Part 2: A Woman’s Guide to Creating a Cuckolding Fantasy World

Is your husband a potential cuckold?

If your husband is underendowed and you suspect he could be a cuckold but not sure, try this test.  Wait until you’re in bed at night and ask him the following questions:

  • Does the thought of me being with another man excite you?
  • Does it excite you that I know you have a small cock?
  • Does it turn you on when I tell you you have a small cock?
  • Do you feel the need to try harder to compensate for your small dick size?
  • Would it turn you on if you knew I had told one my girlfriends you were a cuckold?
  • Does the thought of another man’s bigger cock winning out over your small one excite you?

If your man says yes to at least three of the above questions, you could probably cuckold him easily.  If he says yes to all of the above, and his mini member becomes raging stiff, have no doubt, your husband is a complete cuckold and would love nothing more than to be cuckolded by you.

What’s a woman to do if her husband is a cuckold?

Well, if your husband is a cuckold, it’s certainly not the end of the world.   Believe it or not there are many benefits to women married to cuckolds.  Cuckolds are undyingly faithful, attentive to their wives and will please them in any way they can.  They consider their wives to be extremely attractive and are also very committed to you and your marriage. What married woman wouldn’t want a husband who was so attentive and dedicated to her needs?

If he is a cuckold, remember, as described above, his journey there wasn’t easy for him.  He has gone through a lot of mental gymnastics and probably struggled even telling you.  Being a cuckold is not a passing fancy.   There is a saying, “once a cuckold, always a cuckold” which speaks to the power and intensity it has for them.    So, what do you do?  First of all, learn what a cuckold is, and what makes them tick.  Do some independent research on your own about cuckolding and talk with him about it.  Ask him questions.  He will be thrilled you at least have an interest in it.

If a woman finds out her husband is a cuckold, she can react in one of three ways.  Some women just can’t handle it.  They might choose to ignore it or worse yet, belittle the cuckold because of a perceived negative connotation associated with the term.  This is probably the worst possible thing a woman could do.  If your husband has been open with you to the point he would reveal something as personal as this, the last thing you should do is to dismiss it out of hand.  But, the reality is, it still may not be for you.

The second option is obvious.  You now have complete freedom to engage in sexual experimentation – with your husband’s full knowledge, approval and encouragement.   A cuckold believes his wife is entitled to have sex with other men, so if you have ever wanted, or were curious to experience something new but hesitated for whatever reason, this is definitely the time to try it.  But, make sure you discuss the parameters of your new, cuckolding relationship with your partner up-front.  It could be a very exciting and rewarding time for both of you.  Women considering cuckolding often ask, “It sounds wonderful but so one-sided, what’s in it for him?”  Believe it or not, your cuckold will derive as much, or more mental stimulation as you will get through physical stimulation.  It’s a powerful aphrodisiac for a cuckold just knowing his wife has a lover.  For women, cuckolding can be just as addictive as it is for men.  Once a woman has experienced the sexual variety and freedom of having sex with other men in a cuckolding relationship, they will never give it up.  But, on the other hand, there is the potential for STD’s, the wife developing an emotional attachment to her new lover, etc.  These are very real concerns that should be thought through very carefully.  It’s not that they can’t be overcome, but it would not be wise to ignore or underestimate the risks.

Creating a Cuckold Fantasy World

So, what do you do if you realize you don’t want to dismiss his interest out-of-hand, but you’re also not quite ready to jump into extra-marital relationships either?  The third option is for you to create a cuckolding fantasy land for your husband.  You can completely cuckold your husband through fantasy alone without ever having sex with another man and it can be almost as erotic for both of you.  You can weave this erotic fantasy web for your husband easily and without a lot of effort.

Develop an Understanding of Cuckolding:  If you have read this far, you already have an idea of some of the major elements that drive men to want to become cuckolds, and you may be a little curious yourself.  So, educate yourself, and immerse yourself in the cuckolding culture.   Do a little research on the subject or read a few books with cuckolding or hot wife themes.  Engage your husband in a discussion about male competition, and the biological need for women to want/need to mate with multiple male partners, etc.  Your interest will be a major turn on for your cuckold.   So in creating your Cuckold fantasy world, you can include anything you like.  The key is to include many components as often as possible so your cuckold truly feels like one.  Here some examples of things you could include:

Cuckold Your Husband:  First and foremost, even though you’re exploring this as a fantasy, make sure to let your husband know you are cuckolding him.  Be emphatic about it and emphasize to him that your relationship is changing.  All you need to do is to define what the rules are and let him know and he will follow them.  This doesn’t mean you can walk all over him nor should you.  Cuckolds are not wimps nor are they losers, but once you establish you’re cuckolding him, he will become more focused on the relationship and acutely aware of your needs.  The submissive-dominant equation can also be an interesting dynamic.  You may fantasize about selectively losing control with other more sexually dominant partners who can tap into your submissive tendencies.  However, when you’re with your cuckold who cannot make you feel sexually submissive, you naturally become the dominant sexual partner.  Cuckolding your husband can be one of the most rewarding things you have ever done.  He will satisfy any sexual cravings you have, and be happy to do anything you want inside or outside the bedroom.  And of course, he will love you unconditionally.

Acknowledge Your Cuckold:  Nothing will excite a cuckold more than to simply hear you refer to him as a cuckold.  It may seem strange to you, but it’s exhilarating for him to hear you verbalize it and also validates your acceptance of his reality.   The more you refer to him as a cuckold the better, and it doesn’t have to take place just in the bedroom.  Hearing you refer to him as a cuckold in normal day-to-day conversation will thrill him to no end.

“Hot Wife/Cuckoldress” Wardrobe:   Your cuckold will view you as a “Hot Wife” or “Cuckoldress.”  He is super turned on by you, so embrace the role.  Go on a shopping spree and buy yourself some new, sexy clothes and lingerie.  Or better yet, take your cuckold with you and make him buy you these things! J  Dress provocatively and sexy whenever you can.  Not just during the day, but at night too.  Lose the baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts and start wearing sexy nightgowns or lingerie at night.  Go the gym and work out, and watch what you eat.  Remember, you want to send a signal to your husband that you have changed.  Once you start looking like a hot wife, you will become one, and when you do, your husband will notice but so will other men, and the result will be to increase your sexual confidence.

The Bracelet:  Do you really want to send your cuckold over the edge?  Buy and wear “the bracelet.”  What’s that?  For those in the know, an ankle bracelet worn on the right ankle has become the universal emblem of the “Hot Wife.”  It can also mean the woman is in a cuckolding relationship.  It signifies the wife’s availability for sex with other men and encourages those men familiar with it to approach her, even if she is with her husband.  You can wear one when you go out on a date, or, you can even wear one when you go out with the girls.  Since not every woman who wears an ankle bracelet is aware of its significance, you can always get away with telling anyone who asks that it’s simply jewelry and has no significance to you.   But, for the husband who is aware of its significance, he will probably be masturbating five minutes after you leave home for a night out with the girls!

Texting:    Cuckolds love to be teased and kept on edge especially though text messages.  Let your imagination run wild and send him text messages about how wet you are, or that you’re thinking about some cute guy, etc.  Whether you are out on a girl’s night out, or perhaps he is out of town on business, the Hot Wife can really stir the imagination of her man by sending very short, sexy text messages.  Just be creative.  Its agony and ecstasy rolled into one for a cuckold.

Flirting:   Start flirting more openly with other men.  Yes, even in front of your husband.  If you have the opportunity and you’re talking to another man, bend over enough to give him a look at your bountiful cleavage.  Your cuckold will be zeroed in on the other man’s eyes and it will make him squirm.   And while you’re at it, and if you’re away from him, let him know when other men hit on you.  It will turn him on and confirm your status as a Hot Wife to him.

His Penis:   If you’ve read this far, it won’t surprise you to hear ALL cuckolds are penis-centered.  If your cuckold is underdeveloped in the penis department you may still be content, indeed even satisfied with his “mini-member,” but it’s best to keep that “little” secret to yourself.  This may require a complete paradigm shift on your part, especially if you have praised him as a lover in the past, but trust me, it will be worth it.   The more doubt, suspense and sexual tension you can create for your cuckold, the better.

Another hot button for the cuckold is for you to begin reminding him openly that he has a very small penis.  He knows it, and you know it, and remember cuckolds want the truth and are very, very turned on by it.  If you haven’t said things like that in the past he will be acutely aware of you acknowledging it now, and it will plant a “little” seed of doubt in his mind which is a huge aphrodisiac for a cuckold.  It’s not said in a mean spirited way, in fact you could just lovingly explain to your man that he doesn’t quite measure up down there but that doesn’t change the love and commitment you have for him.   Rather, it just necessitates a new kind of sexual honestly which can lead in any number of directions…. and leave him hanging, wondering what you mean.  Simultaneously, whenever you see a big one in videos, magazines or on the internet, don’t be bashful about telling your cuckold.  Hearing you say something like, “OMG, his cock is huge,” or, “Honey, his cock is so much bigger than yours,” are music to the ears of your cuckold.  If you don’t believe it, look at his stiff, little cock.  Hard cocks don’t lie.

The Competitor:  All of the above will really excite your husband.  But, to take it to the next level, he needs (and wants) competition.  Since you aren’t ready to take it to that next step – at least for now, consider an imaginary boyfriend.   In the cuckold world, the boyfriend is often called the bull.  How do you find (or create) an imaginary boyfriend?  Simple, if you don’t have a dildo, buy one.   It doesn’t have to be as big as a baseball bat, just noticeably bigger than your husband.  Realistic looking dildos are perfect because they represent the real thing to your cuckold.

  • Lover or boyfriend?  It’s ok to refer to your new toy as a lover or boyfriend, but there is something more permanent about referring to him as your stud boyfriend.  To personalize it even more, give it (him) a name.  Call it Jeff or whatever name you choose.
  • Compare your boyfriends cock with your husbands.  It’s one thing if he does it, but has an entirely different and powerful effect when you do it.
  • Don’t be in a rush, “play” with your boyfriend.   Let your cuckold watch you holding and fondling your boyfriends cock.  Rub it between your breasts.  Give him a long, slow blowjob.   The imagery of seeing your lips or hand wrapped around another cock with your wedding ring visible is very powerful imagery indeed.
  • When you decide it’s time to be taken by your boyfriend, take your time and enjoy yourself.  Take long, slow and deep strokes at first.  Your cuckold will love watching the show.   If he normally ejaculates quickly, it will turn him on watching you take it for a longer period of time.  If you are able orgasm or have multiple orgasms that will just send him over the edge.  Just pleasure yourself and have fun.
  • Surprise your cuckold some night and take your boyfriend out from under your pillow and say something like, “Honey, I really need Jeff’s BIG cock tonight, you don’t mind do you?”  And once you’re done, make sure to describe the experience glowingly.  “The feeling of being taken so deep is incredible,” or, “OMG, it touches places in me your just not capable of and feels amazing.”
  • After your boyfriend has pleasured you, if you feel like you want sex with your cuckold, challenge him.  “I really want your little cock now, but can you compete with Jeff’s big cock?”  Just get ready, because that will be about the only thing your cuckold will need to hear.  Be prepared for him to fuck you with urgency and a frenzy you have seldom experienced.  You get the picture.  Just be creative, play with his mind and you will keep him indefinitely on edge which will put him in Cuckold Heaven.
  • Finally, another playful twist might include sending your cuckold a text sometime saying something like, “I’m thinking about Jeff and am SO wet,” or if he is out of town send him one that says something like, “I had forgotten how big Jeff was” – implying that you had just been taken care of by your stud boyfriend.  Your cuckold will probably cum on himself! 

Cuckolding in reality is not for everyone.  Even for those who are interested in the lifestyle and feel they have good communication and a strong relationship may choose not to do it in reality for a variety of reasons.  A safe middle-ground is creating a cuckold fantasy world which allows couples to explore the lifestyle without complicating their day-to-day lives.  It also gives them a chance to enhance their relationship by removing the routine vanilla sex and replacing it with a much more erotic, intense and exciting relationship.

5 Responses to “Part 2: A Woman’s Guide to Creating a Cuckolding Fantasy World”

  1. Why some couples choose cuckolding? « Threesomes and variations Says:

    […] Part 2: A Woman’s Guide to Creating a Cuckolding Fantasy World ( […]

  2. Karen Says:

    I for one can’t yet see myself fucking another man that is not my husband, no matter how much I think about it or fantasize about it or how much my husband urges me along – so the fantasy world works best for us right now. I am sure one day, in the right situation I will enjoy another mans cock – but until then, pretending is a great alternative. The one thing I have had to learn is to make it realistic, to say – I want another mans cock in me to my husband in a convincing way. I use to gigle and laugh… but the more real the better for him. I cuckold him with my huge dildo – and deny him sex after at times because his cock is to small, HE LOVES THAT! I agree with much of this… flirting with other men, sexting other men, looking at other mens nude photos, commenting about how tiny hubby is – and even measuring husband is all awesome turn ons. I once took a picture of ONLY the inches he reached on a ruler and made him post that photo on Facebook (not his cock, just the ruler inches that he reached)… the comments were hilarious. We never confessed what it was about, but it was pretty funny.

    • play613796 Says:


      That’s it isn’t it? The realism of it all. Cuckolding as a fantasy can be extremely erotic and effective if it’s done properly. Who bought up the idea of cuckolding in your relationship? It’s obvious your husband gets a lot out of this, and I suspect you do too, but what is it about cuckolding that is a turn on for you?


  3. Ken Says:

    Steve great articles, Part 1 and 2. I have been struggling for years to find a way to share my fantasy…or reality…with my wife of fear she would think I am crazy! I shared them with her the other day. She might still think I am crazy ;), but at least I have finally gotten this load off of my mind and she has been very receptive and supportive.These articles have definitely lead to more open communication and better sex. Thanks.

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