongue-in-cheek] :)

  16. Jake Simba Says:

    Hi everyone, this article explained a lot but not everything.. I had a boner the whole time i was reading this, and it should prove that i’m into sph fetish, but i dont think i like sph arousal in real life..

    This is my story:
    I had sex at 22 yo for the first time, because from when i turned 18 and still virgin i always felt inadequate to satisfy a woman for the not really big size of my penis, and cause i was scared that my first time precoce ejaculation would have reveal to the girl my virginity (none of that actually happened my first time, i mean, i’m not sure i gave her a proper orgasm but i fucked her for 20 minutes or more and she had to finish me by her mouth cause i wasn’t able to come inside her, and i told her it was because of the condom that i couldnt feel anything!).
    My penis’ lenght is 5,5 inches, some girl would say it is small, but the most of them consider it completely normal and adequate; so before i had sex my first time, i started watching and enjoying sph videos online and i started to meet girls online and ask them to rate and judge my penis, when the girl was saying that she thought it was small it was the most arousing tease for me and when i found a girl who gave me the sph treatment ( unconsciously? i dont know) while watching me jerking off, i had the best masturbation experience of my life.
    When i started having sex, i found out that i was completely able to give her proper orgasms and i also found out that nothing was more exciting for me than see her enjoying the pleasure that she could get from my stick, even if it wasn’t as big as i wish it was.
    After 2 months we started telling each others our biggest fantasies and fetish, i revealed her my fantasy of having sex with multiple girls and the kind of porn that i watch online, including sph, cfnm and femdom stuff.. So one day she got in the bedroom with a ruler and asked to measure my penis, i let her do it, but i found out that it wasnt not even close as exciting as i thought it would have been, i kind of felt the need to feel adequate to satisfy her and not the opposite, and even if i think she did it for me, it attacked my manhood.
    2 nights later i was at dinner at her place and a girl friend of her was there, and after a lot of wine they started talking about sex and penis sizes and they started pressuring me to show my penis off, so i got completely naked and i immidiatly got hit by a boner, my girl started to play with it and jerk me off in front of her friend who was watching. They were also talking about my penis (her friend apparently thought it was pretty small), comparing it to the ones of their former lovers, recreating pretty much the same situation that i search on porn videos.
    I enjoyed that situation and i had a great orgasm, but after that it didn’t feel right to me and kinda made me feel bad about myself..
    After that night the sex with my girl was no longer the same, and even if i knew that what she did that night was only to give me my biggest fantasy come true, i really started to feel inadequate and the idea of her wanting a bigger one started getting possession of my head, and it kinda ruined our relationship.
    So that made me think that even if i’m into sph fetish, it is a doble-edged sword, cause i only enjoy an experience like that if its online with a girl that i will never meet in real life or if it’s with a girl that i don’t know very well (so that i dont care a lot about her) and that is unlikely to see her again after that, cause it would make the situation really awkward after that. But if i’m with a girl that i care about, i need to feel able to satisfy her cause that’s the thing that i like the most.
    Do you think all of this make any sense??

    • play613796 Says:

      Welcome to the blog Jake and thank you for your comments. The best way to interpret what you said is, whatever works for you and your partner is what makes the most sense for the two of you. Each of us is different in our likes and dislikes, so the bottom line is what do we feel comfortable doing with our partner is what we should do.

  17. A Woman’s Guide: How to Provide Small Penis Teasing to Your Husband | lovesmallpenis Says:

    […] of things you can say or do to provide it. Without repeating myself, my original article on “Understanding Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation,” posted on August 17, 2012, and the companion article, “Small Penis Humiliation – A […]

  18. Dewayne Crum Says:

    Wish my wife fully understood this.

  19. Glenn Says:

    Man you guys are so lucky to have wives or girlfriends to do this. I’ve only been in one relationship and it was pretty much sexless from the beginning.So SPH was never even likely to be brought up. I have had a few occasions to get my fix of SPH. I hired a couple of women (hookers) to do it for me. Neither had done it before and neither knew quite what to do or say so I had to do a lot of coaching. I’m more into the really cruel stuff as opposed to the playful kind of stuff you see in POV videos on the internet. I have many fantasies that evolve around SPH and I was intrigued to see you included a couple of them in your blog (the buying condoms scenario being one). Many of the things you touched on I completely agree with as far as being things that would turn me on assuming I had a woman in my life to do these things of course.

    Even though I have an average sized penis (5 1/2″ x 5″) it does seem to look smaller than it actually is. I used to spend a lot of time on Omegle showing my dick to as many girls as I could which is not that many if you’ve ever been on Omegle you will know why. Almost all who made comments said it was small. One woman even said “what is it 3 inches?” I just went along with and said yes.

    One thing you never touched on in your blog (unless I missed it) is adding other humiliations along with the size stuff. For instance when I was having my sessions with my hooker because of my age and some small medical problems I find it difficult to maintain an erection. So while she was humiliating me she would be stroking my dick and for most of the half hour it would be soft. eventually I got her to mock me for having a limp dick too. She would say things like “Not only is your dick pathetically small it can’t even stay hard. it’s worthless. You’re a complete failure as a man” God I love that stuff. I don’t think she ever knew how much it turned me on because it didn’t show in my cock.

    Another thing that would turn me on tremendously would be to watch a TV show or movie with my woman and when I see an actress that I like point it out to my wife and she would say stuff like “a needledick like you could never get a woman like that in a million years. As soon as she laid eyes on your shriveled little mushroom dick she would die from laughing”

    I didn’t think much of what michele had to say. I’m not into domination in any way and not wanting to be forced to eat my own come has nothing to do with being homophobic it has to do with the taste of cum. It’s nasty.

    You guys who are lucky enough to be with women who indulge your SPh are so lucky. Spare a thought for us single guys who have to go without. Well unless we want to pay for it.

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Glenn,

      Welcome to the Blog and thank you for the comments. You’re right, most of us who are into SPT or SPH or some combination are lucky we have wives/partners who are accepting of our craving and more than willing to provide us with the excitement we desire. I think you’re correct, I don’t believe we specifically addressed the “layering” of SPT/SPH specifically as you described, but we may have referred to it indirectly. The good news for you is there may be more women out there willing to provide you with what you desire than you think. Many women on this blog have said there is no better mental mind fuck than when their husbands share their deepest fantasies. Unfortunately many guys are reluctant to share their desires, and the result is, their woman can’t possibly fulfill their fantasies if they don’t know them. So, you may eventually find someone who can provide you the SPH/SPT that you crave.

  20. Glenn Says:

    Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to reading future blogs and the responses. I just wish there was more female participation. I must say though there are a lot more women here than there usually are in forums that center around penises or penis size. It’s usually mostly gay guys for some reason.

    Actually there’s a question I wanted to ask. I really want to ask women but I’ll ask it to guys that want to answer and if women want to offer an answer that would be cool. Do you guys ever wonder at what age girls start to think about penises in general or penis size specifically? I’ve always assumed it would be around puberty. When we first start thinking of ourselves and the opposite sex in a more sexual way but a couple of incidents have caused me to re-evaluate this.

    One such incident happened about 20 years ago. My sister has two daughters and at the time they were about 10 and 8 years old. Before I go further I just wanted to point out for those that didn’t know that one of the most popular terms or colloquialisms for the penis in England (where this took place) is willy

    I was at my sisters house and I was discussing with my sister our uncle from North Carolina whose name happens to be Willy. Then all of a sudden out of the blue my 8 year old niece says to me “Uncle Glenn do you have a big willy or a little one” There was dead silence for a few seconds then my sister changed the subject LOL. But it got me thinking how could a girl so young have those kind of thoughts? I seriously doubt at that age she had ever seen a penis never mind enough penises to be making size comparisons. So where did it come from. Are girls born with a natural instinct to compare penises and their sizes?

    I’ve often wondered two things about that incident. What would she have said if I answered her and why didn’t my sister say anything? it’s almost as if her silence was a passive way of saying “yeah Glenn how big is your penis?” I doubt it though. I’m sure she knows I have a small one.

    I also wanted to ask if it would be possible to start a blog asking guys to submit some of their SPT/SPH fantasies or fantasy scenarios. I know some have been mentioned here but there are a lot I have in my head that haven’t. There are some fantasies that i have that wouldn’t be possible to replicate in real life even if I found a woman to indulge them. I’m curious as to whether there are fantasies other guys have come up with that I haven’t. If women have some too that would be great.

    That’s another subject I wanted to bring up and that is women’s ability to come up with SPH/SPT scenarios or comments from their own minds. Do women have these thoughts or do they rely on men either directly from husbands or boyfriends or from reading stuff online etc to give them things to say or do?. I ask this because as I have mentioned I hired two women to give me my fix and both of them at first were stumped as to what to say. I pretty much had to give them a script and give them scenarios to feed back to me. Also I found a thread on forums for sex industry girls and one cam girl said she gets lots of requests for SPH and she wasn’t sure what to say. That’s what made me curious about it. Is SPH soley in the domain of the male mind.

    I have no doubt that most women are aware that comments they make about penis size have an effect on men especially guys who are small. I’m sure you’re all aware of the song that came out in the 90’s called “Short Dick Man”. This song was so popular in clubs and in general at that time (probably still is) and is still a very popular karaoke song from what I hear. Women have made comments suggesting they know that playing this song in front of men makes the smaller guys squirm.

    I’m sure us small guys can recall many instances in our culture and media where women have made remarks eluding to their dislike for smaller penises in movies or TV shows etc. I saw one just the other day on an MTV show called Girl Code. In this segment girls offered their views on penises in general. One girl offered “Me and my friends hate small penises. We get together and talk about how much we hate small penises. it’s a kind of small penis hate group” LOL okay!!

    This is a form of indirect SPH. of course it’s non consentual so it doesn’t have the same desired effect consentual SPH has for me anyway.

    • play613796 Says:


      Let me attempt to answer a few of your questions. Yes, we do have a number of female contributors, but like many of our male contributors, they don’t always comment on every article, but we have a fair number. It’s always good to have more though. And, as far as the distribution goes, we have single men and single women who peruse the blog, many of us are married, and others are in relationships, so it runs the gambit. This blog is not designed, nor does it cater exclusive to married couples. But having said that, yes, we do discuss relationship issues because many people are curious about them and how SPT/SPH can be incorporated in them. And of course, the primary purpose of this blog is to discuss small penis related issues.

      I’ll let others attempt to answer your question about when girls start thinking about penis size. My own personal belief is though it varies depending on a number of factors. Some of these influencers may include their upbringing, culture, religion, environment and many other factors. I remember growing up that some girls seemed to be “in the know” about it early on, while others had absolutely no clue at all. So, I think it really depends on the individual and there is not a universal answer to this question.

      You asked a question about whether or not it would be possible to start a blog asking guys to submit their SPT/SPH fantasies and scenarios. Personally, I don’t have the time to do it, but it would be easy enough to do if someone wanted to start one that catered specifically to that subject. But, I know there are already similar sites out there. For example, I know you can find SPT/SPH stories on Literotica or the Experience Project to name a few.
      Another SPT/SPH question you had is, “Do women have these thoughts or do they rely on men either directly from husbands or boyfriends or from reading stuff online etc to give them things to say or do?” This is another good question, and I think once again it depends on the woman. Some women seem “gifted” in that area being particularly creative and resourceful in coming up with their own scenarios. But, other women want to learn about them. You would be surprised just how many emails I get personally from women/girls saying their husbands/partners want SPT/SPH and they want to learn how to provide it for them. To me that’s exciting because there are women out there who want to learn about this stuff. When women realize the power SPT/SPH gives them, it now longer remains in the “domain of the male mind.” Lastly, I know if you read the comments from earlier articles on SPT/SPH, you no doubt noticed that many women contributors are very creative indeed.

      As you can see, we talk about a wide range of subjects here. The only two things we prohibit are anything to do with promoting or encouraging violence or any age inappropriate content. Other than that we are pretty open as to subject matter.

  21. bibi Says:

    you touched on the fact that the women would have more power in the relationship once she found out you had a small penis, or when it became open for discussion? and would that power exchange take place just in the bedroom or outside of the bedroom as well

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi “Bibi”, Welcome to the blog and thank you for your comments. The power exchange once a wife acknowledges her husbands small penis really varies by couple. Some couples do like to extend the power shift outside the bedroom, while others are content to keep the power exchange within the bedroom, so it depends on the couple and what they’re comfortable with.

  22. Sean E Says:

    I love this!!!! ALL TRUE!!!!

  23. liddel pegger Says:

    I don’t have a lot to add here but wanted to make a couple of points about the smaller condoms. There have been too many times to count where I’ve had to fish a “one size fits all” condom out of a girl’s pussy after it had slipped off my little dick. I’ve had instances of fucking with one of those while holding a thumb and forefinger around it to keep it from slipping off. The snugger fits were great to find.

    As far as embarrassing myself asking for smaller condoms, I’ve done that at “sex shops” on a few occasions. I normally do it when there is a woman clerk and it adds to the pleasure if there is a male clerk and even other people nearby. You can see the woman is embarrassed for me but very amused knowing that I am having to admit to having a small dick. As far as I’m concerned, these people are fair game. The work in a sex shop where they sell porn, dildos etc., sometimes a porn will be playing on a screen for people to watch as they shop. This type of place would be the only type of place I would try to pull this off. If I attempt this in a drugstore or other retail outlet, I may be getting my jollies at the expense of someone’s teenage daughter or wife or grandmother. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy that because I probably would. I just consider them off limits and the sex store workers fair game.

  24. Dan M Says:

    I am so glad that I discovered this website. I’ve had a wonderful time over the last few hours reading through as many of your posts as I can click on. Admittedly, my little cock has enjoyed every minute of this. I recently got out of a relationship so I won’t be able to show this site to any special women in my life right now. When the time comes though, I can’t wait to show a future girlfriend all the pleasant ways to engage in what you’ve eloquently dubbed ‘small penis teasing.’

    This is simply a wonderful site. Thank you so much. :)

  25. smallCockHarry Says:

    This is such a perfect article and captures everything about sph. The one thing it does not touch upon is how sph can only happen in relationships that are very strong. Where the partners are on the same page and where the mental and emotional connections are forged of iron.

    But even so unfortunately sph is not something all women seem to enjoy. My wife is totally not into it and thinks of it as a stupid fetish of mine. So I have stopped bringing up the subject with her.

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