Women: Large Dildos vs. Small Penises

This is a question for women – married or single.  How many of you have used dildos in front of your man that were actually larger than he was?   If so, what was his reaction?   Was he incredibly turned on, or did he seem intimidated?

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  1. elaina Says:

    It took a minute to actually get it all in but once I did he was amazed that I took that much more than him. It turned him on allot . Now he asks to watch all the time!

    • play613796 Says:

      Elaina, thanks for the great post. What size is your man and your dildo? Like a lot of us, obviously it really turned your man on, but what about you? Did it excite you? Some women are often embarrased taking a dildo that is larger than their man. Can you describe what the diffferences were for you in terms of feeling and fullness?

      • elaina Says:

        My man is just under 7 inches. He is maybe 4 inches around so he is not really super small but not really big enough. My man was very turned on. I don’t realize just how much until recently. I have to admit it did feel great to be stretched like that. It is a feeling that is hard to explain. I felt very full and whole as a woman. After using it my husband does feel smaller now. That part kind of sucks. But at the same time it is a slight turn on.

        For instance when I use it and then I let him sleep with me I can’t really feel him when her puts his cock in. I act like I can , but i barley feel it. He always can’t really control him self once he is in. He says that it is so wet and soft that he just has to thrust quickly and then he cums in less than 5 mins every time.

        So I have to make sure the toy gives me mine first. Which it does easily. Thats why It’s so wet to him is because I actually cum before he fucks me. So I am a little less pleased with hubby, but I cum more often now with something bigger inside of me. I find it to be a little of a turn on when I use the toy and he is watching knowing I am being stretched out . He loves what he calls the sloppy seconds .

      • play613796 Says:

        Hi Elaina, thank you so much for responding. It’s always great to hear from women and get their point of view.

        For comparison purposes, what is the length and girth of your dildo? Typically, the average erect penis is approximately 5.5 to 6.3 inches in length and has a girth ranging between 4.5 to 5.1 inches. If your husband is slightly under 7 inches, he has a longer than average penis. But, if he is just 4 inches around, then he is below average in thickness. Many women report that thickness is more important than length, and if that is the case for you, the fact that he is below average in thickness means he is not giving you that feeling of fullness and stretching you enjoy. The bottom line is, if you think he is not big enough for you, then he isn’t. Have you told him he’s not big enough?

        Though you said the wonderful feeling you experienced is hard to explain, I think you described it perfectly. Many women, including my wife have described it very similarly. Using a dildo can provide a woman with the depth of penetration, the stretching, and yes, the feeling of complete fullness that many women really enjoy. There is also no denying it can reach and touch places deep inside you that your man is simply incapable of. You know it, and he knows it too.

        Your experience with your husband is very similar to our experience. Here is how it all began for my wife and me. We both knew I was small, and I suggested one time that we should incorporate a dildo into our sex play. My wife has never expressed disappointment in my size, though she had mentioned that I was too small for certain sex positions. But in general, she was ok with my size because she is very orgasmic. The dildo we bought was made of cyberskin and looks and feels like a real cock, plus it vibrates. It wasn’t huge, but was significantly longer and thicker than I am. The first time she used it she rubbed its big cockhead on her clit and had an immediate orgasm. She then inserted the dildo to the max. I was amazed at how easily she accepted all of it, and she quickly had two, mind blowing deep vaginal orgasms. It was simply the most amazing and erotic thing I have ever seen. My reaction, much like your husband’s, wasn’t lost on my wife either. I think initially she may have been a little concerned about taking something so much larger than I was, but when she saw my reaction, I think she knew that was her green light. A few days later I think she was a little embarrassed, but did confess to me that she had been thinking about the dildo – translation, “I want to experience that feeling again!” We are now using it more and more frequently. I think the more you feel the “very full and whole as a woman” feeling you described, the more a woman is going to want it and need it. It’s natural.

        You also mentioned that your husband does feel smaller now. Have you shared that with him? If so, what was his reaction? My wife has expressed similar sentiments. Where she never used to refer to my penis in terms of size, now she does so openly – referring to it as a small cock, little dick, very small penis, etc. I don’t feel bad in the least, because it’s true. In fact, her honesty turns me on.

        Now, let me try to explain your husband’s reaction because it is very similar to my own and what other men I have chatted with have told me. When we see our women pleasuring themselves with a larger dildo we get really worked up as if she is actually being pleasured by another man who has a larger penis than we do. We are biologically hardwired to want to compete with it (as if it were a real penis) much like the sperm competition I wrote about in the Competition article I posted earlier. When we enter our women immediately after she has had a large dildo inside her, the feeling is indescribable. Your husband described the warmth and wetness, and yes those feelings are noticeable, but it’s even more than that. It’s obvious the pussy has been fucked by a cock (dildo) much larger than ours. The pussy is deeper and wider than ever and easily penetrated to the max. We feel VERY small, and we know we can’t possibly compete with that big dildo, but we really want to try. We are so worked up in a frenzy that we can’t help ourselves and usually will cum very quickly. It’s exciting for us, even if we cum too fast.

        Lastly, you also mentioned something else in passing that caught my attention and is worth commenting on. You mentioned one, how your dildo always pleasures you first, and two how your husband loves the “sloppy seconds.” I don’t want to read too much into those comments, but there may be a little bit of a psychological component to those statements. One woman described it to me this way. “If I were lying nude in bed with two naked men standing next to me and one was my husband with his little 5 inch penis and the other was an alpha male with a full-sized 8 inch cock, we all know who I would choose to have sex with first. I know it, the other man would certainly know it and my husband would know it and would step aside without complaining. Women love an apha male with a big dick.” You might not even realize it, but by selecting to be pleasured by the large dildo first, it sends a similar subliminal message to your husband. Your husband may not even be aware of this, but he loves the sloppy seconds, because he knows he not only deserves them, he wants them!

        Thanks again for your comments Elaina. If you have any comments or suggestions for other topics, please feel free to let me know!

        Steve (play613796@aol.com)

      • elaina Says:

        I even thought I would go a step farther. We care about penis size like you care about breasts this is true. If you take a deeper look I thought of this driving home.

        Men enjoy large breasts on a women right. But no matter how large they are they aren’t what makes a man cum. You guys just prefer them to squeeze and love right. We get that from just holding a larger penis and in oral I would assume

        But we actually get a physical stimulation difference from being stretched. It is different because that is physical. It stimulates us visually and well as physically. Physically in a way that a lessor object just can’t .

        Why as women do we feel guilty for this?

        Men don’t feel guilty telling you they like a nice large perky rack right. Very bad double standard as I think about this.

        Yet I now know this and I don’t feel ok with bringing it up to my husband.

      • play613796 Says:

        Hi again Elaina,

        You raise more very good points. Let’s take the visual first. If you think about it, women’s breasts are much more noticeable in public than are men’s penises. So men have many more opportunities to view women’s breasts even if they are in clothes, bikini’s and bras, etc. When we see a woman in public, it’s obvious to us if they are big or small, and sometimes we even see their prominent nipples as well. Women don’t have the same opportunity, as men’s penises are almost never visible in clothes. There has also been a wide variety of men’s magazines, websites, etc., where we can see them completely nude. Although there are some opportunities for women to view nude men, yes, it is much less accepted by society. In fact, it was very taboo until the 1960’s sexual revolution changes things. But yes, in general there is still a double standard for sure.

        I’m generalizing here but yes, I would say most men prefer women with larger breasts. Of course there are exceptions. Some men like average sized and some even small ones. There are even some men that breast size is irrelevant to them, but instead prefer a nice ass, long legs, etc., but yes, I would say most men prefer women with good sized breasts.

        Personally, I prefer a woman with larger, natural breasts. Women with implants do nothing for me, but a lot of women are getting them for obvious reasons. Women with D or DD cup breasts are very appealing to me. The ironic thing is, my wife has much smaller breasts. But, we have talked about this, and she is well aware of my preference for women with larger breasts, and is secure enough that when we see a woman walking towards us in a public place with large, bouncy breasts, she will be the first one to point them out to me because she knows I love to admire them. Likewise we have had a conversation about penises. She has admitted to me even though I have a small penis that “Visually, larger penises are much more of a turn on for a woman than small ones.” I believe you feel the same way. Surprisingly, many men are excited to hear the truth from their women.

        Now, let’s talk about the physical differences between breasts and penises. Yes, we love to feel breasts, fondle and squeeze them, look and admire them, and suck them, hmmm, yes! But your right, they can’t make us cum unless we cum between them. But the main sex organ on the woman is not her breasts, but her vagina. That can gives us intense sexual pleasure unlike the breasts which are more useful for foreplay.

        As far as men go, yes, you can fondle our penis too, and even give us oral sex, sometimes to orgasm which we love. But intercourse is definitely different. As you describe, a larger penis provides you with a sensation and a stretching that a smaller penis just can’t give you. Do you want to know a little secret? Men know this too. I have been with a number of women in which I was completely overmatched sexually. I could tell the moment I went inside there was no way I could satisfy them with my small penis. I sense that you feel that you sexually overmatch your husband. The fact that he has gotten you a large dildo tells me he is aware of this or suspects it as well.

        Why as a woman do you feel guilty about this? Because in society, it has been unacceptable for a woman to express herself sexually, especially craving a cock size larger than her husband. It hasn’t been acceptable to tell a man he has a small penis for fear that he will feel bad about himself. For those of us who are small, we can’t even find small condoms if we need them, because they use code words for small, like “snugger fit” “close fit” etc. It’s like they don’t want us to think we are small, so they use code words to make us feel better. I think we need more sexual honesty.

        So yes, it is a double standard, but I think it is changing. For example, there have been several television shows in recent times in which women openly stated their preferences for well-endowed men.

        Based on all you have said, I’m not sure why you feel like you can’t talk to your husband about it. He bought you Lex, he is super turned on watching you with him and he loves “seconds.” I think he would be more turned on to talk about this with you than you know.



    • maya Says:

      my bf wants anal sex and i dont have dildo to f***k his ass so what i do for this

  2. elaina Says:

    Well the length of the toy I use is the Lex steel cyberskin. It’s close to 10 inches I think. Cyber skin is great. It is very thick too. I’m not sure about how much but it is like three of hubby on thickness.

    I too find girth to be the biggest difference. Hubby being 7 inches long is good. When I first got with him I thought he was big being 7 inches. But after 3 kids I can’t feel him like I use too. I don’t cum as easily as I use too.

    This has been a issue after the first child. I thought it was my fault that I couldn’t cum . I faked and on occasion still fake orgasms for my husbands ego.

    Slowly I didn’t enjoy the sex with him like I use too. Then he bought me my toy. After the first use I knew what was wrong between us. I didn’t want to admit it to him or my self. I felt very selfish for wanting this toy instead of my husband. I didn’t want to be one of those women on tv complaining about their husband looking selfish and slutty.

    Then after he went out of town for 2 weeks I used the toy every night sometimes with him on the phone.. I kept it under his pillow where he usually sleeps when he is home. When he got home he was very horny and wanted some bad. When we had sex I realized that I couldn’t barley feel him even when he first put it in. I could just feel his warmth , not his member. We fucked me furiously that night but as hard as I tried I couldn’t cum. He thought I did . After I laid there and realized what I must have done. After two weeks of the lex I have stretched and grown to enjoy it. I have done kengals and stuff , but it just isn’t the same.

    I still have guilt issues with admitting to my husband about this. He doesn’t know to the full extent how sexually frustrated I have been due to the faking . A lot of women fake. We do it for the marriage. We do it for the family. We do it so we don’t have to tell the world that our husband isn’t pleasing us 100%. He just knows I enjoy the toy. Now that you point out that I use the toy to cum and them let him have his way with me, I guess that was a subconscious message to both of us. I am very shy and reserved so it is hard for me to talk to him about this.

    We feel like we are bad women if we crave something like this. That is what we have been taught. The guilt is what keeps women from admitting it.

    Now knowing the difference , it’s like when you get a car you cant afford and have to give it back. Or going from prime rib to hamburger. If there is any wives in doubt about this I suggest you give it a try and see for your selves. I love my husband and if the toy left today it wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t leave him. But I would always have in the back of my mind what that felt like.

    I’m not sure how to explain it to a man. I guess it would be like something your wife needed moved that she couldn’t do. So you help. You feel like you did your manly duty. That’s what you were built for. Now you feel like a man right. A mans man.

    It kinda feels the same. Like as a woman I could take the whole thing. It was a challenge but I did it. My husband watches with amazement and admiration. It made me feel feminine. Like the song … You make me feel like a real woman ! It felt great to show him and me what I was capable of.

    It was like that. I feeling of being built for something and enjoying doing it. Enjoying the way it makes me feel. Penis size matters just like breast size matters too men. I wish as society we could just get over the hangups . I have allot too and am working on them . I hope this might help another wife going through he same thing.

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Elaina,

      Thank you for the very thoughtful and heartfelt response. It’s obvious you have given this a lot of thought and it’s definitely bothering you. Let me try to respond to you from a man’s perspective for what it’s worth.

      First, for our readers unfamiliar with Lexington Steele, he is a porn star who has a very large cock. I looked up the product you mentioned and the dimensions provided are 9.5″ in length from tip to base with a 2″ diameter. So, yes, that is a large sized dildo.

      Elaina, there is absolutely no reason for you to feel guilty. There could potentially be number of things going on here. You mentioned that you have had three children so your body has changed. You have also tried kegal exercises in an effort to regain some of your “tightness” but that hasn’t been very effective either, but you made the attempt. It could also be something as basic as once you tried “Lex” you realized that it gave you the sexual satisfaction your husband was just not capable of. If you have never had sex with a large man before, you may have just discovered that for you, size does matter. For many women, it does, but is nothing to be ashamed of. Another possibility is that you could be naturally larger down there than some women which is no crime either. The Kama Sutra does a good job of describing the differences in genital size of men and women with the ideal coupling being: small penis-small pussy, average penis-average pussy, big penis-big pussy. Even if a coupling is not ideal, it’s not the end of the world though. Lastly, it could also be a combination of all the above. Whatever the case, it’s not all your fault, and you are beating yourself up because you secretly desire “Lex” more than your husband, but it’s that guilt that keeps you from admitting it to your husband.

      You also mentioned that you were faking orgasms and still do. This is also causing you a lot of guilt, and the reason for this is because you are being sexually dishonest with your husband. You are also not being honest with him in terms of your sexual frustration. When you rationalize it by saying a lot of women “fake it” that’s very true, but does that make it right? Of course not, you need to be sexually honest with your husband, and to yourself. As a very small endowed man, I can tell you the last thing I would want my partner to do is to fake orgasms.

      I don’t know your husband, but my advice is for you to have a serious sexual conversation with your husband. I know you said you are shy and a little embarrassed to talk with him about this, but you really must do it. Try going out to dinner and having a bottle of wine or whatever and ask him if you can talk with him privately. If you still have children at home, see if you can get a baby sitter, and go away for the night. However you do it, you do need to talk with him.

      When you do talk to him remember this. First, your husband suggested buying the dildo right? If so, he may have already suspected he wasn’t doing the job for you. At the least, he knew what he was buying. The “Lex” is not only thicker than your husband, its 2 ½ – 3 inches longer than him as well, and he knows “Lex” dwarfs his penis. He may even harbor a fantasy of seeing you with a well-endowed man, but not wanting to go that far, he may find his fantasy being fulfilled through a dildo. No harm in that! Secondly, you said it really turns him on, so he likes it too. He loves watching you and it excites him! And, lastly, you also said earlier that he loves the “sloppy seconds,” so taking you after the dildo excites him as well. He already knows he can’t possibly compete with Lex. Having you validate it might really turn him on. I doubt it will upset him or he never would have purchased Lex in the first place.

      So, when you talk to him, make sure you tell him you love him and nothing will ever change that, but you have been feeling guilty about feelings you are having and you need to be sexually honest with him. You need to explain your sexual frustrations with him and that you have even been faking orgasms with him because you didn’t want to hurt his feelings. And then, you have to let him know exactly how “Lex” makes you feel. Describe how you felt the very first time you tried Lex. Since he has watched you with “him” I’m sure he already knows, but describe it to him like you have here. Also be very descriptive in describing the incredible and intense feeling of fullness, the depth of penetration and stress just how much it makes you feel like a real woman. If he doesn’t know that you used “Lex” every night for the entire two weeks he was gone, confess that to him. Be honest with him and tell him how much you crave it, but at the same time explain to him why you feel guilty. This is important for him to know.

      Also, use this opportunity to tell you lover what he does well. Does he provide you good oral sex? If so, tell him how good he is and how that makes you feel. Does he also pleasure you in other ways like does he manually masturbate you or fondle and suck your nipples in pleasurable ways? If so, tell him.

      There could also be another possibility that you may not have thought of. There is a reason why he bought a dildo as big as Lex. Lex isn’t just a little longer or a little thicker than he is, Lex completely dwarfs his penis. He knows it, and he knows that you know it too. Maybe it’s time for him to be honest to. Ask him point blank why he bought one so much larger than he is? If you haven’t asked him before, ask him if he thinks his penis is small. Now, if he says yes, then be honest with him and tell him what you said here – you think he’s small too. Judge his reaction. If he seems turned on by this conversation, then be bold and ask him, ”Does it turn you on when I tell you that you have a small cock?” If he confesses that he does, then it puts you in a very enviable position. For many of us smaller endowed men, it’s exciting when our women openly acknowledge our small cocks because it validates what we already know. If you have this discussion and it turns out this way, it can change your relationship for the better.

      Lastly, your comment about wanting to help other women who may be experiencing the same thing is precisely what I hope this does as well. Thank you for your very nice message.

      If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask them here or send me an email.


      Steve (play613796@aol.com)

  3. MM Says:

    My husband was curious about my dildo and asked me to let him watch me pleasure myself with it. He is smaller (in length and thickness) so I was concerned about his reaction to my much larger dildo and the amount of pleasure that it brought me. Thinking that by allowing him to watch me it might bring some kind of spark back to our relationship, due to low sexdrive on hubby’s part there is rarely if ever any type of sexual activity, I agreed to let him watch. That was a big mistake! I am guessing that it was a combo of feeling intimidated by the size (which was not jumbo but much larger then he is) and the amount of pleasure that I got he freaked out. After that he threw away my dildos, and other toys, and does not want them back in the house. I’ve had to become very creative at new ways to pleasure myself but miss my old ‘friend’.

    • play613796 Says:


      What a deflating experience you had! Apparently you had good instincts about letting him watch you with the dildo because your worst fears were realized. It does sound as if he was intimidated by not only the size of your “friend” but also the amount of satisfaction it provided you.

      Other women have responded similarly that their initial fear with using a larger dildo is exactly the same fear you had – that their husband’s might be so intimidated that they would worry their wives would need (or want) a larger man permanently. Once these women reassured their husband’s that was not the case, in most instances many men accept it, but some, unfortunately don’t.

      You mentioned that your “friend” though not jumbo was much larger than your husband in both length and thickness. Do you consider your husband small? It sounds as if your husband was so intimidated he felt like he had to remove the “threat” it posed. Throwing them out of the house removed the threat in his eyes – but it didn’t address the reason why he considered it a threat in the first place. That’s a pretty extreme response, and I wonder if he doesn’t have some deep seated fears he needs to deal with.

      As Karen said, communication is the key to a fun, exciting and fulfilling sexual relationship. Do you know what the cause is for his low sex drive? Is it just a lack of interest, or does he experience erection difficulties? Trying to get to the root cause of that might be a good place to start. And then, it sounds as if he needs to deal with size insecurities.

      Many of us smaller endowed men have been in a similar place like your husband at one time or another. Once we accept our small size, coupled with our partners accepting it, it can lead to a whole new fun and exciting relationship. I sure hope you are able to discuss these issues and move forward to have a more fulfilling and exciting sexual relationship.


  4. Karen Says:

    Hello MM – I am sad to read your post and as much fun as a lot of couples find excitment and pleasure through the use of toys, cuckolding, humiliation, or whatever – it certainly is not for everyone. To varying degrees, couple through years of marriage need to find something to keep things exciting and at least interesting in the bedroom. Sounds like you are an adventurous spirit with a husband that largely is not interested in anything but vanilla sex. His low sex drive and insecurities have made you have to be “creative” to find pleasure (either by yourself or with others) and my guess is that he is not involved. Also, you mentioned that your husband threw away your toys and won’t allow them back in the house – those are both very controlling behaviors.

    Don’t fear MM, most men are completely insecure about their penis sizes and no matter if they are big or not, can’t deal with their wives getting pleasure other then from them. The problem is that as our husbands grow older, they lose interest in sex – while women tend to get hotter for it! Cruel joke on us! At any rate, this site might not be the place for him, but maybe there is some info. on here that may help you understand him a little more. Communication is the key in relationships – hopefully you are able to be open with him about these things. If you don’t mind me asking, does he enjoy sex? Is he emersed in porn? Does he masturbate often?

    You mention missing your old “friend” – does that mean you have not and will not replace it? You are following these rules of your husbands pretty closely, what is the reason for that? Is he abusive? (you don’t need to answer that, I am just wanting you to think about that). Where are you two connecting as a couple, if it is not in the bedroom? I hope you mind happieness MM, it makes me sad to hear women in tough spots like this.

    Best of luck to you girlfirend!


  5. Karen Says:

    I suppose I should leave a note here about me also. My husband is average size, but I truly like to be filled and stretched by my larger dildos. Sex with him keeps us close, but I get a lot of pleasure using my toys for sext, and giving him pleasure with my mouth, anus or hands. So I suppose I prefer large dildo’s over a small penis. Small penises make me giggle.

  6. D. Says:

    Okay so i am new to this kind of thing. I was married for many years and had no idea how fun it could be to be with someone who wants to explore different things and be so open about sexual things. He is smaller than some i have been with so it has been fun getting to tease him about his size. One night we were drinking and looking at web sites and i saw a big dildo that i told him i thought looked like it would be fun to have and try. I was a little intimidated by the size of it but still thought it would be fun to order. Being the good boyfriend he is he ordered it for me because he wants to please me and well to be honest it turns him on to know that i might want a bigger cock that he can give me. When it came in the mail i was shocked at how big it was. I have to admit i was a little intimidated by it. We call it “Luke” because of someone i think is so hot and fantasize over and picture him being as big as the dildo. My boyfriend totally loves that i want to have him use “Luke” on me sometimes before we have sex. He loves the way it stretches me out and he likes knowing that he gets to be second to “Luke”. I actually got brave enough just the other night to use “Luke” on my own when i was not with my boyfriend. I didn’t know whether to tell him or not the next time i saw him about the fun i had with my new BIG toy. I decided to tell him and well it totally turned him on and so i believe i will use it again when i am alone and needing some satisfaction.
    It has been so fun learning how teasing my boyfriend brings us closer together, i love seeing him so turned on by teasing him about his little cock. It just makes him try harder to please me during sex and i love knowing that i have total control over him and can make him do so many things to try and “prove” himself to me.

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi D,

      Welcome to the blog and thank you for the comments. Many of us lesser endowed men really get turned on trying to “compete” with larger dildos. It’s impossible for us, but we love trying and it’s both exciting and a major turn on for us. The feeling that your boyfriend is experiencing craving “seconds” is not uncommon either. Many of us experience the same thing, and there is something about sex with our partners after they have been stretched by a larger dildo that is also incredibly hot for us.

      Another dynamic that you alluded to, but one we rarely talk about is, the expectation that the larger dildo deserves to go first, while we smaller endowed men deserve “seconds.” It’s almost as if there is an unspoken, natural pecking order that really turns on small endowed men.

      In what other ways to you do you tease your boyfriend about his little cock size?

      Thanks again for the informative post!


  7. elaina Says:


    I’m back . I just saw a new toy called we vibe. Just Google it. I didn’t want to spam.

    Has anyone used this toy. It looks like you both get the pleasure of the vibration . Plus it slides in with the man penis. It hits the g-spot, and clit.

    My girl friend said it made her husband feel bigger to her. Plus it felt great on him. He just couldn’t bring her to orgasm after two kids very easily. More times than not she fakes it. So many women are in this spot.

    I thought this might be a great way for women to cross the small penis issue without being perceived as negative.

    She never told him he was to small. She just got the toy and introduced it as fun. She has admitted that the size helped a lot to her husband. She said it was easier to talk about it because the vibration help a lot too.

    Just wondering what I could find on this.

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Elaina,

      Thanks for the “tip.” Good advice too. I have no personal experience with the “wevibee” but maybe someone else does. Thanks for sharing this information!


  8. LIz Says:

    I definitely prefer my big dildo to my husbands small penis. It is liberating to say it and even more fun restricting him from entering me cause his cock have been replaced. Obviously he gets off on this or it would not work. He still gets hand jobs, oral or occasional anal from me, but there are months I just allow him to jerk off. Makes him desire me more knowing I’m getting pleased by the dildo and he is secondary. After years of this, I’ve realized that I’d don’t miss having sex with him cause we are very close and communicate very well and are sexual in other ways. Intercourse is all that we don’t do and that works for us. After 3 years of this we are as close as ever. He was to small for me to really feel after kids and intercourse was just a waste of time and made us both feel bad, this is a great alternative. I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss a real cock in me, but that is a story for another day.

  9. LIz Says:

    I forgot something in the post I just left. Another fun aspect of using dildos is that you can have a “toy chest” with several types, sizes and colors. Some days I want my big one, some days I want the thickest one that might be a little shorter, sometimes I may want a small one in my rear while having one in my pussy. Dildos are great for variety also. I like my collection of pleasure. My advice is to purchase silicone ones, they are he most real feeling and safest for you.

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Liz,

      Just out of curiosity, how did you and your husband arrive at the place where your larger dildo has replaced his small penis completely? Was this your idea or his or mutually agreed upon? Since it obviously turns you both on and you remain “sexual” in other ways, it must work for you. There have been a few other women on here, who have cut their husbands off completely as well, but like you, it works for them and they love it. In our case, I wouldn’t want to be completely cut off, and my wife and I are both able to achieve wonderful orgasms, so we love it. But, I have to admit if she did this to me on an isolated occasion… hmmmm, it might be very erotic.

      As to the “toy chest,” yes others have said the same thing you have here. The variety in sizes and shapes can make it even more fun that having just one principal toy. Here’s a question: Do you have names for them – perhaps of former boyfriends, or other well-endowed men?


  10. Salena Says:

    Great comments. My husband and I have been married for 13 years and use bigger toys about once a month. My husband is 8 1/2″ long and im guessing 1 3/4″ thick and he fills me up very well feels like my insides are gonna explode every time. We also have a selection of larger toys and my favorite is one thats 9″ long and 2 1/4″ thick omg it is awesone and he loves to see me take it all and isnt intimidated at all actually turns him on alot. I never thought it would fit but after a few mins it did and we use it often. Ive had bigger (10″x2 1/2″) but hurt too much but also cummed so much:)

    • play613796 Says:

      Hi Salena, thanks for your comments and welcome to the blog. Your hubby is definitely in the above average category, but we have other men who would also be in the average-above average range who seem to like many of the things we discuss here too. Just out of curiosity, how did you find our blog?

  11. Danny Says:

    I am 6″long 21\2″wide it was a total turn on for me too use toys on my ex-wife we like to see how much she could be stretched out I had orgasms just using the toy’s on her I wish I could find another lover like that

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