What Size is Your Pussy?

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We spend almost all of our time discussing the ramifications of having a small penis. Since this is a Love Small Penis blog, it makes sense that we spend the majority time talking about our favorite subject. :)

But equally as important, and something we spend far less time focusing on, is the size of our partner’s pussy. We examined this subject very briefly in the article, “Women: How Do You Feel About Your Own Size,” which was posted on June 27, 2013. Given that we just posted the article on male penis size and had such an overwhelming response, we thought it would a perfect time to revisit pussy size in more “depth.” :)

Let me begin our pussy size discussion by drawing an interesting parallel. Our female contributor Snowblance, has previously pointed out that there are “big penis sensations” and “small penis sensations” and that both are equally pleasurable. I would like to suggest that there are also “small pussy sensations” and “big pussy sensations,” and that both of those are pleasurable too, but for different reasons. Let me explain.

When it comes to the size of a woman’s pussy, I think the prevailing wisdom is that the majority of guys, if you asked them, would say they prefer a small, tight pussy. Why is this usually the case? I think the feeling of resistance and tightness, almost as if the pussy is grabbing the entire cock is a very pleasurable feeling. (Small pussy sensations) Plus, I think many guys want their cocks to feel “big” to their partner. A small pussy can make even a very small-endowed man feel “big” or at least of adequate size. Similarly, I think if you asked most women what the ideal size of a woman’s pussy would be, they would probably give the same answer – small and tight. This is a fascinating topic and even my wife has said in talking to guys over the years, they almost universally have said they prefer a woman with a small, tight pussy.

Ironically, some small endowed men who are into SPT have said that they really get excited if their partner is big, or even if they feel big to them either naturally or through lubrication. This was very surprising to my wife as she assumed that every guy, especially a small endowed guy, would automatically prefer a smaller, tighter pussy, so she asked me to explain the appeal. She was the perfect woman to ask this question to because normally she does have a small, tight pussy – unless she has been well fucked by her longer, thicker dildo first. When she has enjoyed her big dildo first, her pussy feels big. When I enter her afterwards, I slide in to the hilt with no resistance at all, and her pussy feels deeper and wider and stretched to the limits, but it feels intensely satisfying. (Big pussy sensations) I feel really small, and she feels really big, but that contrast feels amazing. She will often whisper to me, “I can barely feel you,” or “You feel SO small,” or “I can’t even feel you at all.” Upon hearing anything resembling those comments, I have the most intense and explosive orgasms ever, and it really turns me on. It’s almost an indescribable feeling.

The interesting thing for me is I can experience both small pussy sensations and big pussy sensations with the same woman – my wife!  :)  I’m sure other men have experienced this with their partner too, but maybe haven’t even thought about it in that way before. If my wife asked me which I preferred, the small or big pussy sensations, well, if given the choice of going first when her pussy seems smaller and tighter or taking “sloppy seconds” when her pussy feels really big, I would choose the sloppy seconds. Why, because it’s a physical validation to both of us that I have a very small penis, and I simply love the big pussy sensations. That may sound strange to many of you, but I’ll bet it resonates with at least some of you who have little penises. In the end, I guess we all have our likes, dislikes and personal preferences.

Lastly, the pussy is simply fascinating to me and is a marvel of anatomical engineering. It’s also difficult to evaluate the true size of a woman’s pussy because of the amazing ability of it to expand and contract. For example, if you have sex with your partner without any foreplay at all, she might seem small and tight. If you give her a fair amount of foreplay, her pussy might seem average, or, if you fuck her with your “big boy dildo” first and then enter her, her pussy might seem quite large. And, for couples who have been together a long time, your female partner’s size might have changed over time due to childbirth, etc.  But, while it may be difficult to evaluate the true size of a woman’s pussy, it’s still fun to contemplate nonetheless.

So, here are your pussy questions of the week, and we would love to hear from both men and women alike:

Questions for Men:

(a) Do you consider your partner’s pussy size to be small, average or big?
(b) Do you wish she were smaller or bigger? If so, why?
(c) As described above, do you prefer “small pussy sensations” or “big pussy sensations” the most and why?
(d) As far as the aesthetics go, do you prefer your partner to be shaved, trimmed or au natural?

Questions for Women:

(a) Do you consider your pussy to be small, average or big? Would your partner agree with your assessment?
(b) Have you ever wished your pussy was smaller or bigger, and if so why?
(c) Are you able to achieve both clitoral and vaginal orgasms through intercourse?
(d) As far as the aesthetics go, are you shaved, trimmed or au natural?

As always, please answer each question by letter, and feel free to add anything else you think is relevant to the topic.

What is Your Penis Size?

Inches - Copy

We have never done  this on the blog before, and I thought it might be fun.  Most guys who have revealed their penis size with us in one place or another, but we don’t have all of you cataloged in one place.   Sometimes we are reading an article, and my wife will say, “What’s his size again?”  So, I thought it would be fun to have a “little” penis size competition and ask everyone to participate.

Here are today’s questions for both men and women.  Note:  If you’re a female contributor, please tell us about your partner’s penis:

(a)  What is your penis size (length and girth)

(b)  Describe your penis (include circumcised or not, your ball size, thick or thin, etc.)

(c)  What do you love about your small penis?

As always, please be as descriptive as possible.  Thank you!

Thank You!

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As we approach 600,000 hits, a mindboggling number to us, we just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who reads and comments on the Blog.   We have also received some very nice emails from several “lurkers” who have also been following our blog for quite some time.  It’s very gratifying for us to know, that even if you don’t leave comments on the blog that you are still stopping by frequently and reading what we write.  Of course, we always want to encourage you to share your ideas and thoughts with us on the blog, but if you feel uncomfortable in doing so for whatever reason, please feel free to contact either or both of us via email too.  We are always interested in hearing your ideas, observations and of course your suggestions for future articles.  Again, thanks to all of you who inspire us to continue our efforts.


Steve:  play613796@aol.com

1Hotwife:  hotwife2013@aol.com

The Appeal of “Tease & Denial”


The Appeal of “Tease & Denial”Over the last few years, I have really enjoyed reading comments and corresponding with you “little” guys out there. I find small endowed guys fascinating, interesting and very sexually creative.  As Steve said in his most recent article, “The Appeal of Outing,” we have learned a great deal from many of you (men and women) who have contributed to this blog with your suggestions and ideas.   As a woman married to a guy with a little penis, your comments have validated for me why certain things turn Steve on like they do.  You have also given us a lot of really good ideas of things to try in our own relationship.  For example, “Outing” is not something I ever would have considered on my own, and I don’t think Steve would have thought of it either.   But seeing how much the idea turns him on now, it’s only a matter of time before he is “outed” too! :-)

I can’t speak for all women, but nothing turns me on more than turning on my husband.  If something really, really turns him on, I want to provide it for him. Why should his desires be relegated to fantasy if I can make them a reality for him?   My ultimate desire is to keep him really turned on and locked in on me, so if I can keep him perpetually aroused, it’s a win-win for both of us. If it turns him on to think of me as his “Size Queen,” or his “Hotwife,” then let him think of me that way. If it turns him on to be “outed” then I can do that too! :-)

Just like Outing, I have also found that I have a great deal of interest in the concept of “Tease and Denial”. Denying my husband an orgasm is not something I would have thought of on my own.  In fact, I thought it was a bit strange, and something I didn’t think I would ever want to do.  What guy would want to be denied an orgasm during sex and what woman would want to deny her husband one?  But the more I have learned about the psychological appeal, the more intrigued I am with it. Plus, I know the idea appeals to my husband personally, and a lot of men who follow this blog as well.

When I first began teasing Steve about the size of his penis (at his request), what I didn’t realize at the time was, it changed the whole sexual dynamic of our relationship.  It transferred all sexual power in the relationship to me. What I have also discovered is that for my husband, tease and denial go hand-in-hand, and has to do with the power and control I have over him.  Teasing him is a demonstration of that power, and when I deny him an occasional orgasm, it’s a demonstration of the control I have over him and his penis, and he loves it. Plus, controlling his orgasms keeps him in perpetual “heat” for me, so that’s not a bad thing! :-)

What do the rest of you think about Tease and Denial?

The Appeal of “Outing”

Told Everyone - Copy

One of the most fascinating subjects my wife and I have enjoyed reading about is the interest so many small endowed men have expressed in wanting to be “outed.”  There isn’t just moderate interest in this topic; rather it seems to be something many small endowed men are really intrigued by.  I think most people would be very surprised by this idea, because I believe the prevailing wisdom is, if you have a small penis, wouldn’t the last thing on earth you would want is for others to know about it?  Yet, many small endowed men find this idea to be highly arousing.

When it comes to “outing,” there also seems to be two distinct types of this activity.  The first, and most common is where the female partner reveals the intimate knowledge that her partner is small endowed to others.  The second type is where the guy “outs” himself to others such as frequenting a nude beach or resort, or participating in clothing optional activities, etc.   Of course self-outing requires more discretion, because it would have to be done in a way that is both socially acceptable and appropriate.

We first touched on the subject of outing, in the article, “Why Do Small Endowed Guys Want to Be Outed?” which was posted on November 16, 2013.  In that article we listed a few of the possible scenarios in which a woman could “out” her small endowed partner, and we received a lot of responses.  Since we posted that first article, we have had many readers contact us or leave additional comments on the blog suggesting that another follow-up article would be one seeking specific suggestions on how to be “outed” in a way that is both socially acceptable and appropriate.

So, to that end, I have a few questions along those lines that I would like to pose to our readers.  Hopefully your comments will provide some insight into why being outed holds such a fascinating appeal for you personally and also gives some ideas and guidance to others who have expressed an interest in the subject.  So, here we go:

(a)  To get a better sense as to the WHY it turns guys on, the first question is:  What is it specifically about being “outed” that really turns you on?  (Be as specific and descriptive as possible)

(b)  Is there someone in particular that you would want to be outed to? Your wife’s girlfriend(s), a stranger or someone else?

(c)  Which type of outing turns you on the most – (1) Where your female partner outs you, or (2) Where you self-out yourself?

(d)  If you prefer being outed by your female partner, do you want to be publicly or privately outed?  For example, being publicly outed is taken to mean your partner tells someone(s) in front of you that you are small endowed – like the female clerk in an adult bookstore, etc.  Or, privately outed would be she reveals this knowledge to just one person like a close girlfriend privately without you present – but she tells you about it later?

(e)  If you prefer to self-out yourself, how do you do it in a way that is both socially acceptable and appropriate?

(f)    What is your ultimate small penis “outing” fantasy?   If you could arrange your perfect “outing” scenario, how would it happen and who would you be outed to?

In your response, please try to answer each specific question by letter, so there is a clear distinction between your responses.  Thank You!

My Wife Is a Size Queen

Woman and Dildo 4 - Copy

My wife’s last post and this follow-up is simply an attempt to share with our followers her new “revelation” and why we both find it extraordinarily erotic and has added a lot of fun to our relationship.  Our decision to include dildos in our sex life was actually my idea.  I did so knowing that I have a very small penis, and thought it might be a fun way to expand our sexual horizons.  I don’t feel bad or threatened by it at all.   These two articles are not meant to be a suggestion that every man with a small penis, or any penis size for that matter, should include dildos in their sex lives.  It’s just something we did and enjoy, and wanted to share our experience.   As always, whatever penis size you have, whether it’s small, average or big, thick or thin, we hope you will love your penis and enjoy sex with your partner in whatever way you choose to do so as a couple.

So, do I think it’s a bad thing for my wife to openly acknowledge she has become a Size Queen?  Not at all, in fact, I find it highly erotic.  My wife has always been one of those women who was incredibly multi-orgasmic and could cum easily, even with my very small penis.  Not all women can but she definitely did and still does.  Because of this, she was never really “cock centric,” because she never cared about penis size since she was able to experience a great deal of pleasure with my small one.  But over the last few years in experimenting with various dildos, she has discovered that she really does enjoy her larger dildo.  I believe she is correct when she says that on some level, I instinctively knew she would love it if she gave it a chance, and I’m really glad I did.

When I slide the big cock dildo into her pussy, I watch her pussy lips expand to accept all of its thickness, and I guide it in slowly, and her pussy is so wet and it’s amazing to me how quickly and easily she accepts its full size.  I move it in and out slowly and in rhythm with her body.  I can tell by the look on her face that she has become consumed by the intensity of a “big cock” experience.  I can also tell by the way her body moves and reacts, that it would be impossible for me to replicate this kind of sexual experience for her. As she stated in her article, the orgasmic experience she has as a result is unlike anything she has ever felt.  Even though I cannot provide her with this kind of intense sexual experience and we both know it, I still relish in her enjoyment of it.

Seeing your wife pleasured by a larger dildo can be an intimidating and scary proposition for some small endowed men.  They might worry about her enjoying it too much, and of course, they may even worry that she might actually be driven to seek out a “real” big cock.  Some men may also become insecure, envious or even angry if she even implies she would like to try a dildo.  I have to confess at one time in my life, I would have felt threatened by the idea too, but I’m now completely comfortable with who I am and what I have, and that makes a big difference.   Of course dildos and other sex toys are not for everyone, and if not, that’s ok too.

But for many of us, seeing our wives pleasured with a large cock dildo, has the opposite effect – it is highly arousing.  For me personally, it makes my pulse quicken and little penis stiffen.  I am so turned on and overwhelmed by her sexual capacity it is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is also tangible proof, seen with my own eyes that size does matter to my wife, and I am very comfortable with that idea.  We still have very enjoyable small penis sex frequently, and there are times when she might want that stud cock AND my little penis in the same night to mix things up. But we both prefer her to enjoy the “big cock” sex experience often because of the dramatic difference in her orgasmic response.  Seeing her pussy stuffed full of cock and watching her in orgasmic heaven is truly amazing. She might have as many as 5-10 mind-blowing orgasms while using her big cock dildo.  Why would I want to deny her that kind of intense and satisfying pleasure?   It was not shocking to me that she would like it, but I think even I was a little surprised at HOW much she would love it.

This may sound strange to some, but it’s almost as if her dildo has come to represent a big cock rival “competing” for my wife’s attention.  Much has been written about how a male responds when watching his wife have sex with another man. It’s often been described that after such an experience it’s as if they (the husband and wife) are almost in “heat” for each other.  And, despite the fact this is a dildo and not a man with a real cock, the effect it has on me is quite similar.  As one of our good friends who is in the swinging lifestyle said that after attending a swinger’s party, he and his wife sometimes have to pull off on the side of the road on their way home to have sex.  Believe it or not, even my wife’s dildo produces the same effect on us.  It’s as if we both become in heat.

The idea of enjoying “sloppy seconds” is also a concept that can be very difficult to understand or even explain to someone who hasn’t enjoyed them.  Every single time she even pulls out her big dildo from the nightstand, my small penis stiffens instantly at the mere sight of my “rival.”  My erections are always harder, more powerful than ever and the amount of cum I ejaculate inside her is simply off-the-charts.   When I slide my little penis inside my wife after she has used a larger dildo the feeling is simply indescribable.  I slide inside her easily and there is no resistance at all because it’s obvious she has been well fucked by a much longer and thicker “cock.”  I feel very small inside her, but that feeling too, is very erotic and highly arousing. It’s also validation to both of us why she does need her large dildo frequently.  Simultaneously, this experience validates my wife’s incredible sexual capacity as a woman, and her ability to accommodate almost any size “cock” is amazing, and intoxicating to watch.  It excites me like little else.

I think the fact that she is now very comfortable expressing her desire for her big cock dildo is a testament to our communication and sexual honesty.  Why should she worry about expressing what really turns her on, or what she needs?  She always wants to have sex with me at some point anyway, so I hardly feel like I have been kicked to the curb.  This revelation has, of course, had major implications in our sex life, and my role in it.  It has allowed me to focus even more attention on compensating for my small penis by becoming a master of all forms of foreplay including oral worship, which I love to provide her with. I actually think this has made me a better and more attentive lover by being in touch with all of her sexual needs.  Including a large dildo has simply added another option to our sexual smorgasbord, and we both love it, and consider it a win-win for our relationship.

Why I Love My Big Cock Dildo

Hot 13 - Copy

I never thought this would happen but I can no longer deny the obvious.  I have to confess, I have become a true Size Queen. I LOVE my Big Cock Dildo.  The difference between Big Cock sex and little penis sex is like night and day.  When “my” Big Cock enters me, I feel “taken” in a way that a little penis cannot take me.  I feel every ridge and vein of the big, hard cock against the sides of my pussy, and I feel it all the way to the depths of my cervix.  My pussy feels completely “full,” and I immerse myself in the feeling of being truly filled and well fucked.  I have so many orgasms I lose count.  They are far more intense, more numerous, longer lasting, and more powerful than anything I have experienced before.  I have no idea if it is reaching that elusive “A-Spot” or not, but I believe it is because I have never experienced anything like this, and I LOVE it.   My dildo is so much longer, so much thicker and I feel completely consumed by a big cock.

Sometimes after I have been fully satiated by my big cock, I will let “little” Steve enter me.  He feels SO much smaller, in fact, there are times when I honestly don’t feel him at all and I will whisper this to him. He immediately gets SUPER turned on and almost cums instantly.  This is validation to me that my pussy not only needs, but craves a bigger cock.  And it’s not that sex with my little hubby is bad, but it’s just so much different.  When he enters me, he feels VERY small, and slender, and doesn’t open me up and fill me like a big cock does.  It still feels very pleasurable, but in a soothing sort of way.  While he can still provide me with a vaginal orgasm, it’s not nearly as intense or as powerful as a big cock, and we both know this.

It’s interesting because when we are about to have sex, my hubby will often ask me if I want a cock (my dildo) or a penis (him). I used to feel guilty when I chose the dildo, but I no longer feel that way because I crave those wonderful orgasms only it can provide for me.  Somehow, my little hubby instinctively knows and understands all of this.  It’s as if he knew I would feel this way about a big cock even before I did, but it turns him on like nothing else ever has.  He is quite content with “sloppy seconds,” in fact; I think he even prefers them.  His little penis has not been replaced; it has just lost its turn in my pecking order!  :-)  The only thing missing for me is a man attached to that big, wonderful cock! :-)

Is it a bad thing to acknowledge that I have become a Size Queen?



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